NetApp Goes CLOUD NATIVE With Spot & Astra

Nick Howell presented on NetApp’s cloud-native tools and services at this past Cloud Field Day. Check out his latest video on hybrid cloud and how this is something that could be of value to you!

NetApp Cloud at Cloud Field Day 13

NetApp was back for February’s Cloud Field Day! Check out Nick Howell’s full presentation here!

Morpheus Data & NetApp – Cloud Field Day 8 | Watch Party

Cloud Field Day has always offered a live stream of presentations for anyone to watch and enjoy, but its not often we see watch parties organized around the presentations. That’s what Nick Howell did for the presentations from Morpheus Data and NetApp. It’s a really unique way to watch the presentation, with live commentary from Nick, as well as an integrated chat for replay.

DatacenterDude is Headed to Tech Field Day

Nick Howell, aka the Data Center Dude, gives a video preview of Tech Field Day coming up with week in Boston. Nick is a first time delegate, but has been to several events with companies in a past life. Looking forward to see how the perspective informs his experience!

Nick Howell

Nick Howell has spent nearly 20 years driving multi-million dollar solutions across multiple Fortune 500 companies and implementing new systems.