TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Kemp

Ahead of the Tech Field Day Extra presentations at Dell Tech World 2019, Adam Post is taking a look at some of the presenters. In this post, he focuses on Kemp. Ahead of the show, the company announced it had the only load balancer to be certified under the Dell EMC Select program for use with Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage. Adam runs down why load balancing is needed in a scale-out storage solution, and he’s looking forward to a deep dive on it during their presentation.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Liqid

Adam Post is out at Dell Tech World and will be a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at the event. He’s taking a look at some of the presenters, giving Liqid a look in this post. He thinks the company has an interesting take on composable infrastructure, made possible by recent advancements in interconnects and fabrics. For Adam, composabile infrastructure as a category may still be a work in progress, but what he’s seen from Liqid shows they are going in the right direction.

Dell Technologies World 2019

Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World should be a packed event this week. We’re really glad to have Andrea Mauro along as one of the delegates. There will be presentations from Big Switch, Kemp, and Liqid, so be sure to tune into the live stream or check out the full video coverage after the event.

I’ll Be Attending Dell Technologies World 2019

Enrico Signoretti is heading out to the desert to join us as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. While Enrico will be keeping a close eye on any storage announcements, he’s also looking forward to some deep dives on cloud, infrastructure composability, and data management. Plus he’ll be seeing presentation from Big Switch, Kemp, and Liqid. As always, it’ll be a packed event, we can’t wait to see what Enrico’s takeaways are from it.

Dell – Dell Technologies World 2019 – See You Soon Las Vegas

If there’s an event that will talk about storage, it’s always a good idea to have Dan Frith there. That’s why we’re thrilled to have him along as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. He’s looking forward to seeing what announcements Dell EMC has on tap for the event.

Dell and the Power of Influencing Influencers

Chin-Fah, HEOH is very impressed by how Dell is handling influencer relations, and discusses his reaction to being invited to Dell Technologies World at the end of April. Chin-Fah has been a Field Day delegate as well and says their work with influencers reminds him of how we do things here at Gestalt IT. Thanks!