Google’s Cloud Hyperdisk to Bring SAN Features to GCP

Chris Mellor discusses Google Cloud’s introduction of a SAN-like Cloud Hyperdisk to its Cloud Platform. Hyperdisk was previewed in September by Google Cloud, and is a next generation persistent disk type for use with Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). You can read his thoughts on the website, Blocks and Files, and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website to watch Google Cloud’s presentation from the latest Cloud Field Day event.

Cloud Field Day 15 Returns to Silicon Valley!

Cloud Field has returned to Silicon Valley! There was a wide variety of companies who presented on multiple different topics. Excited to hear about more? All the videos from each presentation have been uploaded to the Tech Field Day website and available on YouTube, check them out!

Back to Silicon Valley for NetApp, CloudFieldDay 15 and More!

Lino is back for September’s Cloud Field Day! There was a great line up at this past Cloud Field Day including presentations from Prosimo, Kentik, Google Cloud, Commvault, and RackN along with a special Cloud Field Exclusive with NetApp. Check out Lino Telera’s post here on what he is looking forward to the most!

Solving the Cloud Skills Shortage

Why has AWS partnered with NetApp to deliver AWS FSx ONTAP? This same question popped into Keith Townsend’s head at this past Cloud Field, where he attended as a delegate. Take a look at Keith’s thoughts on this partnership and what solutions have been created because of it.

Cloud Storage in a Snap With NetApp

The products recently launched by NetApp and Google Cloud are simple to use and easy to get started with. Writing for, Georgina Ford says that Cloud Volume Service (CVS) and Cloud Volumes ONTAP are perfect for companies looking to be in Cloud and potentially save on storage costs. For more, check out the article on which includes one of NetApp’s presentations from Cloud Field Day earlier this year!

Better Late Than Never: Tech Field Day 21 Summary

Pete Welcher was one of the delegates at Tech Field Day earlier this year. Pete writes that he was impressed with all three presenters at Tech Field Day (Zerto, Google Cloud, and VMware) and writes about how each brought their own unique perspective in his event summary. We’re thankful for his participation in Tech Field Day and for his recap, even if it is later than he had planned!

What Will HPE Do With Silver Peak? | Gestalt IT Rundown: July 15, 2020

In this episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown, Rich Stroffolino and Tom Hollingsworth breakdown the recent acquisition of Silver Peak by HPE. The SD-WAN company will be integrated into HPE’s Aruba business unit. Tom and Rich have seen Silver Peak at Networking and Cloud Field Day events in the past, and are well versed in their portfolio. They see the acquisition as a further bolstering of HPE’s ambitions with Aruba. We can’t wait to see the first fruits of this exciting acquisition.

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GVE) Brings Native VMware to Google Cloud Platform

At Tech Field Day, Google Cloud highlighted Google VMware Engine (GVE), a subscription-based service offering that brings VMware to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Cloud VMware Engine (GVE) comes to the market to help enterprises migrate, extend, and enhance their VMware workloads using Google Cloud. Dedicated, hyperconverged hardware comes with many benefits, including guaranteed performance, and simplified security and compliance. But, one of the key differentiators is that unlike many cloud offerings, GVE comes with the freedom to install and configure third-party software so that businesses can migrate their workloads without disrupting their existing tooling.

Extending ON-PREM to CLOUD With Google Cloud VMware Engine

Almost all companies have a desire to go to the cloud these days. But sometimes conventional lift and shift directly to the cloud is just not possible. But there’s a middle way: managed co-location in Google data centers! You heard me. They call it Google Cloud VMware Engine. In this video, Markus Leinonen breaks down what separates Google Cloud VMware Engine from other public cloud integrations, how it extends your on-premand why it might be the right fit for your organization. We’re glad Markus got some of his background for this video from VMware’s presentation at Cloud Field Day. Be sure to subscribe to his channel for some other great enterprise IT videos.

Google Cloud VMware Engine – Hot Take

The former CloudSimple team presented at Tech Field Day 21 on the recently rebranded Google Cloud VMware Engine (GVE). What is it? How is it different than VMware Cloud on AWS? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Keith Townsend got to learn all about it during our recent virtual Tech Field Day event. While not going into competitive solutions specifically, they did outline how GVE differentiates in the landscape. This takes the VMware Cloud Foundation based, which allows any cloud provider to take any VMware components to offer a managed VCS service. Google of course offers their considerable scale on top of this. Keith breaks down how this compares to the other major public clouds.