Voices in Data Storage – Episode 12: A Conversation With Bill Borsari

Enrico Signoretty recently published a new episode of the Voices in Data Storage podcast, talking to Datera’s Bill Borsari. They dig into a little background on the company, and how they bridge a gap between the traditional infrastructure requirements and the modern infrastructure requirements. It’s a great conversation with a fascinating approach to storage technology.

Data Center Optanization!

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day had a lot of innovative content. In this post, Enrico Signoretti discusses what Intel showed about their latest generation Optane which comes in a new form factor, Optane DC Persistent Memory DIMM. This works in conjunction with DDR4 DRAM DIMMs to provide much more density at a slightly slower speed. This trade off is easily worth it for Enrico as it puts the data much closer to the CPU. Any application that relies on large amounts of RAM will see a benefit. The only limitation is the hardware support from Intel, which will grow over time. Be sure to check out the full article for an even deeper dive into this new Optane implementation.

Voices in Data Storage – Episode 11: A Conversation With Renen Hallak

This episode of Voices in Data Storage features an interview with VAST Data founder and CEO Renen Hallak. Host Enrico Signoretti saw VAST Data during their Storage Field Day presentation last month, and was impressed by what he saw. The company set out to “redo” storage, offering Tier 1 performance without the accompanying price tag. They discuss how emerging technologies like QLC flash and storage class memory are at the core of their new architecture.

NetApp, Cloudier Than Ever

While attending Storage Field Day in February, Enrico Signoretti learned more about NetApp’s NDAS data protection software. It takes advantage of NetApp’s snapshot and mirroring technology to convert file data to objects stored in the cloud. He sees great potential for this approach, disrupting their own status quo.

Voices in Data Storage – Episode 10: A Conversation With Boyan Ivanov

Enrico Signoretti put out a new episode of the Voices in Data Storage podcast. This time around, he spoke with StorPool CEO Boyan Ivanov. They discussed how he got started in IT, his history before founding StorPool, and what he thinks about object storage, serverless, and more. Both were at Storage Field Day, be sure to check out the full video of StorPool’s presentation.

How IBM Is Rethinking Its Data Protection Line-Up

IBM made a return to Storage Field Day last month, updating the delegates on their data protection portfolio. Enrico Signoretti wrote up his thoughts. While IBM has rebranded some existing data protection solutions, their IBM Data Protection Plus is built from the ground up for modern solutions. A lack of feature parity with competitors is somewhat made up for by an aggressive development team and roadmap. For existing IBM customers, it should be a great way to modernize data protection using an existing vendor relationship.

Democratizing Data Management

Enrico Signoretti wrote up an excellent piece on how Cohesity and NetApp are approaching the data management market. He shared it on his blog, as well as the Gigaom link here.

Democratizing Data Management

At Storage Field Day last month, Enrico Signoretti got to hear a few different takes on what data management will look like in the future. He think Cohesity has had the right idea on the subject for a while, with the addition of an application marketplace making things even easier for customers. But NetApp really impressed by showing how SnapMirror replication to make copies of data in the cloud, making data easily accessible to lots of people in an organization. While NetApp’s product isn’t quite as mature as their vision, Enrico think both companies are doing a superb job with their data management strategies.

Voices in Data Storage – Episode 9: A Conversation With Stephen Foskett

In this episode of Voices in Data Storage, Enrico Signoretti interviewed Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett. Enrico has now seen the event from both a presenting company side, and as a delegate. The two talk about current trends in storage and go into detail about the Tech Field Day event series.

A Packed Field Day

Enrico Signoretti is no stranger to the Field Day family, and he’ll be attending his first event of the year with Storage Field Day next week in Silicon Valley. He’s looking forward to the mix of storage industry stalwarts and intriguing startups that will be presenting, and finding out just who the secret company is. Be sure to tune into the live stream to find out for yourself.

Voices in Data Storage – Episode 3: A Conversation with Leo Leung of Oracle

In this episode of Voices in Data Storage, Enrico Signoretti spoke with Leo Leung, Oracle’s Senior Director of Product & Strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They discussed how Oracle’s cloud offerings have really impressed, specifically their presentation at Tech Field Day earlier this year. This isn’t simply a play to have traditional Oracle legacy apps in the cloud, but a play to offer high performance instances for cloud native applications.

Disaster Recovery and Cyber Attacks

Enrico Signoretti doesn’t just think about fire, floods, and tornadoes when he considers IT disasters. But Enrico puts Cyber-Attacks in the same category. Luckily he saw an interesting presentation from Dell EMC’s Data Protection team at Tech Field Day this October. They showed how they use Data Domain appliances in conjunction with software from Index Engines to proactively detect anomalies. Enrico was impressed how this is independent from backup software, giving you a better chance to recover operations quickly.

From Storage to Data Virtualization

Enrico Signoretti got to see the launch of Hammerspace at Storage Field Day last month. It had a familiar ring to it, with former CTO of Primary Data, David Flynn, buying code from the now defunct company to start Hammerspace. The brilliance of the company comes down to one thing for Enrico, they obscure the issue of data gravity, allowing for virtualized views of virtualized data sets across clouds.

Oracle Cloud, Better Than You Might Think

Enrico Signoretti was like a lot of IT professionals when he heard about Oracle Cloud, looking at it with a healthy dose of skepticism. This came both from the competitive public cloud landscape, and past experiences with the company that weren’t exactly positive. But after hearing Oracle Cloud present at Tech Field Day earlier this month, he found the team had an exciting mix of humility and audacity. He outlines how Oracle is focusing on bare metal performance and “amazingly good” SLAs to offer a compelling service.

Secondary Data and Komprise with Krishna Subramanian by Data Driven Talk

In this episode of Data Driven Talk, host Enrico Signoretti discusses the challenges of secondary data. His guest, founder and COO of Komprise, Krishna Subramanian, discusses the current state of the secondary storage market, what it is, and how best to address it.

Not Your Father’s Commvault

It was great to have Enrico Signoretti around the delegate table for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018 last week. In this post, he looks at the major changes with Commvault announced this year. This includes a more approachable licensing model, as-a-Service offerings, and the new Commvault Activate analytics solution. Overall, Enrico sees the company making major strides to stay relevant in the modern data management market.

The era of composable storage infrastructures is coming

After seeing StarWind present on their NVMe-oF solutions, Enrico Signoretti thinks that it’s time to declare the SAN officially dead. The ability of NVMe-oF to access remote storage the same way as local storage opens the door to borrowing storage resources from other servers across the datacenter and building your virtual storage array. For Enrico, what StarWind presented is the start of the age of Composable Storage Infrastructure.

Secondary storage is the new primary

Enrico Signoretti sees IT as a whole suddenly recognizing the importance of secondary storage in their environment. As primary storage, centered around structured data, has largely become commidified, having high capacity but low quality object stores for secondary storage is becoming inadequate. This is especially true given the growth rate of unstructured data, which become even more of a problem as regulatory requirements increase. Enrico things a company like Komprise, which he saw at Storage Field Day last week, is the result of recognizing the importance of secondary storage. Komprise uses both analytics and user generated policy to do stretegic data planning, manage migration, move data to cheaper storage tiers when appropriate, and more.

Au Revoir OpenIO and Welcome Back Juku!

Enrico Signoretti will be attending his first Storage Field Day event in a while. He recently rejoined the independent analyst ranks, and we’re looking forward to seeing him around the table and asking questions with the other delegates. Make sure to check out his post announcing this, and his blog, for more Storage Field Day coverage.

S3, to rule them all! (storage tiers, that is)

S3, to rule them all! (storage tiers, that is)