Run Fly Visualize

The latest “Fudge Sunday” from Jay Cuthrell is focused on “Run Fly Visualize,” an exploration of the iterative process that drives technology initiatives from conception to deployment. He explains the cycle of running with an idea, soaring through its execution, and visualizing the outcomes to refine and innovate further. Cuthrell’s piece offers a metaphorical take on the dynamic nature of tech development, emphasizing the continuous improvement and creative persistence critical to success. This was inspired by the Tech Field Day presentations at Qlik Connect last month.

Sprawl Walk Run

Jay Cuthrell presents “Sprawl Walk Run,” a thought-provoking piece that dissects the evolutionary phases of technology adoption within organizations. He weaves a narrative through the lenses of sprawl—uncontrolled growth, walk—deliberate strategy, and run—optimized performance, charted against the backdrop of enterprise and infrastructure planning. The article serves as a strategic roadmap for businesses navigating the complexities of integrating, scaling, and refining their tech ecosystems in the pursuit of progress and efficiency. Check out Fudge Sunday, Jay’s long-running newsletter, which focused on Qlik following their Tech Field Day presentations at Qlik Connect last month!