The Present and Future of Edge at Edge Field Day 2

The second Edge Field Day, scheduled for October 4th and 5th, will feature presentations from StorMagic and HPE, NodeWeaver, and Solidigm. The event, which will stream live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website, kicks off with a delegate roundtable discussion on the latest developments in Edge Computing, followed by various presentations touching on high-density storage, AI inferencing, and zero-touch provisioning. To engage with the event, view it live or watch recorded sessions on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel, and follow the conversation on LinkedIn or X/Twitter using #EFD2.

Storage Field Day 26 Is Headed to SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference

Stephen Foskett announces the upcoming Storage Field Day 26, set to take place on September 20th and 21st, in collaboration with SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference. In this highly-anticipated tech event, industry leaders and delegates will dive deep into the future of storage technology, exploring areas such as cybersecurity, data management, application performance, and artificial intelligence. With exciting presentations, roundtable discussions, live broadcasts and podcasts, Storage Field Day 26 promises a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic evolution and disruptive potential of storage technologies.

Modernizing Aging Legacy Systems Without Cost Creep With AMD

This article by Sulagna Saha explores AMD’s VMware Architecture Migration Tool (VAMT) developed in collaboration with VMware. Addressing the critical need for seamless infrastructure upgrades to evade the “technical debt” of legacy systems, VAMT is a comprehensive tool that offers a swift, efficient, and automated approach to cold migration of machines between different architecture types. By automating the entire migration life cycle and providing customized control over migration tasks, VAMT represents a remarkable solution to drive the modernization of enterprise infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Rout Intruders With All New VMware NSX+ Network Detection and Response Service

In this Gestalt IT article, Sulagna Saha delves into the complexity of modern cyber threats and the rising need for enhanced cybersecurity. Discussing the issue of lateral movement in attack chains, Saha emphasizes the importance of total visibility to defeat rogue network invaders. VMware’s newly launched Network Detection and Response (NDR) service within the NSX+ suite, presented at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore, promises exactly this kind of visibility, enabling quick detection and elimination of threats.

Adopting a Standard Operating Format in Multi-Cloud With VMware NSX+

Sulagna Saha discusses VMware’s NSX+ in this article following their presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore, noting its ability to simplify transitions into a multi-cloud environment. NSX+ serves as a comprehensive solution for multi-cloud networking and security delivered as a service, unifying fragmented policies and operations, ensuring consistent security controls, and simplifying migration. Ultimately, NSX+ aims to address the increasing demand for consistent operation, promising comprehensive cross-cloud visibility, multi-tenancy, persistent security, and centralized operations.

Smart Migration With VMware HCX+

Gestalt IT takes a look at VMware’s HCX+ following their Tech Field Day Extra presentation at VMware Explore. HCX+ is designed to streamline workload migration in the multi-cloud environment. The tool seeks to eliminate uncertainty and chaos from the migration process, allowing companies a swift transition to their first migration. HCX+ offers a “bird’s eye view” on multi-cloud estates for consolidated management and higher operational clarity, transforming the normally cumbersome process of migration into a simplified and efficient endeavor.

Cloud-Style Networking With Nile Service Block

Networking has become increasingly problematic with the growing heterogeneity of assets. At the recent Networking Field Day event, Nile presented the Nile Service Block that provides network as-a-service making everyday operations a breeze. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demos here on the Tech Field Day website.

Life on the Edge – a Roundtable Discussion

Some of the biggest discussions happening in IT are around edge computing. Based on a roundtable discussion from the recent Networking Field Day event, this article throws light on what IT insiders think of this new computing paradigm, and the course it will take in the ever-shifting IT landscape. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch the Delegate Roundtable Discussion on the website.

Accelerated Model Training With Broadcom Jericho-3ai and Tomahawk Family

This Gestalt IT article highlights Broadcom’s specialized solutions for AI processing, which address the challenges faced by enterprises in their AI/ML initiatives. These solutions offer fabric-based networking with receiver-based or endpoint-based scheduling, bypassing issues such as flow collision, link failure, and traffic oversubscription. Watch the demos of Broadcom’s Scheduled Fabric Solutions from Networking Field Day for a more detailed understanding.

Getting Past the Barriers of Cross-Domain Automation With Anuta Networks’ ATOM

In this Gestalt IT article, we consider how Anuta Networks’ Anuta ATOM overcomes the challenges of automation and enables its widespread adoption in businesses. Anuta ATOM’s closed-loop automation solution addresses these hurdles by offering unified cross-domain automation in hybrid cloud environments, supporting multiple vendors and platforms, and providing real-time visibility to operators. Check out the full article for more details and to see a demo of Anuta Networks’ new enhancements.

Unlocking Developer Efficiency With Self-Service Dev Portals and RackN

In this article for Gestalt IT, Adam Fisher concludes his series focused on RackN, IT Ops, and infrastructure provisioning and management. With RackN’s Digital Rebar platform, IT Ops can bring infrastructure operations back under their control, freeing developers from infrastructure concerns and enabling them to focus on applications. Integrating Digital Rebar with self-service developer portals allows for consistent and compliant infrastructure provisioning, enhancing developer efficiency and loyalty, while ensuring security, cost control, and alignment with organizational standards. The collaboration between IT Ops and developers facilitated by RackN ultimately drives innovation and improves business competitiveness.

Beating the Alert Burnout With Forescout XDR

In this article, Sulagna Saha explores how Forescout’s XDR solution helps alleviate the alert fatigue burden faced by security operations centers (SOCs). By filtering out the noise and only delivering actionable notifications, Forescout XDR reduces the overwhelming volume of alerts faced by SOC teams, enabling them to focus on real threats. With its multi-vendor approach and ability to ingest and analyze data from various sources, Forescout XDR provides accurate detections and low false positives, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of security staff.

Infrastructure Pipelines Become Reality With RackN Digital Rebar

In this Cloud Field Day Tech Note for RackN, Adam Fisher explores how Digital Rebar empowers IT Ops with consistency, efficiency, and flexibility in managing modern data centers. Infrastructure pipelines, enabled by RackN’s Digital Rebar, streamline infrastructure provisioning and management, allowing for faster time to value and improved collaboration between teams. With multi-site management and IaC catalogs, IT Ops can achieve operational control and standardization across their organization’s infrastructure deployments. Learn more about RackN’s solutions and watch their presentations from Cloud Field Day!

Ways to Amplify Unvalued Security Teams in Organizations

The security staff is often the most unappreciated members of a workforce. It is a problem that seems to be at the root of its failings. With the exponential growth of networks and the increasing number of breaches, it is clear that security is a pressing issue. However, there is a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding the imperfections and limitations of security measures. It is essential for organizations to elevate awareness, forge a cohesive internal culture, and invest in the right tools and training to support their security teams. Additionally, responsible packaging and marketing from vendors can help buyers make informed decisions. Ultimately, removing obstacles and valuing security specialists is essential for ensuring cyber resilience. Watch the delegates from the recent Security Field Day event explore this at a roundtable discussion.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at AvidThink

Tom Hollingsworth interviews Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at AvidThink, in this Tech Field Day delegate spotlight. Roy shares his journey from network software engineer to product management and eventually transitioning into the analyst space with his research and analysis service, AvidThink. He discusses the challenges of staying up-to-date in the rapidly evolving technology landscape and highlights the value of focusing on targeted and cutting-edge areas. Welcome to the Tech Field Day community, Roy!

Performing On-Site Security Sweeps With NetAlly CyberScope

Site surveys are a great way to detect anomalies and track down vulnerabilities in a site network. But without a proper tool, it is a fool’s errand. NetAlly’s CyberScope, the world’s first handheld cybersecurity tool, helps mitigate risks by actively probing and scanning networks, categorizing devices, and providing real-time analytics and reports to enable effective security management. Read the review at Gestalt IT or watch the solution demo on the website.

Summer Field Day Fun at Networking Field Day 32

The summer edition of Networking Field Day is set to be an exciting event with presentations from top companies to an excellent panel of delegates. Join us on Wednesday, July 26th to hear from Broadcom about their latest advancements in Ethernet for AI and ML networking. We’ll also have a delegate roundtable discussion on pressing networking issues and the opportunity for you to add your voice to the conversation. Then we’ve got Nile talking network as a service. Thursday morning has Anuta presenting their flagship ATOM platform. Don’t miss out on the live streaming and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates!

Ramping Up Multicloud Visibility With Cisco Multicloud Defense

Enterprises’ journey to multi-cloud is often fraught with security concerns and deadlocks. As enterprises adopt multi-cloud strategies, the distribution of data and assets across various cloud providers can lead to reduced visibility, hindering security and impeding business resilience. Cisco Multicloud Defense addresses this challenge by providing unobstructed visibility and unified security across platforms, enabling consistent protection against threats and data exfiltration. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo live on the website.

RackN Brings Bare Metal Into the Cloud Age

Adam Fisher, in this Day Tech Note presented by RackN, discusses how RackN’s Digital Rebar has changed the infrastructure mindset by bringing modern cloud automation to traditional infrastructure. As cloud adoption increases, IT practitioners need to adapt their skillsets beyond traditional silos and embrace the agility and scalability of the public cloud in enterprise infrastructure. Digital Rebar enables centralized, end-to-end infrastructure-as-code workflows for bare metal provisioning, allowing infrastructure teams to manage, update, and scale bare metal systems with ease. Read more at Gestalt IT!

Commvault Metallic ThreatWise – Discerning the First Signs to Quell an Attack Early

Early warning signs of a cyberattack exist only to the most discerning eye. Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Commvault Metallic ThreatWise utilizes a defense by deception strategy, deploying decoy assets in the environment to divert attackers and buy time for defenders to take action. With its lightweight and cost-efficient architecture, ThreatWise provides real-time insights on active and hidden threats, allowing organizations to detect and mitigate attacks at the earliest stages. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the website.