Tech Field Day Extra – Cisco Focus

Enrico Sorge provides an overview of the Tech Field Day Extra presentation at Cisco Live EMEA, focusing on Cisco’s latest technological advancements discussed during the sessions. Cisco’s presentations at the event showcased their efforts in driving network innovation, addressing topics such as automation, cloud solutions, and the future of connectivity. Sorge’s piece underlines the importance of such Field Day gatherings in bringing together industry experts and companies like Cisco to share cutting-edge developments and insights.

Chi Ci Sarà Al Tech Field Day Extra Quest’anno?

This LinkedIn Pulse article by Enrico Sorge previewed the lineup for Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live, bringing attention to the event he attended with Tech Field Day.

Security Field Day @San Jose

We were fortunate to have Enrico Sorge along as a delegate for our inaugural Security Field Day event. In this post, he previews some of his coverage to come about the individual presentation. The Field Day experience is definitely unique, as Enrico found as they hopped around Silicon Valley in a limo. But most importantly, he found the event to be a valuable melting pot of ideas from delegates and presenting companies alike. We can’t wait to read more of his impressions about the presenters!

Enrico Sorge

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