Tackling Troublesome IoT With Fortinet

Is your enterprise experiencing an explosion of IoT devices? Are you trying to figure out the best way to secure them? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at a new IoT-focused solution from Fortinet that can help you out. Be sure to check out the full video from Mobility Field Day for all the details.

CTS 193: Fortinet @ MOBILITY FIELD DAY 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast looks at what Fortinet presented at Mobility Field Day. While perhaps being best known in security, the company has built a comprehensive wireless solution. This got started when customers started asking them to secure their wi-fi networks, and has been built out from there.

Forti-Much to Appreciate at Mobility Field Day 4

It’s always great to haver Lee Badman join us for Mobility Field Day. This summer, he got to hear from Fortinet at the event. As the title of his post indicates, there was lots of interest to hear during their presentation. They showed off new Wi-Fi 6 ready access point, new security features, as well as new tools for wireless professionals. There was a lot to take in so be sure to check out all of their presentation video from the event.

CTS 182: Mobility Field Day 4 – An Overview

Francois Verges was one of several new faces that attended Mobility Field Day earlier this week. He recently spoke to Rowell Dionicio on an episode of the Clear to Send podcast. Francois recapped the Mobility Field Day Experience and what he thought of the presentations. Be sure to listen as a preview before diving into the full presentation video.

Clear Your Calendar..MFD4 Is Almost Here!

Scott Lester is excited to return to Mobility Field Day next week. He’s particularly glad to see Metageek returning as a presenter for the event. They’ve been away for several years, so there are sure to be lots of interesting updates. In this post, Scott runs down the other presenters at the event, from Aruba Networks, to Fortinet, and Juniper Networks’ Mist. And of course the tantilizing promise of a Field Day classic “Secret Company”. Be sure to follow along on the live stream to see who will be presenting!

Fortinet @ NFD20

In this post, Snehal Patel shares his thoughts on what he saw from Fortinet at Networking Field Day earlier this year. At the event, Fortinet showed off their secure SD-WAN solution. This is available as a feature on all Forinet devices, allowing customers to get more features out of things like Fortigate Firewalls. This was Snehal’s first time looking at Fortinet, and he was really impressed with their controllerless approach to SD-WAN.

All-In With SD-WAN and Fortinet

Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at the Fortinet presentation from Networking Field Day and discusses how ASICs may be the key to Foritinet finding their ante in the SD-WAN market. Can SD-WAN innovate through software alone? Or can custom hardware ASICs make the difference in performance? Tom discusses.

Fortinet Launches New SD-WAN and Firewall Appliance, Rebrands an ASIC

Drew Conry-Murray recently got a deep dive into Fortinet’s SD-WAN technology at Networking Field Day. One aspect that fascinated Drew in that presentation was how the company combined security and SD-WAN capabilities into a single device. The company recently debutted a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), the FortiGate 100F, which provides the hardware foundation for that technology.

BLOG – NFD20 – Fortinet SDWAN

In this post, Rodrigo Rovere takes a look at what Fortinet presented at Networking Field Day earlier this year. He was interested in hearing about their SD-WAN solutions and how they would stand out in this quickly crowding market. Fortinet really focused their presentation on their security differentiation based around their Security Fabric. While Rodrigo wanted a little more detail on the SD-WAN specifics, he found it an interesting presentation nonetheless.

Off the Cuff – NFD20 Wrap Up

From a rainy recording in Silicon Valley, Jordan Martin gathered together some fellow delegates from Networking Field Day to discuss what they heard at the event. They run down each presenter and discuss what stood out and struck their interest. Guests include Mario Gingras, Nick Shoemaker, Richard McIntosh, Brian Gleason, and Drew Conry-Murray.

Fortinet SD-WAN at Network Field Day 20

Brian Gleason got to hear from Fortinet at Networking Field Day earlier this month. The timing couldn’t be better, as the company has achieved a bit of prominence due to the recent rash of massive security breaches. For Brian, solutions like Fortinet FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer are critical for the complext task of monitoring and acting on attack signatures. In this post, he looks at the company’s overall architecture and digs into the technical details of how they provide solutions across SD-WAN, security, endpoint protection, WiFi, and switching.

From the Edge to the Air, Fortinet’s Full Stack End to End Solution

Mitch Dickey might be hesitant to admit it, but he can’t deny that Fortinet isn’t just a security or wireless company (thanks to their Meru acquisition). Instead, this posts outlines how the company is a true end to end solution, from their FortiGate, through switching, and into wireless.

Intro into Fortinet WLAN configuration

After seeing Fortinet present at Mobility Field Day, Amy Arnold found herself impressed by how in a few simple steps, the company could provide setup for WLAN SSID, applying security policies, and even automation for quarantining an infected machine. In this post, she reviews how to use their GUI to achieve all of these tasks, and what she learned along the way.

Clarity and Confusion- Fortinet and Arista at Mobility Field Day 3

For Lee Badman, seeing Fortinet at Mobility Field Day was an eye opening experience. He’d known of the company for some time, but had them pigeon holded as a security device company. While the company bundles their solutions under security banner, Lee found their solutions offer be well rounded. This baked-in approach contrasted with Arista Networks. For Lee, their presentation on the wireless assets from their recent Mojo Networks acquisition still needed some work to tell a complete story.

Forti What?

One thing immediately struck Scott Lester from Fortinet’s Mobility Field Day presentation. The company has a swiss army like product portfolio that provides everything you need for a modern enterprise network, with the added benefits of no complex licensing tied to it. This particular presentation focused on their FortiGate as a wireless controller.

A Story of Three Companies

Jim Palmer wrote up a look at three different companies he saw at Mobiltiy Field Day last week, Arista Networks, Fortinet, and NETSCOUT’s. He looks at how each companies presentation impacted their messaging. From Arista trying to work in their acquisition of Mojo Networks into their broader portfolio, to Fortinet’s improved focus as a wireless company, and NETSCOUT’s divestment of their Handheld Network Test product line almost at the same time they were presenting to the delegates. Overall Jim got a little look at not just these company’s mobility solutions, but into the companies themselves.

Figuring Out What Bothers Me About Wi-Fi and “Analytics”

Lee Badman heard about a number of wireless analytics solutions at Mobility Field Day last week. But one thing stuck in his mind. Outside of the merits of any solution over another, the underlying assumption behind many was that an analytics solution was needed because the wireless network is in some way being managed poorly. For Lee, WLAN problems often come from problems in vendor code, not something an admin can really be proactive about. This isn’t to say that these analytics solutions aren’t needed, but Lee wants them put in the proper context of why WLAN problems most often arise.

Mark Your Calendars: Mobility Field Day 3

In this video, Rowell Dionicio discusses coming back for his third Mobility Field Day. He discusses what he expects to hear from each of the presenters, including Arista, who recently acquired previous presenter Mojo Networks. There are a lot of new faces on the delegate side, and Rowell is looking forward to the discussions and perspectives that they will bring.

Management Frame Detection?

Samuel Clements considers the acronym MFD. What could be better than Management Frame Detection? Mobility Field Day of course! He’s heading out to the event later this month. In this post, he reviews the announced presenters and what he expects to hear about from each. Remember, you can follow along with all presentations during the event on our live stream, and engage with the conversation on Twitter using #MFD3.

What I’d Like to See at MFD3

Drew Lentz may not be at Mobility Field Day next month, but that hasn’t tempered his enthusiasm. He’ll be watching the live stream and following #MFD3 on Twitter. In this post, he looks at the presenting companies and watch he wants to see from each.