Elastifile Cloud File Service Now Available on Google Cloud

Chris Evans looks at the significance of Elastifile now offering a managed scale-out file service for Google Cloud, calling it nothing less than a coup for the company. He goes into the background on Elastifile’s Cloud File Service, which he first saw at Storage Field Day in 2017. By being a native first-party service with GCP, Elastifile gets the benefits of using native APIs, have billing done through Google, and have Google manage their scaling. Having native integration on GCP makes Elastifile “a winner” for Chris.

Data Mobility – Global/Scale-out Data Platforms

Chris Evans published another post in his ongoing series about data mobility in hybrid cloud. In this post, he looks at Global NAS and other distributed storage solutions, and includes a consideration of how to deal with data consistency. Solutions from NooBaa, Qumulo, Weka, Elastifile, Hedvig and Datera are included in this overview.

My dilemma of stateful storage marriage

Chin-Fah Heoh has been thinking about stateful data in stateful storage containers and how they would interact with distributed applications containers and functions-as-a-service. This led to a consideration of what a distributed data systems would look like, wherein the idea of a “data center” seems like an oxymoron. He’s seen some past Storage Field Day companies offer pieces on how to get to a distributed data system. Chin-Fah will be at Storage Field Day next month, and looks forward to seeing how Hedvig and WekaIO will offer more pieces to this puzzle.

Always serendipitous Storage Field Days

We’re thrilled to have Chin-Fah Heoh returning for his fourth Storage Field Day event this March. In this post, he writes about how coming to the events has led to many serendipitous encounters and experiences have occurred as a result of attending, like getting a look at disruptive high performance multicloud technology from Elastifile. With a combination of new and veteran companies at this coming Storage Field Day, we can’t wait to see what his next bit of serendipity will be!

Elastifile Add More Elasticity To Their Offering

After seeing them at Storage Field Day earlier this year, Dan Frith shares his experience with recent updates from Elastifile. The company offers a Cross-cloud Data Fabric to solve the typical data management problems of hybrid-cloud deployments. Dan found the solution flexible, with notable features like encryption at rest coming soon.

Moving to and between clouds made simple with Elastifile Cloud File System – FastStorage

Moving data to the cloud and moving between clouds are some of the primary challenges facing organizations today. Often cloud provider lock-in is a very real concern. From what Jon Klaus saw from Elastifile, their Elastifile Cloud File System is the secret to make both easier. ECFS is designed for web scale clients and users, and can be extended into the public cloud. Designed with true distribution in mind, the file system should allow you to easy and reliably move data between on-premises and the public clouds.

There’s a new cluster filesystem on the block, Elastifile

Elastifile debuted their new file system at Storage Field Day last month, and Ray Lucchesi wrote up his thoughts. It’s designed to support thousands of nodes, exabytes of capacity, and infinite numbers of files, in an effort to make a better cluster file system. It was in development since 2013, and offers some impressive features, including compression, deduplication, and cloud storage tiering. It only caches metadata, and maintains consistency thanks to key-value consensus based algorithm called Bizur. Ray’s not sure how it’ll perform in terms of marketshare going forward, but thinks it shows a lot of great backend engineering to offer a competitive file system right out of the gate.

Elastifile launches cross-cloud data fabric

Elastifile launched its Cloud File System at Storage Field Day last month. Andrea Mauro gives the details a run down in this blog post. They’ve designed it as a software-only, scale-out, elastic and flash-native solution, which can bring the efficiency normally found in hyperscale to the enterprise and cloud service providers.

Storage Field Day 12 Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview

Adam Bergh wrote up his thoughts after the first day of Storage Field Day, held last week in Silicon Valley. First up was Ryussi with their MoSMB solution. Adam found it an interesting SMB3 stack, ideally suited for scalable environments due to it’s lightweight and performance considerations. Starwind then presented, and Adam enjoyed hearing about their Cloud Gateway hardware, basically a hard drive without the drive to make cloud storage more addressable to your server. Elastifile presented about their distributed file system for block storage on Linux, using a very interesting consistency algorithm to keep performance from suffering. Finally, to finish the day, Excelero presented, launching their NVMesh solution. Adam was impressed when he saw 2.4 million IOPs at 0.2ms latency using relatively inexpensive hardware.

The Engineering of Elastifile

Chin-Fah Heoh was at Storage Field Day last week. He’s written up his thoughts on what Elastifile presented, and came away “impressed to the max”. He thinks the company has put some in-depth computer science research behind their product, a truly distributed file system for object storage. The key to this is their internally designed consistency algorithm, Bizur. Check out the rest of the piece for a more in-depth look and the implications of their solution.