Delphix smartly reduces the friction to access data

Data may be the new oil, but like any raw material, it needs to eventually be refined. Tim Crawford takes a look at how Delphix handles this problem. He saw them at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. Their cloud-based data management platform uses automation of data management to reduce the overall data friction to access it.

Moving SAP and other legacy apps to the cloud

Keith Townsend outlines two solutions he saw that enable organizations to abstract the time-consuming challenges involved with provisioning ephemeral workloads. At Cloud Field Day this month, he saw Delphix present on how their solution allows organizations to automate the process of masking sensitive data through their abstraction solution. At Tech Field Day last year, Keith also saw Actifio present on a similar solution, but aimed at abstracting legacy workloads.

Cloud Field Day 3; Day 1 – That One Thing…

With Cloud Field Day over delegate Chris Porter takes a look back at day one of the event. This saw presentations from Morpheus Data, Delphix, and Oracle. Morpheus shows how they create an abstration layer for cloud services while still retaining unique features to particular services. Delphix showed how they can speed up the cycle of getting database backups to test/dev systems. Finally, Oracle gave a deep dive into their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview: Delphix

In this post, Chris Evan previews what to expect from Cloud Field Day presenter Delphix.

MEDIA ALERT: Delphix Hosts Gestalt IT’s Cloud Field Day 3, Exploring the Relationship Between “Data and the Cloud”

We’re looking forward to hearing from Delphix at Cloud Field Day this week. Their presentation will focus on the relationship between “Data and the Cloud” in today’s era of digital transformation. Watch the live stream and join the conversation on Twitter using #CFD3.

CFD3 Prep Post: Delphix

Justin Warren is heading to Cloud Field Day next month, and in this post, he previews one of the presenting companies, Delphix. The company has a platform designed to provide access to company data quickly and securely by taking advantage of backups. Justin outlines why a lot of companies have a need for this kind of solution, and what are some of the potential issues. He definitely wants to hear more from Delphix at the event.