Storage for AI: Data Professional Overview

The use of the term ‘data management’ is subject to varying interpretations between data professionals and storage providers, leading to some confusion when discussing the scope of services. Solidigm highlights the unique storage requirements for AI, as Karen Lopez wrote, emphasizing that AI servers need significantly more capacity and have specific data demands across different stages: Data ingest, Data prep, Training, Checkpointing, and Inference. As data professionals, our understanding of these distinct data workloads enables us to contribute valuably to discussions on data architecture, especially in collaboration with companies like Supermicro, who integrate these storage solutions into their AI server offerings.

Private AI Foundation With NVIDIA: Data Professional Overview

VMware by Broadcom, in partnership with NVIDIA, has introduced the Private AI Foundation, focusing on enhancing in-house data management and AI processing through privacy, choice, cost management, performance optimization, and compliance agility. As highlighted by Karen Lopez, data quality and protection are essential for accurate AI results, prompting data professionals to stay alert to components like vector databases for fast, complex data retrieval. Key takeaways emphasize the importance of not overlooking data fundamentals amidst AI advancements, reminding professionals that AI cannot replace the need for robust data management.

You Can’t Secure What You Don’t Know About: APIs

In this LinkedIn post, Karen Lopez shares her conversation with NoName Security about the importance of API security. She explains that as APIs serve as the primary way of accessing data in present times, ensuring their security, especially considering technical debt, becomes crucial to avoiding data breaches. She urges organizations to consider solutions such as those offered by NoName Security, which include features to discover, classify, manage, and assess the vulnerabilities of APIs.

Ways to Amplify Unvalued Security Teams in Organizations

The security staff is often the most unappreciated members of a workforce. It is a problem that seems to be at the root of its failings. With the exponential growth of networks and the increasing number of breaches, it is clear that security is a pressing issue. However, there is a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding the imperfections and limitations of security measures. It is essential for organizations to elevate awareness, forge a cohesive internal culture, and invest in the right tools and training to support their security teams. Additionally, responsible packaging and marketing from vendors can help buyers make informed decisions. Ultimately, removing obstacles and valuing security specialists is essential for ensuring cyber resilience. Watch the delegates from the recent Security Field Day event explore this at a roundtable discussion.

Secrets Are Difficult to Keep

HashiCorp is revolutionizing secrets management with their new offering, HCP Vault Secrets, as highlighted in Karen Lopez’s LinkedIn article. This solution provides organizations with a secure and flexible platform for storing, generating, and accessing sensitive information like API keys and passwords. With features such as tokenization, dynamic secrets, role-based access, and centralized management, Vault Secrets ensures the confidentiality and integrity of secrets across clouds and environments, while also offering auditing and compliance monitoring capabilities.

RackTop BrickStor – Protecting Data Against Ransomware

Data storage and security solutions provider, RackTop Systems, has introduced its BrickStor Security Platform (SP) that is designed to cover both insider and external threats to prevent ransomware attacks that have become prevalent in recent months. Karen Lopes explores their Data-Centric Zero Trust Policy approach in this sponsored article. It evaluates user behavior, account permissions, file activity, metadata about files and the user, and other features to protect unstructured data for SMB and NFS file shares, thereby enabling speedy detection and lock-out that saves money and time for the resumption of normal operations. The platform also identifies user behavior anomalies with User and Entity Behavior Analysis and, once detected, stops all access by that user that was the weak point.

Commvault GO: Mission Return

Data Evangelist with a focus on data quality and protection, Karen Lopez, attended Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 in Denver, CO. Follow along as she shares details and news from her GO experience.

Right and Left Brain – Storage and Data Management

For Karen Lopez, in the rush for storage and backup companies to rebrand themselves as data management companies, they often forget that the messaging surrounding managing storage and managing data are very different from a customer perspective. At Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO, the company used the metaphor of brain lateralization to put it into perspective.

It’s a Go for Commvault GO!

As an independent industry analyst, Karen Lopez was invited again to attend Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 in Denver. This is her second time at this event and she’s looking forward to chatting with project teams about what they’ve accomplished in the last year. As a Data Evangelist with a focus on data quality and data protection, she’s going to be looking at topics that helps her love data better.

Join the live streaming Cloud Field Day 1

Join the live streaming Cloud Field Day 1

What’s a Data Professional Doing at #VMWorld?

What’s a Data Professional Doing at #VMWorld?

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