Solidigm and Why Storage Is Critical to the Success of AI

At AI Field Day, experts from Solidigm and Supermicro illuminated the critical role of high-performance storage in ensuring the success of Generative AI, which demands instant, uninterrupted access to massive datasets. Efficient storage solutions are paramount to prevent downtime, which can lead to significant loss in both productivity and financial terms. Their discussion underlined the importance of structuring and cataloging data for future use, emphasizing that optimized storage systems with high IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) are essential for Generative AI’s accelerating growth and the reliable generation of actionable insights. Read more in this article by Jeff Powers for Gestalt IT, sponsored by Solidigm.

The Importance of a Web Application Firewall With Fortinet

At Cloud Field Day, Fortinet underscored the critical role of Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) in safeguarding enterprise applications, as demonstrated in a live hack simulation on a drone control app. In this sponsored article, Jeffrey Powers discusses FortiWeb Cloud WAF, a defender against sophisticated threats, highlighting its ability to identify and thwart attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting to protect daily web operations. With the growing deployment of web applications across various sectors, including drone technology, Fortinet’s solutions like FortiSOAR and FortiAnalyzer are vital in offering proactive, machine learning-driven response strategies to maintain security and operational integrity.

IP Address Management in a Modern Dynamic Network

In this episode of On-Premise IT Podcast, recorded at Tech Field Day event in California, delegates Aaron Conaway, Jeffrey Powers and Michael Davis take the lid off the pain points of managing DNS and DHCP in large networks. Check out the full podcast on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel or your favorite podcast platform.

Commvault GO Women in Tech Panel

This video features content from Commvault’s Women in Tech panel dinner at Commvault GO 2019. We heard from Tamara Ells, Theresa Howe Forman, Sandra Hamilton, and Tech Field Day Exclusive delegate Kori Younger on empowering females in a tech environment.

CommvaultGo 2019 Wrap Up: Metallic, Hedvig Added to Commvault Portfolio

It was great having Jeffrey Powers return as a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019. In this piece, he runs down some of the major announcements and sessions from the event, which saw the launch of a new SaaS data protection offering, Commvault Metallic, and looked at how the company will integrate assets it acquired with Hedvig.

Intel Announces Cascade Lake Xeon, Optane DC Persistent, Ethernet 800, and More at Data Centric Innovation Day

Jeffrey Powers was one of the delegates at Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. In this post, he looks at all the Intel announcements at the event. The 2nd generation Scalable Xeons, now with up to 56 cores, certainly made an impression, but were hardly the only highlight. Intel Optane DC, the 100Gb 800-series Ethernet controller, and more showed that Intel was focusing on faster processing, better control of memory, low latency delivery, and security of your data.

NGD Systems Help Make Cat Searches Go Faster with Better Results at SFD17

NGD Systems’ computational storage solution certainly left an impression on the Storage Field Day delegates, including Jeffrey Powers. In his post on their presentation, it looks at how moving compute to the storage layer provides for better scaling and can be useful for complex application workloads.

Starwind NVMe Over Fabrics for SMB and ROBO at SFD17

Jeffrey Powers heard from StarWinds at Storage Field Day last month, and got up to speed with what the company is doing with NVMe-oF. The presented on their new NVMe process on Windows Server, and the company’s Storage Performance Development Kit driver for Windows. Make sure to check out the full video of their presentation for more details.

Komprise Transforming Data Management with Disruption at SFD17

Jeff Powers shares his thoughts on Komprise’s presentation at Storage Field Day last week. They provide a seamless way for organizations to deal with the flood of unstructured data, by providing policy-based controls to sort cold data quickly, using an architecture that provides a way to quickly move this data across tiers when needed.

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