Life on the Edge – a Roundtable Discussion

Some of the biggest discussions happening in IT are around edge computing. Based on a roundtable discussion from the recent Networking Field Day event, this article throws light on what IT insiders think of this new computing paradigm, and the course it will take in the ever-shifting IT landscape. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch the Delegate Roundtable Discussion on the website.

Nile’s Changing Up How Enterprises Design, Build, and Consume Access Networks at Network Field Day 32

Nile recently presented their enterprise networking solutions at Networking Field Day, offering Networking as a Service (NaaS) for the enterprise and commercial market. Although Nile has built their own branded hardware and emphasizes IT simplicity, Ed Horley raises concerns about their lack of support for IPv6 and the need for clearer differentiation in the market. However, Nile’s NaaS model and comprehensive solution offering are worth keeping an eye on.

Broadcom’s AI Networking Solutions at Networking Field Day 32

At Networking Field Day 32, Broadcom presented their AI Networking solutions, which cater to the needs of AI-focused data center networks. These solutions address the unique attributes of AI workloads, such as fewer flows, high bandwidth flows, bursty traffic, and long training job durations. Read more about the presentation in this post by Ed Horley.

Kentik – Get Observability and Monitoring Under Control

After attending Kentik’s Networking Field Day presentation as a delegate, Ed Horley detailed his opinions on the matter in his HowFunky blog. Specifically, he calls out their network visibility product and how it affects IT organizations. Read the piece for more!

Briefings in Brief 102: ZPE Systems Melds Universal CPE With Out-Of-Band Management

The Packet Pushers take on the Networking Field Day presentations by ZPE Systems in this podcast episode. Specifically, Drew Conry-Murray and Ed Horley attended the event as delegates, and use their experiences there to guide the conversation on ZTE. Take a listen to learn more!

ZPE – A New Swiss Army Knife Networking Product

At the recent Networking Field Day, Ed Horley watched the proceedings as a delegate. In this post, he shares his experiences learning about ZPE’s new approach to the market. Please read on for more information.

Arista – Open Source Network Automation and Tooling

Having a vendor share how they see customers putting together a set of automation tools, frameworks and workflow is very helpful. Ed Horley, a Field Day delegate, expresses that one of the hardest parts of getting started in the network automation journey is where to start. Luckily, Arista Networks provided an initial roadmap in the network automation journey infrastructure at the most recent Networking Field Day. Check out Ed’s post for more!

Briefings in Brief 101: Juniper Wants to Wire Your Campus Fabric With Mist Cloud

Juniper Networks has announced a new wired campus fabric solution that uses EVPN VXLAN to create a fabric and ties into the Juniper Mist Cloud for automation and management. Drew Conry-Murray, a Networking Field Day delegate, dives into the details to the solution Juniper presented in September. Check out the podcast Drew and fellow delegate, Ed Horley, published!

Juniper – Mist API and Automation With Postman

Want to learn something new on network automation and APIs? Ed Horley, a delegate, attended Networking Field Day and recommends checking out Juniper Networks’ presentation on network automation. Ed is excited to see more content in the future from Juniper, for now check out his post on what they are doing with network automation!

Network Field Day 26

“HowFunky” Ed Horley prepares for his Networking Field Day delegate experience in this post. In it, he discusses his expectations for the event. Read for full context.

Intel Silicon Photonics – The Way Forward

Ed Horley, curator of the Howfunky blog and self-titled “crazy IPv6 dude,” details his experiences at May’s Networking Field Day event. Specifically, Horley emphatically covers Intel’s presentation on Silicon Photonics, which he believes is the future of networking going forward. Dive into that potentially controversial statement by reading his piece and watching Intel’s presentation to learn more. Network Field Day 25 May 12-14, 2021 – A Changing Networking Landscape

The lineup of presenters at Networking Field Day this month shows how the networking landscape is changing. That’s what delegate Ed Horley thinks! In a post on his “Howfunky” blog, Ed writes specifically about some of the presenters including Aruba, Juniper, and Nokia. Head over to Ed’s blog to get his thoughts on those specific presenters as well as the direction of networking as a whole.

Security Field Day 4 – A Quick Virtual Hit of Security

It was great to have delegate Ed Horley back at Security Field Day earlier this year! On his blog, Ed previews his participation in Security Field Day including Cisco’s presentation. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all the videos from Cisco’s presentations!

Security Field Day 4 – Cisco Security Update – Tetration All the Things

Cisco’s Tetration, a hybrid-cloud workload protection platform that was showcased at Security Field Day 4 caught the attention of Ed Horley. Ed is a Security Field Day 4 delegate, co-chair of the California IPv6 Task Force, author, and blogger. His honest analysis of the system raises some interesting questions about Tetration. We are interested to see further developments from Cisco on its platform.

Cloud Field Day 7 – VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware is not an unfamiliar site at Field Day events, and most recently, they graced us with a presentation at Cloud Field Day. Ed Horley was a delegate for the event and got to hear a lot about VMware Cloud on AWS. For Ed, it seems like VMware has deftly navigated the often daunting challenges of adopting their established enterprise business model into the public cloud. The solution extends the ability to run cloud workloads to the scale and flexibility that AWS provides while also providing native hooks and features from AWS that extend what an enterprise can leverage from both VMware and AWS. It’s an impressive achievement that has a lot of value for organizations with deep VMware investments.

Cloud Field Day 7 – All Virtual but Still a Tech Field Day Event in Every Way

While staying home in light of the COVID-19 pandemic means we can’t host in-person Field Day events, we’re glad to see such a strong positive response to our virtual events. Ed Horley joined us as a delegate for Cloud Field Day, and while he missed being able to hang out with his fellow delegates, all the classic Cloud Field Day hallmarks were still there. The event featured in-depth technical content and created meaningful conversations between the delegates and presenters. If you missed any of the sessions, be sure to check out the full videos on our YouTube channel!

NGINX – Making Sense of Service Mesh

Ed Horely is no stranger to Networking Field Day for good reason. His keen insight and experience always help give context to whatever the presenters have planned. In this post, he casts his gaze at NGINX, who he saw at Networking Field Day late last year. In the increasingly crowded service mesh market, they made a convincing case that their already wide distribution as a web server makes using service mesh a natural integration and lends itself to further use on a given platform. It shows that NGINX knows how they are being used by customers currently and how to expand functionality naturally across their offerings.

The Steady Progression of Network Automation

Ed Horley considers the problem of networking tool proliferation. Too often a company will offer a compelling solution, but requiring an organization to abandon tried and true tools, or add to the sprawl of options. That’s why Ed was so intrigued by what Itential at Networking Field Day.

Network to Code – Changing the Networking Landscape

It’s always great to have Ed Horley at a Networking Field Day. In this post, he looks at what Network to Code presented at a recent event. The company was founded by former Field Day delegate Jason Edelman, and Ed thinks they are a company to keep an eye on in the future.

Network Field Day 21 – Forward Networks – Useful Intent Based Networking

In this piece, Ed Horley looks at what Forward Networks presented at their recent Networking Field Day appearance. The company came out of stealth at Networking Field Day back in 2016, and this recent appearance impressed with how the company has refined their intent-based networking solutions.