Cisco’s Service Provider Powerful Trio

At Tech Field Day Extra a Cisco Live Europe, David Penaloza Seijas got to hear details about Cisco’s plans for custom silicon. This came in the form of a new ASIC, focused on meeting the needs of service providers. For David, this seemed like natural focus for the company. He breaks down how this integrates into the Cisco 8000 series routers, what kind of features customers should expect, and how it fits into Cisco’s broader ambitions for IOS XR. Overall David is bullish on the approach, and suggests it’s never been a better time to learn some Linux!

IoT Calls for Security!

During Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020, David Penaloza Seijas heard a session with Tim Szigeti and the Cisco IoT folks, showing their Innovations in Cyber Security and Edge Data, addressing the concerns of the operational technology and enterprise spaces. IoT offers a lot of opportunity to enterprises, and usually offer a fairly low floor of investment to get started. But as David points out in this piece, the true costs and challenges of IoT from a security standpoint are often unknown until they are out in the wild. During their presentation, Cisco showed how they can offer security, isolation, endpoint analysis, and network readiness in a single platform.

CLEUR and Other Updates!

David Peñaloza Seijas was one of the new delegate faces around the table at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020. We’re glad he was excited to join the delegate ranks, and add a new wrinkle to an event like Cisco Live. Tech Field Day Extra adds in unique technical presentations that help to flesh out many of the major announcements from the show. As part of the experience, he was interviewed by Gestalt IT, so be sure to check that out to get to know David better!

The Power of Communities – An Interview With David Penaloza Seijas

Your community defines who you are. But for some, the community is defined by who they are as well. In this video, Tom Hollingsworth interviews David Peneloza Seijas and discusses his role in Cisco Live, Cisco Champions, and Tech Field Day. The passion that David has for this community shines through the entire interview, and Tom really found him to be a beacon for new members to latch on to. David is definitely a champion that Tom wants to try to emulate with his own work in the Tech Field Day community.

Meet Field Day Delegate – David Samuel Penaloza Seijas

As part of our continuing series introducing new Field Day delegates to the Gestalt IT audience, Mel Zura got to know David Samuel Penaloza Seijas. He’s famous for his sociable personality at events like Cisco Live, so we’re thrilled to have him joining us in Barcelona this year for Tech Field Day Extra!

David Penaloza Seijas

Network engineer passionate about learning, sharing and hugging, and with an uncanny ability to over-speak.