Diamanti’s Quest to Deliver an Enterprise-Ready Platform for Kubernetes

At Cloud Field Day last year, Diamanti showed off their new platform which provides a solution for implementing enterprise-ready Kubernetes or OpenShift for the Hybrid Cloud. The Gestalt IT staff writes that “with its HCI offerings and software solutions, Diamanti has taken a full-stack approach to designing a platform for enterprise-ready Kubernetes for hybrid cloud.” Check out the full writeup on GestaltIT.com or check out Diamanti’s Cloud Field Day presentations on our website!

Hyperconvergence and Kubernetes – Gigaom

At Cloud Field Day this summer, delegate Enrico Signoretti had the chance to see Diamanti present on their storage architecture and how it incorporates hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). In the past, HCI has largely been utilized for virtualized infrastructures, but is now being effectively applied for Kubernetes. Enrico was impressed with Diamanti’s implementation and writes that more tech companies should take a page from their unique approach to utilizing HCI for Kubernetes. Check out Enrico’s article and Diamanti’s presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Has the Cloud Era Arrived? Thoughts From Cloud Field Day 8

With changing times come changing priorities in the tech world. After attending his first Cloud Field Day, delegate Adam Fisher observes that cloud consumption, which was already increasing year-to-year, has exploded in 2020 in the work from home environment. He writes that the Cloud Era has arrived, and recaps some takeaways from his favorite presenters at Cloud Field Day including Veeam, Zerto, Aruba, Diamanti, Infrascale and Morpheus Data. Be sure to check out Adam’s take on the Cloud Era on his latest post!

Diamanti and State Management in Kubernetes

Justin Warren has been keeping a close eye on Diamanti since 2016 and had the chance to watch them present at Cloud Field day earlier this year. Justin was impressed with Diamanti and their software that makes Kubernetes more accessible and easier to manage. Check out Diamanti’s presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website and be sure to check out Justin’s blog as well!

Day Two Cloud 059: Cloud Field Day Wrap-Up

In this episode of Day Two Cloud, Ethan Banks breaks down the second day of presentations from Cloud Field Day with delegates Ned Bellavance and Adam Fisher. This was a packed day of presentation, featuring technical deep dives from Veeam, Zerto, Diamanti, Morpheus Data, and Aruba Networks. They dig into the background on each company, what they showed off at the event, and how significant each presentation was from their IT lens.

Cloud Field Day 8 Day 2 Highlights

Lino Telera wrote up his impressions on the second day of presentations at Cloud Field Day, which focused on Diamanti and Morpheus Data. Diamanti focused on version 3.0 of Spektra. This release introduced support for Hybrid-Cloud deployments, Multi-Tenancy, and Resiliency across multiple sites. Morpheus meanwhile showed off the latest update to their SaaS multi-cloud management platform, which Lino sees as well suited for MSPs thanks to the emphasis on automation.

Preparing for Cloud Field Day 8

Lino Telera attended his fourth Field Day event during the virtual Cloud Field Day. In this post, he gives a preview of what he expected to see from each of the presenters. He was particularly interested to learn about Terraform Cloud from HashiCorp, and the application abstraction layer Spektra from Diamanti. Be sure to check out all his thoughts on the presenters before diving into the videos for yourself. We have an extensive archive of Field Day videos, stretching back years across all our events. It’s an invaluable resource for keeping up to date with the latest in IT.

Diamanti Spektra 3.0 Simplifies Hybrid Cloud for Kubernetes Applications

Diamanti will be joining us for Cloud Field Day, and in this post gives a detailed look at Spektra 3.0. This new release is their next evolution of their hyperconverged platform for Kubernetes and containers extending to multiple clusters across a hybrid cloud. There are a number of new features in the release that we can’t wait to get the details of at the event, including multi-cluster management across bare metal and public cloud, policy-based multi-tenancy for enterprises and MSPs, and integrated deployment for stateful applications. There are a lot of details about how all this will work, so be sure to check out their Cloud Field Day presentation.