Hazelcast Announces Integrated Real-Time Applications Platform

This article from Forbes by long-time Tech Field Day delegate Justin Warren details the recent announcement by Hazelcast regarding their integrated real-time applications platform. Named the Hazelcast Platform, the tool integrates Hazelcast’s Jet distributed processing system with their core in-memory data grid technology and includes ANSI SQL support along with a disk-based persistence capability. Read the piece for the full picture of the announcement, including a statement from Hazelcast’s CEO.

HPE Acquires Zerto for $374 Million

This article by perennial Field Day delegate, Justin Warren, is from Forbes, detailing the recent acquisition of Zerto by HPE. Having just recently presented their offering at June’s Cloud Field Day event, the acquisition marks a bold future for Zerto and HPE. Read the whole article for details.

Storage Announcements at Western Digital’s Storage Field Day

Western Digital recently shook up a lot of their strategy in the enterprise, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people were eager to hear what they had to say at Storage Field Day. While not a delegate at the event, Tom Coughlin at Forbes watched the presentation to get caught up on all the news. The storage stalwart gave updates on their latest storage technology, like how they are using helium-filed drives utilizing shingled magnetic recording to provide media for companies approaching zettabyte scale. They also presented their Zoned Storage technology, which provides a unified approach to manage naturally serialized data at scale, important when you need predictable performance at cloud-scale. Be sure to read the rest of Tom’s post for his thoughts, then dig into the videos for all the details.

Scale Computing’s Edge-To-Enterprise HCI

The engineers at Scale Computing have been optimizing KVM into smaller and smaller footprints since 2010. Still, their recent presentation at Tech Field Day caused quite a stir, showing off their HC3 hyperconverged solution running on an Intel NUC. Steve McDowell took notice of all the buzz from the storage industry in his Twitter feed. He finds the HC3 fits in well with Scale’s overall focus on HCI. While other competitors in the space have scaled to other use cases, Scale keeps delivering easily managed and deployed solutions whose intrinsic simplicity works to reduce IT OpEx. For Steve, this makes Scale ideally suited to offer compelling edge computing solutions just as the enterprise need is exploding.