2019 Year in Review – Al Rasheed

Al Rasheed takes a look back at a busy 2019 in this post. It was truly a year of accomplishments, with new certifications and getting involved with more tech community groups. We were lucky enough to have Al as a delegate at several Field Day events throughout the year. We can’t wait to see him at more in 2020.

Need Memory, Intel’s Optane DC PM to the Rescue

Intel’s Optane DC PM was one of the highlight announcements from Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel Data Centric Innovation Day. In this post, Ray Lucchesi breaks down how Optane works in memory on a server. This allows for up to to 3TB of Optane memory per socket, with latency roughly between DRAM and traditional NAND Flash. He breaks down the different modes the storage-class memory can operate in, what the durability looks like, and how it will impact enterprise applications.

The Intel Event and What It Means for the Future

Nathaniel Avery attended Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day as a delegate for our Tech Field Day Exclusive. He not only got to hear all the big announcements from it, but see in-depth technical presentations as well. For Nathaniel, any one of the announcements would have been big news. By launching major new products and updates across compute, persistent storage, and networking, he sees it as a huge overall leap in server capability.

California’s Latest Gold Rush – Google and Intel Dig in to Tap the AI Business Market Seam

Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day had no dearth of prominent announcements. So much so that some with the biggest impact might have gotten lost in the media narrative. Kurt Marko thinks one of the major announcements was Intel integrating AI-optimizations into their new Scalable Xeons with DL Boost. This allows Intel to use their x86 data center dominance into AI inferencing engines. For a deeper dive into this, be sure to check out the full video from our Tech Field Day Exclusive at the event.

Servers Running Too Slow, Just Add All the Cores!

Denny Cherry was a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day, where he got to see a lot of major announcements from the company. One that stood out was the updates to the Scalable Xeon line, which now offer up to 56 cores. Throw in support for hyperthreading and up to 8 CPUs on a single motherboard, and you can throw around some serious core counts. Denny sees these as new CPUs as excellent solutions for public cloud providers, who can now easily add compute density in a manageable power envelope.

Intel’s New DL Boost for DL AI Inferencing

As a delegate attending the Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day, Ray Lucchesi heard a lot of major announcements from Intel. In this post, he’s focusing on one announcement that didn’t get the most press after the event: DL Boost. This provides a new 8-bit integer instruction that accelerate DL inferencing. This is a major step to stay relevant in the data center, because Intel estimates that more than 50% of AI workloads will involve inferencing before too long. Ray breaks down the technical implementation and where it may run into some potential issues. It’s a great overview.

How Intel’s Newest Product Enhancements Could Redefine the Future of Infrastructure Design

Enrico Signoretti takes a look at the announcements from Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day, which he attended as part of the Tech Field Day Exclusive happening at the event. The debut of Intel’s Optane DC Persistent Memory DIMM has major implications many workloads in IT. Enrico gives some background how exactly Intel is implementing this and how he sees it shaping the industry going forward.

Optane – the Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Intel Optane finally came into its own when Intel introduced it in a memory DIMM format at their Data-Centric Innovation Day. Matt Leib was there as a delegate for Tech Field Day Exclusive at the event. The idea of putting 4.5Tb of NVRam per memory socket into a server opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the industry. Matt is really excited for the implications as this tech makes its way into the data center.

Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day 2019

Brian Gleason joined us for the Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel’s Data Centric Innovation Day. It was a packed day of announcements for the company. Brian highlights Optane DC Persistent Memory and the new 800-series 100GbE cards as standouts. For him, IT that goes unnoticed is generally the one that works best. Intel’s announcements shows a lot of things that will let him stay in the shadows.

Intel Answering SAP HANA’s Tough Questions

Intel’s Optane DC Persistent memory was one of the highlight announcements from Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. On a technical level, bit-addressable NAND flash is interesting, but what does that do for business? Keith Townsend uses the example of the in-memory database SAP HANA. Setting up a data warehouse allowed an organization to ask even more of their data, which in turn led to further memory bottlenecks. Intel’s DC Persistent memory creates the infrastructure to answer these bottlenecks and provide the next generation of business insights. For Keith, this wasn’t about allowing us to do more things today, but about fundamentally allowing us to do what we want to do tomorrow.

The Faster the Better

We had an all-star panel of delegates at Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day, so of course Al Rasheed was there. The event proved to be packed with new announcements from Intel, from Optane memory, to scalable Xeons, new FPGAs and more. This post provides some photos and thoughts on the Intel keynote. For more deep dives, be sure to check out the videos from the Tech Field Day presentations Intel gave to our delegates.

Data Center Optanization!

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day had a lot of innovative content. In this post, Enrico Signoretti discusses what Intel showed about their latest generation Optane which comes in a new form factor, Optane DC Persistent Memory DIMM. This works in conjunction with DDR4 DRAM DIMMs to provide much more density at a slightly slower speed. This trade off is easily worth it for Enrico as it puts the data much closer to the CPU. Any application that relies on large amounts of RAM will see a benefit. The only limitation is the hardware support from Intel, which will grow over time. Be sure to check out the full article for an even deeper dive into this new Optane implementation.

Intel Announces Cascade Lake Xeon, Optane DC Persistent, Ethernet 800, and More at Data Centric Innovation Day

Jeffrey Powers was one of the delegates at Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. In this post, he looks at all the Intel announcements at the event. The 2nd generation Scalable Xeons, now with up to 56 cores, certainly made an impression, but were hardly the only highlight. Intel Optane DC, the 100Gb 800-series Ethernet controller, and more showed that Intel was focusing on faster processing, better control of memory, low latency delivery, and security of your data.

We Got to Keep More Data

As a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day, Chin-Fah Heoh got to hear a startling estimate from Intel, that only about 2% of data worldwide is analyzed. For Chin-Fah, data analytics is a competitive edge, so keeping and analyzing more data is essential for any business. In this post, he looks at what Intel presented at the event that can help organizations achieve this goal.

Intel Data Centric Business Overview

Intel presented a lot of things at their Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. Keith Townsend got to hear about it in a lot of details as a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. But after marveling at a lot of the technical speeds and feeds, Keith looks at why customers and enterprises should care and how it will ultimately impact business.

Intel – Putting Substance Behind Its Strategy Slideware

Intel’s recent swath of announcements from its Data Centric Innovation Day marked a bit of a culmination in messaging for Kurt Marko. This sees Intel no longer concerned about talking to the general public, and the event showed them talking directly to cloud builders and enterprise IT. The announcement of 2nd generation Scalable Xeon processors and Optane DC both highlight that servers are the core of Intel’s business, with further announcements aiming to make them core to many existing and emerging datacenter categories. You can find more detail in the presentation from Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day.

Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day: A Live View

Scott Lowe attended Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day as a delegate, and live blogged all the announcements from Intel at the event. There were a lot of major announcements, with Intel showing seven new products, including CPUs, Optane memory, network adapters, and more.

Liveblog: Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day 2019

Aside from organizing Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day 2019, Stephen Foskett was also live blogging all the announcements from Intel. Be sure to check it out to get his thoughts on the 2nd generation Xeon Scalable processors, which now offer up to 56 cores in a single socket. There were also official releases for Optane DC, and the announcement of a whole new Intel FPGA family, Agilex. It was a packed presentation, so be sure to get caught up here.