Join ExploreVM on July 15-17 for Cloud Field Day 8!

Paul Woodward has been to several Field Day events in the past, but this Cloud Field Day event was his first virtual attendance. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of presentations for him to sink his teeth into. He got to hear from Fortinet, HashiCorp, Igneous, NetApp, and Qumulo as part of the event. While virtual events certainly have a different feel for Paul than traveling to a physical event, he’s excited that this give an opportunity to invite more delegates to these events, bringing more perspective and voices around the virtual delegate table. We can’t wait to hear what he thought of each presentation at the event.

Storage Field Day 18, Here I Come!

Paul Woodward is making the trip to Silicon Valley next week for Storage Field Day, his second full Field Day event. If you want to watch all the same presentations as Paul, be sure to stay glued to our live stream throughout the event. Plus, get involved with the conversation with #SFD18 on Twitter.

Looking Through the (Cloud)Lense with Ixia

Paul Woodward got a look at Ixia at Tech Field Day last September. They presented on their CloudLense visibility solution, which solves some of the limitations of monitoring data in hybrid or public cloud workloads. CloudLense does this by using containers or agents to collect, categorize, and surface the most relevant packet and infrastructure information. Paul really likes that it can also be used to gain visibility into containers as well.

Riverbed Steel Fusion: A New Approach to Remote Office Infrastructure

Remote and edge sites are exploding in the enterprise. But as organizations span across countries and legal jurisdictions, managing and securing data can become onerous. In this piece, Paul Woodward takes a look at Riverbed’s Steel Fusion solution, something he saw at Networking Field Day last year. This offers administrators simplified automated deployments, centralized management, and helps organizations prepare for issues that might otherwise be overlooked when planning a remote location.

That’s a Wrap: An ExploreVM Look Back at 2017

2017 seems to have been a year of milestones for Paul Woodward. He completed season 1 of his new ExploreVM podcast, launched his YouTube channel, wrote a record number of blog posts, and saw readership increase by over 300%! He also attended a number of IT events, finishing the year by attending Tech Field Day in September. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Paul’s impressions from Tech Field Day, and what he has in store for 2018!

A Thank You to Tech Field Day

Paul Woodward reflects back on the experience of his first Tech Field Day in this post. He found the three days of presentations surrounded by delegates from across the globe to be an exhilarating experience. We’re looking forward to seeing his thoughts on the presenting companies as part of #Blogtober!

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