Does SPB Mean “Secure Path Bridging”?

The spanning tree protocol, or SPB, never really went away. But the landscape it was built to work in changed radically. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at where SPB is now and discusses how the new steward, Extreme Networks, is positioning SPB to secure IoT and more in the data center and campus. He got to hear a deep dive on this during Networking Field Day. Get the background from Tom’s post, then be sure to dig into all of their video coverage from the event.

Extreme Is Bringing Purple Rain From the Cloud

At Networing Field Day, Extreme Networks showed how the company plans to integrate the assets it acquired with Aerohive. Nick Shoemaker was at the event, and breaks down what he saw in this post.

My Thoughts on Networking Field Day 21

A.J. Murray got to experience the super sized event that was Networking Field Day. This saw an incredible array of companies presenting to our delegates over the course of four days. In this post, he shares his thoughts about each of the presentations. Remember, if you’ve ever wondered how you can become a delegate, we have a sign-up form right on the website. Join us at our next event!

NFD21 Delegate!

Remington Loose was a first time delegate at Networking Field Day. While it can be a little intimidating to drink from the IT fire hose at such an event, Remington definitely did his homework. He profiles the presenting companies in this piece and what he expected to see from each. Now that the event is over, we can’t wait to hear what he thought of the presentations.

Avoiding Automation Archipelagos With Extreme Networks

When it’s your turn to build the automation strategy for your environment, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of building a series of automation islands with no integration. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at some recent announcements that Extreme Networks made at Networking Field Day and how they can help you connect your automation archipelago.

Using Machine Learning for IoT Security: NFD20 Demo

In this post, Bettina Baumgart from Extreme Networks outlines what the company presented at Networking Field Day earlier this year. Their message was based around using ML-driven security analytics and automated threat response for IoT to meet the rapidly changing IT landscape. The had an extensive demo showing just what is possible on their platform, so check out the post for the full technical deep dive.

Off the Cuff – NFD20 Wrap Up

From a rainy recording in Silicon Valley, Jordan Martin gathered together some fellow delegates from Networking Field Day to discuss what they heard at the event. They run down each presenter and discuss what stood out and struck their interest. Guests include Mario Gingras, Nick Shoemaker, Richard McIntosh, Brian Gleason, and Drew Conry-Murray.

The Future of Sports Wi-Fi Is Intelligent With Extreme Networks

In this post, Tom Hollingsworth looks at what Extreme Networks is doing with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on their platform to improve wi-fi. Tom has some healthy skepticism about these buzzwords, but was impressed with what Extreme has been able to do in real world use cases, like providing improved wi-fi at stadiums. Extreme will be presenting at Networking Field Day this week, be sure to watch their presentation on our live stream for more details.

Extreme Networks SLX Platform – Extremely Easy Analytics

Tom Hollingsworth heard from Extreme Networks at Networking Field Day earlier this year. This piece takes a look at their SLX Platform, which simplifies the process of getting analytic data out of switches.

Extreme Automation with Extreme Networks (& StackStorm)

After seeing them at Networking Field Day in January, Chris Grundemann does an extremely good job of limiting the puns, and digging into what made Extreme Networks stand out. He looks at how the company’s StackStorm acquisition laid the groundwork for their current automation solution. In the end, Chris concluded the Extreme Networks is a “formidable networking company”.

Orchestration From the Top Versus Automation From the Bottom

Extreme Networks and Juniper Networks made an impression with Tom Hollingsworth after Networking Field Day in January. For him, the Extreme Networks showed why they lead the way in their bottom-up approach to automation. He then breaks down how Juniper distinguishes themselves with their top-down orchestration tooling.

The Winds of Change From January

Tom Hollingsworth had a whirlwind last two weeks of January, leading both Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley and Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe from Barcelona. In this post, he begins to organize his thoughts on the two events, including the state of Cisco turning away from hardware, the death of the CLI in 2018, as well as the continuing importance of containers and automation.

Networking is Finally Catching Up

Phil Gervasi reflects on why servers have been managed programmatically for years, but not networks. From what he saw at Networking Field Day last month, that’s about to change. Phil cites Extreme Networks as standing out with providing a means for greater agility and efficiency in programming networks.

Off the Cuff – NFD17 Wrap Up

In the most recent “Off the Cuff” episode of Network Collective, the crew discussed what they saw at Networking Field Day last week. What happens when six delegates sit on a podcast together? Magic!

Networking Field Day 17: Hawt or Naught

WIth Networking Field Day in the rearview mirror, Chris Grundemann looks back at some of the trends from the presenters. He breaks down what’s in and out, and includes a lot of animated GIFs as a bonus!

BiB 26: Extreme Networks At NFD17 – Composing Workflows For Mean Time To Payrise

Greg Ferro and Drew Conry-Murray posted a Briefings in Brief episode on what they saw from Extreme Networks at Networking Field Day last week. They focus on their presentation reviewing their automation efforts with StackStorm and Workflow Composer. Once you listen to the episode, be sure the checkout the full video of Extreme Networks presentation for yourself.

Network Field Day 17: Mark Your Calendars!

Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro from Packet Pushers will be at Networking Field Day next week. They’ll get to drink from the firehouse of presenting companies over the three day event. Remember to follow along on our live stream and tweet out questions with #NFD17.

Its time for Network Field Day 17

Greg Ferro is no stranger to Networking Field Day. We’re happy to have him along for our first event of the year. He’ll beheading out to Silicon Valley to hear presentations from the latest and greatest in networking. In this piece, Greg breaks down where each of the presenting companies are positioned at the start of 2018 and what he hopes to hear from them. Make sure to watch along with Greg on our live stream!

Future-Proofing Networks with Fabric-Attached Wi-Fi: Q&A with Extreme Networks’ Director of Wireless Product Management & Strategy

Lee Badman has seen Extreme Networks at a few Tech Field Day events over the years. He recently posted an interview with their Director of Wireless Product Management & Strategy Mike Leibovitz.

Extreme Networks Has Good Footing to Lead Network Fabric Evolution from Hype to Reality | wirednot

Lee Badman is fairly bullish on Extreme Networks’ approach to network fabric architecture. Their approach starts with a whitepaper that actually outlines what such an architecture can actually be used for in an organization. Combined with their recent acquisition on Avaya, which Lee saw in detail at Wireless Field Day back in 2014, he thinks Extreme Networks makes the best case for a network fabric approach. They have a the track record, vision, and technical resources that are rarely found in competitors.