Storage Field Day 24

Falko is back on the delegate panel for November’s Storage Field Day! He is excited to see presentations from Dell Technologies, Solidigm, Pure Storage, and AWS. Check out the Storage Field Day lineup here or visit the Tech Field Day website for more.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Falko Banaszak

Falko Banaszak is the newest Field Day delegate! He is a Consultant and Solution Architect in the BCM space. Falko took a few minutes to tell us about himself, check it out!

Cloud Field Day 14 – I’m a Field Day Delegate ! –

Falko Banaszak will be joining us in Silicon Valley for the upcoming June Cloud Field Day as a first time delegate! We’re always thrilled for new delegates to join our Tech Field Day community! Check out how to become a delegate here.

Falko Banaszak

Consultant & Solution Architect for BCM infrastructures