CXO Insight: Delivering on Edge Infrastructure

Look before you leap…over the Edge! In this article, Enrico Signoretti presents and compares options for Edge (hardware management, optimization, and integration), and mentions ZEDEDA and Scale Computing as viable options. Read his full thoughts on the GigaOm website.

Edge Is Not Just Cloud or Datacenter

Even though most of the technologies and infrastructure elements are the same, the nature of edge comping is entirely different. This episode of On-Premise IT features Edge Field Day delegates Enrico Signoretti, Allyson Klein, and Alastair Cooke discussing these differences with Stephen Foskett. Check out the full podcast on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel.

CXO Insight: Do We Really Need Kubernetes at the Edge?

In this article, Enrico Signoretti assesses the value of Kubernetes at the Edge. He gives the pros and cons as well as alternatives to Kubernetes at the Edge (including Avassa’s contatiner management platform). Read his full thoughts on the GigaOm website.

Measuring the Current Day Blast Radius of Outages

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses the most recent delegate roundtable discussion from Storage Field Day. Delegates, Enrico Signoretti, Frederic Van Haren, Glenn Dekhayser, Gina Rosenthal, Richard Kenyan, and moderator, Stephen Foskett, stood out in the discussion of Managing the Blast Radius as System Components get Bigger! Check out Sulagna’s thoughts on the dissection of this premise and the brainstorming that occurred on ways to limit the scope of impact.

CXL Is the Future of Enterprise Hyperconvergence

After attending the latest Tech Field Day event Enrico Signoretti gives his thoughts on the OCP Summit and the CXL forum. Check out his thoughts on LinkedIn and be sure to catch all of the updates from the Tech Field Day event on the Tech Field Day website!

Edge Computing – Through the Timeline

In her post for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha highlights a Tech Field Day Roundtable discussion from this past October. A few delegates stood out during the discussion on Edge Computing. They discussed how companies are continuing to explore the possibilities trapped inside edge and excited to see how this will evolve. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here or on the Gestalt IT website for more from the Tech Field Day Roundtable delegate discussion.

Digging Deeper Into the Theme of Sustainability in Enterprise IT

In this post, Sulagna Saha writes about the Delegate Roundtable Discussion from the most recent Tech Field Day. The Roundtable was focused on Sustainability in Enterprise IT where they drilled down to the heart of it all to find out that it’s just a corporate practice, or marketing hype, created to gain advantage over competitors. Take a look here on more thoughts from Sulagna, or visit the Gestalt IT website.

Tech Upfront: Beyond Kubernetes. Smart K8s Platforms and Portability

In Enrico Signoretti’s latest Tech Upfront podcast, he discusses the presentation from StormForge at this past Cloud Field Day. Check out his thoughts here!

Tech Upfront: Data Gravity and Cloud Storage

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s latest podcast where he talks about cloud computing and the presentations from Hammerspace and Nasuni from this past Storage Field Day!

Tech Upfront: March 18, 2022

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s latest podcast from this past Storage Field Day. He discussed the presentations from MinIO and VAST Data! Take a look here.

The Pipeline Guys: Episode #3

In their latest podcast, Enrico Signoretti, a Field Day delegate, and Lino Telera discuss this past Cloud Field Day. Check out their recap on all presenting companies and what to look forward to in each presentation!

Tech Upfront With Enrico Signoretti Feb 25, 2022

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s and Arjan Timmerman’s Tech Upfront podcast from this week! They featured topics from the past Cloud Field Day and introduced upcoming presentations for Storage Field Day!

Tech Upfront, Jan 28

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s, a Field Day delegate, newest Tech Upfront Chat! Enrico attended November’s Cloud Field Day and is discussing new cloud computing and latest IT trends. He is joined in this discussion with multiple Field Day delegates, check it out!

GigaOm Live – 4.16.21

In this first ever episode of the livestreamed GigaOm Live show, host Johnny Baltisberger is joined by analysts Jason Collier and Enrico Signoretti, who discuss their experiences at the recent Tech Field Day event in late April. Specifically, the crew dives into news surrounding NetApp as well as the Tech Field Day presentations by Micron and Xilinx. Tune in to hear all of their discussion, and check out April’s Tech Field Day for the technical context.

GigaOm Live 4.23.21

On their April 23rd broadcast of GigaOm Live, the team from GigaOm discuss Tech Field Day! Specifically, delegates Enrico Signoretti and Jason Collier who attended the latest Tech Field Day discuss appearances from several companies and focus in on Vcinity and Scality. Head over to YouTube to check out their thoughts or to the Tech Field Day website to watch videos from the event!

The Role of AI in Data Storage

Earlier this year, Enrico Signoretti joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day and had the opportunity to see Tintri’s presentation. He recognizes that data storage used to be one of the more conservative areas of IT, but this has radically changed in the past few years. At this Field Day event, Tintri demonstrated its latest AI-based features implemented for its systems and how it can help with storage management. For more of Enrico’s analysis of the evolution of AI in data storage, check out his blog on!

Storage Options for the Distributed Enterprise

Writing for GigaOm, delegate Enrico Signoretti discusses different approaches to defying data gravity. Enrico references solutions from Nasuni and Hammerspace, both of which presented last month at Storage Field Day. You can find all the presentations from Storage Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Object Storage Is Heating Up

Enrico Signoretti joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day last month! He follows the event with his thoughts on object storage and its rise in popularity. Some reasons for this growing popularity include information such as the hybrid cloud, digital transformation, and the affordability of flash. Enrico points to MinIO’s presentation from Storage Field Day about Kubernetes and how it’s leading the way. He also points to another presentation from this event, where Nasuni presents its solution. To see what else Enrico had to say, check out this blog on!

Voices in Innovation – a Roundtable Discussion on Persistent Memory

Enrico Signoretti, Jason Collier, and Matt Leib join the Voices in Innovation podcast on Gigaom to talk about Tech Field Day Extra at Intel Memory and Storage 2020. On the podcast, they dig into Intel’s presentations and discuss Intel Persistent Memory. Head over to the Gigaom website to check out the podcast, and head to our website to look at Intel’s presentations from the event!

Who Is NetApp?

Enrico Signoretti, a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, had the chance to see NetApp present on some of their cloud solutions. Enrico notes that NetApp has undergone a change in focus so that they’re no longer a traditional storage vendor as they shift towards the cloud. On the heels of this change, he writes that NetApp “is one of the most hybrid-savvy vendors in the market landscape.” If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Enrico’s analysis in GigaOm!