Journey to Fully Cloud Based Data Protection With Druva

Yusuf Emre Ozensoy got to hear from Druva at Tech Field Day in 2019, and was excited to learn more after initially hearing from the company at VMworld. He was impressed by their cloud-native approach to data protection, that simplifies management and eliminates traditional hardware silos.

Druva Protects Corporate Data Outside the Firewall

Enterprises are increasingly using applications outside the firewall, with SaaS solutions like Slack and Microsoft Teams becoming increasingly important. At the same time, these applications attract just the type of corporate data (chat, files, and workflows) that can place organizations at legal or operational risk. They’re also using cloud-based automation tools like ServiceNow and Okta, and even running applications in Amazon AWS. That’s why it’s a good thing that data protection providers like Druva are adding support for this “outside the firewall” data. Stephen Foskett digs into their presentation from Tech Field Day in this piece.

Why Druva Is All About SaaS

If infrastructure can be moved partially or entirely to a cloud provider and free up IT resources, then Druva believes the same can be done for backup. This is a logical next step for backup practices and with an early seat at the backup as a service (BaaS) table, Druva is well positioned to become a leader. Ken Nalbone digs into some of the detail Druva presented at Tech Field Day earlier this year.

All-In Public Cloud for Backup

Cloud-first and all cloud for backup and archive storage might sounds nice from the comfort of the US, but Alastair Cooke takes a look at Druva’s approach to this with a New Zealand-based perspective. With slower overall internet speeds and higher cloud latency, it changes some of the equation when looking at their solutions. While this might not be the best option in that country for server backups, Alastair loves what they offer for protecting data on highly mobile laptops. Overall he thinks Druva has feature rich solution. It’s this kind of regional perspective we love to see at Tech Field Day events.

Tech Field Day 19: Druva vs. The Competition

In this posts, Druva’s W. Curtis Preston (and one time Field Day delegate) writes up how he felt Druva compared to some of the competition at Tech Field Day. Their all-SaaS all-cloud data protection solution is certainly unique, we’ll let you read for yourself to make up your mind. Be sure to check out the full video of their presentation to get all the details.

Data, Data Everywhere, Nary a Byte to Eat

Jim Palmer attended Tech Field Day earlier this summer and got to hear from a wide variety of companies. One that stood out was Druva. Not coming from a storage background, it took a minute to get his footing during the presentation. Druva really illustrated to Jim that not all data protection is created equal, and made the case for their solutions apparent event to a relative outsider.

Data Protection as a Service With Druva

Adam Fisher got to hear a lot from Druva during their presentation at Tech Field Day last month. He was already familiar using Druva for endpoint data protection, but at Tech Field Day, the company did a deep dive on their holistic data protection approach as a service offering.

Druva – Uber for Data Protection

Druva returned as a presenter with their most recent appearance at Tech Field Day last month. Liselotte Foverskov was a delegate at the event and got a full deep dive of their latest and greatest. This post looks at some of the benefits of the company SaaS data protection solution and how it can be useful to organizations today.

Cloudy With a Chance of APIs – Reflections From Tech Field Day 19

Tech Field Day is all about bringing together the different disciplines of the data center into a single event, bringing a diversity of views from both the presenting companies and invited delegates. Adam Fisher definitely go that experience at Tech Field Day last month. The event featured presentations from diverse topics as Robotic Process Automation to cloud visibility solutions. The unifying aspect of every company was the presence of some kind of public cloud integration into their solutions, and the availability of well documented APIs. It’s no surprise that these are dominant trends in IT, but surprising to see them on display from such a wide array of presenters.

Druva – in the Cloud, of the Cloud, Protecting the Cloud

Druva is no stranger to Field Day events, and Dan Frith got to hear an update about the company at Tech Field Day last month. The presentation began with an overview of data protection history and some of the historical challenges. It was interesting to see what all has been solved in that time. In this piece, Dan Frith was impressed with Druva’s focus. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, they focus on meeting customer requirements for data protection.

Cloud-Native Data Protection

In this post, Chris Evans looks at cloud-native data protection. He breaks down why it makes sense for an organization, what some of the potential challenges are, and takes time to define what a cloud native solution should actually look like. He also looks the companies offering solutions in the space, including what Druva showed at Cloud Field Day last year, and solutions presented at Storage Field Day by NetApp.

Tech Field Day 19 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Dan Frith is a familiar site at the delegate table for Storage Field Day, but last month he was able to attend his first Tech Field Day, seeing presentations from across data center verticals. In this post, Dan outlines what was provided during the event, where he went, and gives an impression of the overall Field Day event experience.

Tech Field Day (#TFD19): A Heads-Up

Before heading to Tech Field Day this week, Ather Beg wrote up a little homework in this blog post. He gives an outline of what to expect from each presenter. For those watching along on the live stream or catching up on the video later, it’s a good one stop shop for background information. He’s got links to relevant material, as well as his own thoughts on the presenters.

Tech Field Day 19 – I’m on My Way!

Liselotte Foverskov is returning to Tech Field Day with our event next week. This time around, she’s looking to join in the conversation around the table a little bit more, we can’t wait! In this post, she gives a little preview of what she’s expecting from each of the presenters. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts after the event.

Modern Data Protection Summary

Keith Townsend lays out exactly why data is the most important asset in the enterprise and what products have the essential protection and management features to protect, mobilize, and backup your data. Among the companies and products Keith discusses are Veritas, Rubrik Datos, and Druva who he saw present at Cloud Field Day 3 as well as Commvault who presented at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault Go in 2017.

The Britpop Battle of Rubrik and Cohesity

The rivalries between data protection companies remind Chris Evans of the glory days of 90s Britpop. Instead of Blur and Oasis, for him the rivals of this new vanguard are Rubrik and Cohesity. He sees both as working to centralize data protection to offer it as a service, with the ultimate goal of fending off cloud-based solutions.

Druva acquires CloudRanger, expands backup capabilities to AWS

Max Mortillaro looks at Druva’s acquisition of CloudRanger, which offers a data protection solution for AWS. Max got to see a lot from Druva at their recent Cloud Field Day presentation, and thinks the acquisition will offer a nice compliment to the company’s existing Data Management as a Service portfolio.

Innovate or Die? Three Ways to Cloud Enablement

At Cloud Field Day last month, Ned Bellavance got to thinking about how companies approach cloud enablement. After seeing a variety of approaches, he highlights three ways for companies to succeed at this difficult task.

What it was like presenting at Cloud Field Day

W. Curtis Preston experienced an interesting situation at Cloud Field Day last month, presenting at an event after being a delegate. The experience on the other side of the table definitely was more stressful, and Curtis provides some wonderful insights from the experience. Overall, he found Druva’s message was received by the delegates, but he also highlights what he would have changed in hindsight.

The Three Facets of Backup

At Cloud Field Day last month, Chris Evans got to see three companies showing different facets of how to deliver backup. Veritas, Rubrik, and Druva all have different visions of how organizations should handle data management and protection. Chris takes a look at how some are transforming to handle new workloads, while others are expanding to add new functionality, scale, and scope.