Networking and Security Come Together With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

At Networking Field Day, Fortinet unveiled their Secure SD-WAN solution, a unified platform that melds networking with robust security through next-gen firewall, Advanced Routing, and Zero Trust Network Access. This integrated approach is central to organizations seeking a transition to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model, ensuring secure, resilient networks amid expansion. Holistically managed by FortiManager and powered by Fortinet’s proprietary ASIC for optimum performance, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN exemplifies the synergy of networking and security for operational efficiency and preemptive threat management. Watch the presentation and read more!

Empowering the API Fortress Using FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service With Fortinet

At Cloud Field Day, Fortinet showcased their FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service, positioning it as a trailblazer for bolstering web application and API security in the face of an ever-present digital threat landscape. This sponsored article by Chris Hildebrandt discusses this customer-focused solution, which stands out for its machine learning engine that intelligently learns and documents API structures, enabling it to draft specific security policies and swiftly identify high-priority threats. FortiWeb™ Cloud WAF-as-a-Service epitomizes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, offering a unified view across environments and actionable insights to optimize security postures for SOCs.

The Importance of a Web Application Firewall With Fortinet

At Cloud Field Day, Fortinet underscored the critical role of Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) in safeguarding enterprise applications, as demonstrated in a live hack simulation on a drone control app. In this sponsored article, Jeffrey Powers discusses FortiWeb Cloud WAF, a defender against sophisticated threats, highlighting its ability to identify and thwart attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting to protect daily web operations. With the growing deployment of web applications across various sectors, including drone technology, Fortinet’s solutions like FortiSOAR and FortiAnalyzer are vital in offering proactive, machine learning-driven response strategies to maintain security and operational integrity.

Elevating Cloud SOC by Leveraging Fortinet’s Automation and Intelligence

Fortinet’s presentation at Cloud Field Day highlighted its commitment to evolving Security Operations Centers (SOCs) through automation and intelligence, exemplified by their flagship FortiSOAR solution. Designed to predict and prevent attacks proactively, FortiSOAR simplifies playbook creation with a no-code, drag-and-drop interface and integrates seamlessly with over 500 tools. The solution’s capacity to scale security operations by automating decision-making and incident response positions FortiSOAR as a transformative force for SOCs to become more agile and efficient in the face of complex cyber threats.

Security in the AI Era With Fortinet’s Srija Allam and Julian Petersohn

In this TechArena podcast, Allyson Klein spoke with Fortinet’s security experts Srija Allam and Julian Petersohn about how Fortinet is integrating AI into their comprehensive security solutions. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly complex with rapid technological advances, Fortinet is optimizing with AI to stay ahead of threats. Their approach is a proactive one, aiming not only to respond to attacks but to predict and prevent them through intelligent monitoring and AI-driven insights.

Perfecting Application Lifecycle Security Using AI and Automation With Fortinet

App lifecycle security takes a mix of approaches and technologies. At the recent Cloud Field Day event, Fortinet presented FortiWeb, a solution designed to reinvent application lifecycle security. FortiWeb enables quick and effective response to threats at a fraction of the time and cost of manual methods. Read about it at Gestalt IT, and watch the demo here on the Tech Field Day website.

Cloud Field Day 18: After-Action Perspective From the Delegates

We loved Nathan Bennett’s group Cloud Field Day after-action report video and wrote up an article to go with it at Gestalt IT. The event offered a platform for tech companies to showcase their developments and gain feedback from our delegates. Juniper Networks presenting their AI integration into Apstra, while Mezmo impressed with its telemetry capabilities and user-friendly interface. Long-standing industry player, VMware, was noted for its adaptability in the multi-cloud environment, proving that the evolving tech landscape remains exciting and innovative. Get the delegate reaction to all the presentations in this video!

Network Field Day – Day 2 – Fortinet

In this YouTube video, Jordan Villarreal embarks on an exploration of Fortinet’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform, aiming to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technology following their presentation at Networking Field Day 33.

Getting SASE With Fortinet

Tim Bertino reflects on a presentation by Fortinet at Networking Field Day, focusing on the importance of security in increasingly complex network architectures. The piece discusses Fortinet’s efforts to simplify their security solutions, particularly through their implementation of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and SD-WAN solutions. The benefits of converging networking and security, as well as the growing adoption of Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA), are noted as crucial factors in this sector’s evolution.

Cloud Field Day 18 – After Action Report

This “after-action report” is a YouTube video featuring a group of Cloud Field Day delegates discussing the presentations and content from our recent event. Organized by Nathan Bennett, these videos give an immediate and unvarnished look at the presentations.

BackBox- Network Vulnerability Manager

Girard Kavelines delves into the technical advantages of BackBox’s Network Vulnerability Manager, a system designed to proactively combat cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The Network Vulnerability Manager can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities as they appear, automating patches and upgrades across network devices for efficient remediation. The tool also enables multi-step upgrades in a seamless process, cutting down on intervention and enhancing the overall security of networks.

Network Field Day 33 – Day 0

Jordan Villarreal shares his excitement about Network Field Day 33 in this YouTube video. With leading names such as Cisco, Nokia, Fortinet, and Intel as well as new faces like Graphiant and RG Nets, the event provides significant insights into the ever-evolving networking domain. The topics range from versatile network solutions to edge gateways and from switching platforms to the anticipated wildcard entry of Intel.

Finishing Strong With Networking Field Day 33

Tech Field Day is back with the final Networking Field Day event of 2023, live on October 25 and 26, and featuring presentations from Graphiant, Cisco, RG Nets, Nokia, Fortinet, and Intel. Tom Hollingsworth and company anticipate exciting updates on growth, debut products, and new technology advancements in areas like SD-WAN, SASE, optical networking, digital experience monitoring, and sustainable networking solutions. The event will stream live on LinkedIn and the Networking Field Day 33 event page, encouraging audience engagement and inquiries.

Automation, Analytics, and More at Cloud Field Day 18

Announcing Cloud Field Day, streaming live next week! This event is broadcast live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website, and includes presentations from Juniper Networks, Mezmo, Prosimo, and AMD on Wednesday and VMware, WEKA, and Fortinet on Thursday, focusing on automation, data center analytics, and telemetry. Join the conversation about cloud-native networking, application migration, and monitoring strategies during the sessions on October 18th and 19th!

Cross Training for Career Completeness

The importance of cross-training with different technology disciplines is emphasized in a thought-provoking blog post by Tom Hollingsworth. Drawing inspiration from martial artist Bruce Lee, the author highlights the value of incorporating new skills and knowledge into one’s expertise to stay relevant in the ever-evolving tech industry. Using the example of wireless engineers understanding the bigger security picture, the article encourages professionals to embrace cross-training and see the bigger picture to have a successful and prolonged career.

Introducing FortiAIOPs 2.0 at Mobility Field Day 9

Fortinet introduced FortiAIOps 2.0 at Mobility Field Day 9, combining troubleshooting tools with network insights to simplify network management and enhance security. The solution provides various tools for quick issue resolution, network performance insights, automation of network operations, and predictive analytics to prevent potential problems. Troy Martin was impressed that it is built for different-sized customer networks, and that flexible licenses are available to match specific needs.

Fortinet Takes on Even Bigger Challenges With FortiAIOps V2.0

The world has moved on from training humans to code to teaching computers to do it themselves. Fortinet’s FortiAIOps v2.0 is a fine specimen of that. Powered by more advanced AI, the new version of FortiAIOps offers broad monitoring capabilities, deep analytics, and sophisticated troubleshooting tools. Read about it on Gestalt IT or watch the demo on the website.

Mobility Field Day 9 – Quick Recap

Mohammad Ali shares his thoughts on Mobility Field Day 9, which featured presentations and discussions from vendors and delegates from different parts of the world. Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Arista, Cisco, Celona, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks made significant announcements around cloud NAC, access assurance, analytics, IoT, Wi-Fi 7, security, and more. The event also included a roundtable discussion on the challenges of moving services to the cloud, providing a platform for delegates to discuss the impact and challenges of the new technology trends.

MFD9 Day1 Recap

In the Wireless Pubcast podcast episode covering Day 1 of Mobility Field Day 9, Juniper Networks announced the integration of ChatGPT into their conversational interface platform, Marvis, along with the incorporation of Dynamic Application Intelligence (DAI) for better application analysis and troubleshooting, especially for Zoom. Fortinet showcased their AIOps product for network monitoring and introduced a SASE solution for zero trust access. The roundtable discussion focused on cloud services, specifically the suitability of placing radius in the cloud, with arguments against cloud-based radius emphasizing proximity to clients for minimizing latency. Listen in as Chris Reed and Raymond Hendrix dive deep into Mobility Field Day 9 day 1 on the Wireless Pubcast podcast!

Making Mobility Magic at Mobility Field Day 9

Mobility Field Day 9 is May 17-19 in Silicon Valley, bringing together the top technology minds and experts in wireless and mobility to share their innovations and contributions to the field. With presentations from Arista, Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks, attendees can expect updates on advancements in AI networking, SASE, and cybersecurity, among others. The presentations will be streamed live on our online platforms and feature roundtable discussions from our Field Day delegates. Watch this video for more information!