The case for Cloud Access Security Brokers in small business

Sonia Cuff takes a look at the Cloud Access Security Broker offered by Forcepoint, which she heard of at Tech Field Day earlier this year. This serves as a buffer between users and SaaS applications, allowing IT teams to exert some control and enforce security policies.

IT Security Is a People Problem

Forcepoint had a rather unique presentation at Tech Field Day in February. The company focused on the failing of traditional security, and how they have solutions to address the largely ignored risk of security breaches inside an organization. Alastair Cooke wrote up his thoughts on their User and Entity Behaviour Analytics. Provided an organization discloses that these kind of analytics are being done, Alastair found it an interesting addition to an organization’s security toolset.

Stop User Behavior from killing your data

Forcepoint was a first time presenter at Tech Field Day last month in Austin. In this post, Luigi Danakos takes a look at their User Behavior Analytics. Forcepoint’s approach to security is not to focus on outside threats that firewalls and policy can help stop, but rather to identify potential insider threats based on looking at behavior. This often falls outside simple rules of good vs bad behavior, requiring algorithms and statistical models to categorize the messy middle of most user actions.

Security by Behavior

It was great to have Forcepoint make their first Tech Field Day presentation last month at our event out in Austin. John Welsh was there, and wrote up his thoughts on their approach to security. This is based around their User and Entity Behavior Analytics, which isn’t designed to prevent outside actors from accessing your system, but instead to identify the far murkier problem of user behavior. Their platform provides a way to categorize that behavior to better identify potential insider threats.

Serverless computing highlights new security challenges in hybrid IT

Hybrid IT and cloud native services, like AWS Lamba, require a different approach than traditional IT security. A simple lift and shift approach to security will quickly reveal deficiencies of policy once compute and storage moves beyond your four walls. In this piece, Keith Townsend was able to talk to Forcepoint Security as part of Tech Field Day last month. Keith thinks the company has made the acquisitions needed to eventually provide the firewall and cloud access security broker granularity needed for hybrid IT.

Security has Failed, Analytics to the Rescue

Gabe Maentz was impressed at Forcepoint’s admission that traditional security has failed. At Tech Field Day last month, the company presented why drawing the line between good and bad behavior with legacy static tools isn’t adequate. Instead, they opt for a “human-centric” approach to security. Using their User and Entity Behavior Analytics, the company is able to provide dynamic intelligence into both system context and user behavior to allow organizations to see risks and threats in real-time.

Security has failed! Forcepoint has not.

Raff Poltronieri was struck by Forcepoint’s presentation at Tech Field Day. It isn’t often and security company will be upfront with a statement like “security has failed” to lead their presentation. This talk outlined the failings of traditional security, and illustrated how Forcepoint is User Enhanced Behaviour Analysis to give better insights into potential security vectors.

Understandig CASB for SaaS Security

Tech Field Day delegates Keith Townsend and Sonia Cuff discuss he concept of cloud access security broker, or CASB. This is done in light of a presentation by Forcepoint at the event.

Security at Scale: User Behavioral Analytics

Forcepoint presented at Tech Field Day last week, and Edward Haletky shares his impressions in this post. He focuses on the company’s user and entity behavioral analytics tool that’s used to determine what behaviors are “risky” for a given user. This is vital for organizations trying to stay secure at scale.