VxRail Tech Field Day – a Technical Relay Race for the Athletically Challenged

Earlier this summer, Dell Technologies had an exclusive Tech Field Day event where they highlighted how VxRail drives value for their customers by optimizing operations and workloads, embracing hybrid cloud, and unlocking business value at the edge. Writing for Dell, Kathleen Cintorino dives deep into VxRail and its benefits. Check out Kathleen’s post for more!

It’s Been a Dell EMC VxRail Filled Summer

It has been a busy summer with the launch of Dell Technologies Next Gen VxRail nodes built on 15th Generation PowerEdge servers. David Glynn, a presenter at the exclusive Dell Tech Field Day event, discusses all there is to know about the new VxRail technology. Follow David’s post for more!

VxRail + Tanzu = Kubernetes Optimization

In order to keep pace with the flexibility and agility of the cloud, today’s IT departments need to be able to effectively roll out new Kubernetes deployments at scale. That’s why Dell and VMware have integrated the VxRail and Tanzu product lines to provide easy, scalable K8s capabilities, which Dell showcased during their recent exclusive Tech Field Day. Writing for GestaltIT, Zach DeMeyer expands on the demos from Dell’s exclusive presentation. Take a look at Zach’s post!

Accelerating Value at the Edge With Dell VxRail

In light of today’s rapidly decentralizing IT environments, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offers a way to ensure performance and value from the data center all the way to the edge. Writing for GestltIT, Zach DeMeyer tackles how Dell VxRail stands at the top of HCI solutions, as showcased during Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event. Continue reading about Zach’s take!

How Dell and VxRail Integrate Tech to Be Best in Class

Dell has integrated Intel technology into their VxRail, as showcased during their exclusive Tech Field Day presentations. This post covers those integrations and how the affect IT admins using the technology. Read the piece for more information.

The Gap Between Marketing and Product Reality

The excellent Gina Rosenthal describes her experiences as a delegate for Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event. In this post, she tackles the age-old problem of overpromising and underdelivering that technology marketing can conflate compared to the actual product. Read on to learn why she broaches this issue.

Dell Technologies VxRail in 2021: Beyond VSAN and Ready for the VMware Tanzu Era

After watching Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event as a delegate, Pietro Piutti covers his experiences there in this piece. The post itself follows up a previous post, this time covering the VxRail product. Read the entire post for all of Piutti’s insights.

Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies HCI & Storage: Cutting Edge Infrastructure to Drive Your Business

Join Dell for their exclusive Tech Field Day event! Showcasing their VxRail HCI and storage technologies, the event took place in early August. You can watch all of the presentations here.