TechHouse570- Security Field Day 7- Delegates Recap

Check out Girard Kaveline’s latest post about this past Security Field Day! Girard gives us an insight from the event in the eyes of some delegates and also discusses his takeaways from the Keeper Security and RackTop Systems presentations’.

Being Last to Network Field Day 23 Is Actually a Good Thing

Evan Mintzer was the twelfth and final delegate to sign on for the very quickly approaching Networking Field Day. While some people might rue being “picked last,” Evan has a different approach to it: Now he has less time to anxiously anticipate the event! Evan writes that he is impressed with the slate of presenters and writes his thoughts on who he is most excited to see. While Evan might have been the last delegate signed on, he’s certainly not last in our book! Tune in to Networking Field Day to watch Evan in action from September 29th – October 2nd!

Broadcom Processors Are Blazingly Fast

Evan Mintzer attended Networking Field Day earlier this year and got to hear from Broadcom. As one of the most prominent merchant silicon companies across the networking stack, it’s not surprising that Evan was interested in what they had to say. Their presentation focused on their network processor silicon, and was complex enough that Evan had to rewatch it to make sure it understood it all. They did a deep dive on their processor architecture, which allows for truly impressive speeds, supporting a switch at up to 25.6Tbps using a Tomahawk4 processor. Be sure to check out the videos to get up to speed on their latest and greatest.

My Time at Networking Field Day 22

The delegates to Field Day events often say that the experience is like drinking from the IT firehose. Over the course of three days, the dozen delegates get to hear intense technical session and engage in conversations with a number of diverse companies, and it can test the mental elasticity of even the most seasoned veteran. Evan Mintzer was recently in Silicon Valley for Networking Field Day and writes about the overall experiences in this post. The best part about the format is that it doesn’t allow for immediate hot takes, instead rewarding introspection and mental digestion about everything they heard. We can’t wait to hear Evan’s thoughts on all the presenters from the event as he works through all the information.

My View on Riverbed’s SD-WAN Solution

Evan Mintzer was definitely familiar with Riverbed prior to visiting the company as part of Networking Field Day. But it had been over a year since he worked with their solutions every day, so he was interested to hear their latest updates. One of the things that caught his eye during the event was a section by Chief Architect Vincent Berk. He detailed a new capability in Riverbed’s SD-WAN portfolio, that provides visibility into the network including when problems occur. This kind of continuous network monitoring is a vital addition to the Riverbed tool belt for Evan.

Security Can’t Keep Up, or Can It?

Evan Mintzer was a recent guest on Gestalt IT’s On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast. The premise discussed was whether with the seemingly endless number of threats out there, if security can actually catch up. It was a great conversation, and Evan further explains his thoughts on the premise in this blog post.

My Time at Palo Alto Networks

Evan Mintzer attended Security Field Day earlier this year as a delegate. At the event, he got to hear from Palo Alto Networks. He wasn’t too familiar with the company prior to their presentation, only knowing they made application aware. Over the course of their presentation, he got to hear from a lot of people at the company, and discovered how they are working to change the IT security landscape.

My Tech Field Day Experience

Evan Mintzer attended his first Field Day event as a delegate for Security Field Day. He really appreciated the unique “un-conference” quality of the event, which allowed for real communication and community building between the delegates and the presenting companies. He was really impressed not just with the technical content, but with the organization and thought that went into organizing it. It was great to have Evan there and we can’t wait to have him back.

CiscoLive and Security Field Day

Evan Mintzer is having a busy couple of weeks. While he didn’t attend Cisco Live US 2019 this year, he was named as the best remote attendee for the second consecutive year. This week, he’s physically headed out to Silicon Valley to attend Security Field Day. We’re excited to hear what he thinks of the presentations. Be sure to follow #XF2 on Twitter to stay up on all the social posts from the event.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Evan Mintzer

Evan Mintzer is coming to Security Field Day, so check out this interview and get to know his background a bit! From learning BASIC on a Commodore PET to working as an Information Security Manager, Evan is a great addition to the Security Field Day delegate panel. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.

Evan Mintzer

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