BiB 059: Recover From Cyber Attacks & Ransomware With Dell EMC

In this latest installment of the Briefings in Brief podcast, Ethan Banks runs down what he heard from Dell EMC at their latest Tech Field Day presentation. They focused on their Cyber Recovery 18.1, which is designed specifically to meet the needs of recovering for a cyber attack. This is designed to allow for speedier recovery of massive datasets and maintain operations better than traditional backup and recovery or DR.

Disaster Recovery and Cyber Attacks

Enrico Signoretti doesn’t just think about fire, floods, and tornadoes when he considers IT disasters. But Enrico puts Cyber-Attacks in the same category. Luckily he saw an interesting presentation from Dell EMC’s Data Protection team at Tech Field Day this October. They showed how they use Data Domain appliances in conjunction with software from Index Engines to proactively detect anomalies. Enrico was impressed how this is independent from backup software, giving you a better chance to recover operations quickly.

76: GreyBeards talk backup content, GDPR and cyber security with Jim McGann, VP Mkt & Bus. Dev., Index Engines

In this episode of the Greybeards on Storage podcast, Ray Lucchesi and Howard Marks talked with Jim McGann, VP Marketing and Business Development at Index Engines. Jim presented at Dell EMC’s session at Tech Field Day last month. They discussed the company’s CyberSense solution, along with GDPR and indexing backups.

Protection for your backup data from Dell EMC Cyber Recovery

At Tech Field Day, Adam Fisher got to hear from Dell EMC Protect, and about their latest solution Dell EMC Cyber Recovery 18.1. This creates a “air-gapped” vault within infrastructure to make sure your backups remain secure from ransomware and other attacks. For Adam, this provides vital protection for an often overlooked avenue of exploit.

The Dell EMC Data Bunker

At Tech Field Day, Dell EMC announced a new product to the delegates, the Cyber Recovery solution, coming from their Data Protection BU. Chin-Fah Heoh wrote up his thoughts after seeing the announcement as a delegate at the event. He frames Cyber Recovery as a data bunker, isolating mission critical secondary data, while preserving the integrity of the copy. Chin-Fah thinks this falls more into the security camp rather than the storage side, but it appears to line up well with enterprise security standards.

Copy Data Management has a new player

Matt Leib got to get an inside look at Dell EMC’s new IDPA and DPS offerings. This opportunity gave deep insight into the Data Protection Appliance market, making it all that more interesting. Matt found his Tech Field Day delegate experience to be vital in cutting through company FUD. Even after all that, he still found what Dell EMC is doing to be impressive.

Dell EMC Data Protection for vCloud Director – A Seamless Approach

John Marrone attended Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US as a first time delegate this year. He heard quite a bit from Dell EMC’s data protection team, and came away impressed. In this post, he digs into what the company presented around vCloud Director and why it’s an intriguing solution for Service Providers.

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2018 – My First TFD Event

This year John Marrone attended his seventh VMworld. What could have been a routine event was given a breath of fresh air, when John attended some Tech Field Day Extra presentations. It was his first experience as a delegate, and after getting used so some of the particular logistics of being a delegate, had a “awesome time”. Not only were the presentations engaging, John enjoyed talking and networking with his fellow delegates.

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2018

Adam Fisher was able to join as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018. He shares his experience in this post, including how he got involved as a delegate, the TFD Vegas Suite experience, and hearing from Dell EMC’s data protection team. Overall he had an “amazing experience” and found it the perfect way to cap off the best conference he’s attended to date.