Cloud Field Day 12 Coming Later This Week!

David Ball, a selected Field Day Delegate for November’s Cloud Field Day Event, gives us a great overview of what to expect from the companies presenting at the event and how you can stay up to date with what is new through his social outlets. Tune in with David and more delegates as they take on this first hybrid event live from San Jose, California.

Thinking About Veeam Cloud Tier

At Cloud Field Day last month, David Ball got to hear from Veeam. The company is no stranger to Field Day events, and it was great to have them back presenting to the delegates. Their presentation on Veeam Cloud tier answered a key question that David had been asking himself, how can smaller organizations buy what they need for backups, but still allow for on-demand flexibility. It’s a great piece looking at their solutions.

“The Network Guy, the Network Guy Wants to Manage Firewalls All Day.”…An Introduction to NRE Labs

A comment about network admins administering firewalls got David Ball about Juniper Networks’ presentation from Cloud Field Day. They spent a good portion of time talking about a new initiative called NRE Labs. This was birthed out of the realization that the organization needs for network engineers is changing, with a need for more automation skill and knowledge. NRE Labs provides a free way to hone automation skills without the need for a home lab environment. Whether admins want to manage firewalls all day or not, NRE Labs can help develop the skills to make it not necessary.

Mist in the Machine

David Ball attended Cloud Field Day earlier this year and got to hear the latest on Juniper Networks, and the interesting assets they recently acquired with Mist Systems. This marks Juniper getting into the wireless market in a big way, with Mist’s focus being on simplifying wireless using artificial intelligence. Their overall goal was to create a simple, agile, scalable, intelligent, resilient, and programmable network, which is what Juniper Networks discussed during their presentation.

Meet Field Day Delegate – David Ball

David Ball is heading to Cloud Field Day next week. It’s always great to bring new faces and perspectives to Field Day, and we can’t wait to hear what David thinks of the event. Before you see him around the delegate table, be sure to check out Mel Zura’s interview with him for Gestalt IT’s Meet the Delegates series. Find out how he got into IT, his first computer and more.

David Ball

Consultant at NWN Corporation focusing on virtualization and cloud technologies