Dell EMC’s Isilon All-Flash Is Starting To Make Sense

Dell EMC’s Isilon has a long history in the scale-out NAS market. Dan Frith writes up his thoughts on their latest all-flash offering. He sees this as useful in the media/entertainment vertical that Isilon already serves, where the trasition to higher resolution 4K media dramatically increases requirements. It may never be a solution for organization on a budget, but Dan sees it as well positioned for demanding workloads.

I Like Big Files and I Cannot Lie

The inimitable Alex Galbraith uses the poetry of Sir Mix-a-Lot to ponder Dell EMC’s presentation from Tech Field Day this past November, when they reviewed their Isilon storage solution. The most important consideration from Alex’s piece, who is this for? Isilon is meant for organization with tremendous storage needs, into petabyte scale. Alex reviews how Isilon addresses these into “data lakes”, and keeps performance at a high level.

Transform and Scale Out with Isilon

Rich Stroffolino gives a rundown of the Dell EMC presentation from Tech Field Day last month. They highlighted their latest hard disk offerings for their Isilon platform. This includes a look at the history of the platform, their latest node offerings, and their hybrid flash solution. Sadly, he was not treated to a look at their new all flash Nitro array. Still, Rich offers some interesting insight on how the scale of Dell EMC differed from some of the emerging vendors he also saw at Tech Field Day.