ExtraHop the Modern Solution for Cloud Traffic Inspection

Nate Avery attended Cloud Field Day earlier this year, and got to hear from ExtraHop. They discussed their Reveal(x) product which solves the problem of packet inspection in clouds such as AWS. Since the cloud doesn’t have the same port mirroring technologies available as on-prem hardware, Reveal(x) offers very unique capabilities.

Monitoring Cloud Network Traffic With ExtraHop

If you’re moving data to the cloud, you need visibility to ensure you’re secure. Tom Hollingsworth talks about ExtraHop Reveal(x) and how they can provide the visibility you need no matter where your data lives.

ExtraHop at Cloud Field Day 2019

ExtraHop was definitely excited to talk to the Cloud Field Day delegates this time around. At the event, they went deep on Reveal(x) Cloud, their cloud-native network detection and response solution. They shared some customer success stories with the product, did a deep dive on the architecture, and more. Be sure to check out all the videos from the event for all the details.


Keith Townsend is posting hot take reactions of all the presentations at Cloud Field Day. He was looking forward to seeing ExtraHop’s networking management features at the event and using their platform under system demand. The presentation went another way with a security heavy focus. Be sure to check it out for a full deep dive.

Cloud Field Day (#CFD6): A Heads-Up – Ather Beg’s Useful Thoughts

If you’re about to dive into the presentations and live stream for Cloud Field Day cold, you might want to stop and check out this post from Ather Beg. He gives a quick, concise, but comprehensive look at each of the presenting companies. He’s looking at what they do, what should be interesting about their presentation, and what they’ve shown off at Field Day in the past.

ExtraHop @ Cloud Field Day

We’re thrilled to have ExtraHop as a presenter at Cloud Field Day. We have full video up of their presentation, so be sure to check it out for a deep dive on their latest and greatest. We can’t wait to hear what the delegates thought of what they saw from ExtraHop.

Cloud Field Day 6 Prep – Lucidlink and ExtraHop

Drinking from the IT fire hose at an event like Cloud Field Day can be overwhelming at first glance. It’s a lot of information to take in, even when viewing remotely. Luckily many of the delegates do their homework and post previews of what to expect. In this post, Ned Bellavance wrote up some background and what he expects to see from Lucidlink and ExtraHop. Be sure to check it out before watching their presentations.