NGINX – Making Sense of Service Mesh

Ed Horely is no stranger to Networking Field Day for good reason. His keen insight and experience always help give context to whatever the presenters have planned. In this post, he casts his gaze at NGINX, who he saw at Networking Field Day late last year. In the increasingly crowded service mesh market, they made a convincing case that their already wide distribution as a web server makes using service mesh a natural integration and lends itself to further use on a given platform. It shows that NGINX knows how they are being used by customers currently and how to expand functionality naturally across their offerings.

The Steady Progression of Network Automation

Ed Horley considers the problem of networking tool proliferation. Too often a company will offer a compelling solution, but requiring an organization to abandon tried and true tools, or add to the sprawl of options. That’s why Ed was so intrigued by what Itential at Networking Field Day.

Network to Code – Changing the Networking Landscape

It’s always great to have Ed Horley at a Networking Field Day. In this post, he looks at what Network to Code presented at a recent event. The company was founded by former Field Day delegate Jason Edelman, and Ed thinks they are a company to keep an eye on in the future.

Network Field Day 21 – Forward Networks – Useful Intent Based Networking

In this piece, Ed Horley looks at what Forward Networks presented at their recent Networking Field Day appearance. The company came out of stealth at Networking Field Day back in 2016, and this recent appearance impressed with how the company has refined their intent-based networking solutions.

Aruba SD-Branch – Evolution

Aruba is a familiar face at Networking Field Day, and at our most recent event thye did a deep dive into their latest with SD-Branch. In this post, Ed Horley breaks down how it offers a unified interface and flexible configuration to appeal to a lot of organizations.

Network Field Day 21 – October 1-4, 2019 – Biggest Tech Field Day Event Ever?!?

Ed Horley can’t hide his excited anticipation for Networking Field Day. The event has had such a swell of interest from presenting companies, it’s been expanded to occur over 4 days. It will be jammed packed with prominent presenters and diligent delegates, so mark your calendars!

SnapRoute – Is There Something New Happening in Networking?

SnapRoute launched their Cloud Native Network Operating System at Networking Field Day earlier this month. For Ed Horley, this marks a significant shift in thinking. It classifies networking as just another compute object with specific characteristics, one that is utilized to serve a workload. This takes networking from something apart, and sets it at the same level of the rest of the software-defined data center. It’s an interesting approach, and Ed digs into the implications in this piece.

Tech Field Day 18 – Day 2 With SolarWinds

Ed Horely has been writing up his impressions from his recent appearance at Tech Field Day. In this post, he’s focusing on what he saw from SolarWinds. This session focused on machine learning, anomaly detection, and Database Performance Analyzer. Ed particularly enjoyed hearing the company getting into the issues around giving digestible information to users when utilizing algorithmic predictive analysis.

TechField Day 18 – Day 1 With Datera, NetApp and VMware

Ed Horley was one of the delegates that made his way down to Austin for Tech Field Day last week. The event had a full roster of prominent IT companies. In this post, Ed focuses on what he heard on day one of the event, with presentations from Datera, NetApp, and VMware. For him, the three companies showed varying approaches on how to differentiate their solutions based on how they are handling data analytics. These differences in approaches were illuminating in how each pitched their value to the delegates.

Tech Field Day 18 is Feb 6-8 2019 – Look out Austin!

Ed Horely has been attending Tech Field Day events for over half a decade, originally joining the delegate fold back in 2013. He most recently returned at Tech Field Day in Austin last week, getting to drink for the IT firehose for two days. We’re looking forward to what Ed though of the event in future posts. Be sure to watch all the Tech Field Day video on our YouTube channel.

I’ll be at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018 and Future:net

We’re excited to have Ed Horley coming to Tech Field Day Extra a VMware US next week. We’ve got a full lineup of presenting companies, so make sure you follow along with Ed and the other delegates on our live stream.

Data Field Day Roundtable – telemetry and the impact on understanding data

Data Field Day Roundtable – telemetry and the impact on understanding data

Post Interop Las Vegas – 2015 – IPv6, SanDisk and Tech Field Day – What more could you want?

Post Interop Las Vegas – 2015 – IPv6, SanDisk and Tech Field Day – What more could you want?

Network Field Day 6 – Post Mortem

Network Field Day 6 – Post Mortem

To ULA or not to ULA, That’s the Question

To ULA or not to ULA, That’s the Question

Software-Defined Data Center Symposium is September 10, 2013 in Santa Clara, CA

Software-Defined Data Center Symposium is September 10, 2013 in Santa Clara, CA

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