VAST Data Releases New DASE Architecture Based on NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU

VAST Data introduced their revolutionary DASE (Disaggregated Shared Everything) Architecture at AI Field Day, which integrates NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs to deliver superior performance for AI-driven data centers, as explained by Sulagna Saha. This architecture enables independent scaling of compute and storage resources, simplifying operations and reducing costs with easy management, particularly benefiting cloud service providers. Alongside significant energy savings, the VAST Data Platform offers robust quality of service and enhanced security by isolating data management from host systems, marking a leap forward for high-performance computing environments like those of NASA and NIH. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha.

Solidigm and Supermicro Put “Green” in Greenfield

Supermicro and Solidigm are actively tackling the intensifying demands of AI workloads with their efficient, rack-sized storage solutions, designed to streamline AI data pipelines, as discussed at a recent AI Field Day event. They are engineering a three-tiered platform specifically to accommodate the diverse needs of AI processes—from data ingestion and transformation to training and inference—enhancing performance with high-speed, high-density SSDs from Solidigm. As AI data centers seek to become more environmentally sustainable, the partnership underscores their commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet the technical demands of AI but also pave the way for greener computing practices. Read more in this article by Andy Banta, sponsored by Solidigm.

Solidigm – a Bigger, Faster, and More Efficient Storage for AI

Solidigm’s AI Field Day presentation highlighted the critical role of large-scale, high-efficiency storage solutions like NAND flash memory in meeting the evolving demands of AI, as covered by tech analyst Ben Young. The company, born from the union of Intel’s NAND SSD business and SK Hynix, demonstrates expertise in delivering high-density QLC SSDs, such as the D5-P5336 model, which significantly outperforms traditional HDDs in capacity and speed while reducing energy consumption. Solidigm’s storage innovations, offering up to 61.44TB per slim drive, not only future-proof AI infrastructure but also promise to drive advancements across various industries by improving training times and real-time decision-making capabilities.

Solidigm SSDs for the AI Era – Small Size, Big Value

Solidigm’s presentation at AI Field Day focused on their ambition to deliver industry-leading storage solutions that address the escalating storage and energy consumption needs of AI workloads, as Sulagna Saha reports for Gestalt IT. Positioning itself as a provider of affordable, high-capacity SSDs, Solidigm’s D5-P5336 model stands out with its 61TB capacity within a compact 2.5” form factor, presenting a pathway to significantly lower TCO and energy costs for massive AI deployments. The company’s innovative storage solutions, coupled with Cloud Storage Acceleration Layer (CSAL) technology, promise to streamline data flow to GPUs, enhancing model training and inferencing performance across varied AI workflows.

Intel Xeon CPUs – How Efficiency Makes It a Top Contender for AI Inference

In the AI arms race, Intel’s latest 5th generation Xeon processors have emerged as a powerful and efficient alternative to GPUs for certain AI workloads, according to Ben Young’s AI Field Day article. With a 36% performance boost in specialized AI tasks enabled by Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX), these CPUs accelerate deep learning particularly for AI inference, offering a cost-effective option for applications with lighter and less frequent processing needs. Intel’s dedication is clear as they bolster their CPUs’ AI capabilities and facilitate developers with tools like the OpenVINO toolkit, positioning Xeon CPUs as a feasible choice for an array of AI workloads, balancing the scale with GPUs based on the specific requirements of the task. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Ben Young, sponsored by Intel.

Building a Future-Proof AI Foundation With VMware Private AI

VMware’s presentation on Private AI at AI Field Day emphasized their forward-looking approach in creating a scalable and secure foundation for enterprises investing in artificial intelligence. Their platform addresses the challenges of AI deployment and management, optimizing compute resources and providing robust data processing capabilities. With VMware’s Private AI, businesses are empowered to harness the full potential of AI applications while ensuring compliance and protecting sensitive data. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha!

Cyber Resiliency Is Just Data Protection

In this episode of the Tech Field Day podcast, Tom Hollingsworth, Krista Macomber, and Max Mortillaro dive deep into the evolving concept of Cyber Resiliency, discussing how it has grown beyond data protection to include proactive integrations across development, operations, and deployment. They explore the need for comprehensive disaster recovery strategies that encompass entropy detection, data immutability, and policy-based enforcement for effective data safeguarding. The discussion also emphasizes the critical role of operations teams in maintaining business continuity and data integrity, encouraging listeners to thoroughly vet claims of resiliency in potential solutions.

Guaranteed Performance Outcomes With Nile Access Service

At Networking Field Day, Suresh Katukam, Co-founder and CPO of Nile, introduced the Nile Access Service architecture, aiming to alleviate complexities in modern networks by providing guaranteed performance outcomes. Nile’s approach simplifies network operations with streamlined solution architecture, integrating wired security, wireless coverage, and management into a service-consumable model. The company emphasizes eliminating the pain points of product-centric innovation by unifying disparate technologies under a service that promises broad automation, AI-driven observability, and zero-trust security by design. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha!

Solidigm and Why Storage Is Critical to the Success of AI

At AI Field Day, experts from Solidigm and Supermicro illuminated the critical role of high-performance storage in ensuring the success of Generative AI, which demands instant, uninterrupted access to massive datasets. Efficient storage solutions are paramount to prevent downtime, which can lead to significant loss in both productivity and financial terms. Their discussion underlined the importance of structuring and cataloging data for future use, emphasizing that optimized storage systems with high IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) are essential for Generative AI’s accelerating growth and the reliable generation of actionable insights. Read more in this article by Jeff Powers for Gestalt IT, sponsored by Solidigm.

Hammerspace Global Data Environment – a Shared Space for All the Data

Hammerspace’s presentation at AI Field Day showcased its Global Data Environment, which streamlines data orchestration for AI model training by providing global real-time visibility and access to distributed datasets. The company’s innovative approach decouples file system metadata from the underlying storage, enabling a universal access layer across geographies and cloud platforms. By facilitating a shared metadata control plane, Hammerspace ensures seamless user experience and efficient data management for complex enterprise AI workflows. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha.

Improving Network Operations With a Doppelganger From Forward Networks

Forward Networks introduced innovative ways to improve network operations using a digital twin of any network at Networking Field Day, simplifying complex environments for diverse operational teams. Their solution, Forward Enterprise, captures detailed configuration and state data, enabling queries through a SQL-like language without requiring deep knowledge of specific vendor syntax. Additionally, their AI-powered features, AI Assist and Summary Assist, transform natural language into precise queries and summaries, respectively, facilitating even quicker access to critical network information, thus enhancing efficiency across the board. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Bruno Wollmann, sponsored by Forward Networks.

Taking Security Seriously at Security Field Day 11

Mark your calendars for Wednesday and Thursday, April 10 and 11, and join Tech Field Day for Security Field Day, featuring industry leaders Aryaka, Index Engines, Zerto, and Palo Alto Networks. The event kicks off with Aryaka’s presentation on their SASE-as-a-Service, followed by Zerto discussing ransomware prevention, and Palo Alto Networks on Data Security Posture Management. On Thursday we have Index Engines unveiling their newest CyberSense capabilities. Tune in for the live event on LinkedIn and check out the Tech Field Day YouTube channel for on-demand replays.

Using AI to Enhance Forward Networks NQE

In this article, Tom Hollingsworth highlights Forward Networks’ new AI Assist feature for their Network Query Engine (NQE), emphasizing a user-friendly approach to complex network queries. This feature allows professionals to input plain language requests which are then translated into precise NQE syntax by AI, ensuring transparency and fostering a deeper understanding of the underlying system. Forward Networks’ approach to integrating AI not only streamlines the process of extracting network insights but also acts as a learning tool, bridging the gap between user intent and technical query execution. Read more in this Networking Field Day article sponsored by Forward Networks.

Forward Networks – Building Complete Confidence in AI Systems

At Networking Field Day, Forward Networks unveiled AI Assistant, a natural language interface enhancing its platform with generative AI, signifying a leap in network technology usability and trust. Distinguished from ordinary AI tools, AI Assistant harnesses the power of Forward Networks’ digital twin technology, ensuring validations and accurate, trusted responses in complex IT environments. The integration of AI Assistant simplifies data access through natural language queries, accelerating tasks for IT professionals and paving the way towards autonomous, self-healing networks. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha.

Keeping GPUs Fed Around the Clock, With Solidigm

As discussed at AI Field Day, Solidigm’s storage system addresses the diverse and intense demands of AI workloads, ensuring GPUs remain constantly fed with data. Recognizing the variety in I/O patterns and the substantial data processing required for machine learning, Solidigm’s SSDs offer superior performance for sequential and random read/write activities, consuming less power and space in datacenters. Additionally, their Cloud Storage Acceleration Layer (CSAL) software enhances the durability and efficiency of SSDs by optimizing write patterns, making it an open-source boon for those seeking to streamline AI-based operations. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha.

No-Code Machine Learning With Qlik AutoML

At AI Field Day, Qlik launched AutoML, a revolutionary no-code machine learning capability within Qlik Cloud, empowering enterprises to harness predictive analytics without the barriers of cost or lack of expertise. This innovative feature allows organizations to effortlessly integrate algorithmic prediction into their workflows, enabling data-driven decision-making across various departments from sales to finance. AutoML stands out as a tool that simplifies machine learning, offering a straightforward approach where users can develop models and analyze future trends with just a few clicks, transforming complex data science into actionable insights. Read more in this article by Sulagna Saha from Gestalt IT.

AI Assistance Without Leveraging Infrastructure Data, With Forward Networks

AI has become a critical yet contentious component in networking, as vendors seek balance between leveraging its benefits and protecting the sensitive data it runs on. Forward Networks has innovatively addressed this challenge with its AI Assist and Summary Assist features, enabling network engineers to streamline their use of the Network Query Engine (NQE) without exposing critical infrastructure data. These tools epitomize strategic AI implementation, delivering powerful assistance within a data-secure framework to optimize network management while safeguarding company-specific information. Learn more in this article by Aaron Conaway, sponsored by Forward Networks.

Everyday Networking With Aviz Networks’ New Smart Assistant, Network Copilot

Aviz Networks unveiled its Network Copilot Smart Assistant at Networking Field Day, a groundbreaking solution designed to redefine AI-enhanced networking by going beyond just data analytics to deep, seamless integration with existing network infrastructure. This Smart Assistant stands out with its ability to ingest and process vast network data across any environment, leveraging pre-trained open-source language models for robust, personalized network optimization. Aviz Networks’ Network Copilot is poised to transform everyday network operations, offering capabilities like compliance analysis, capacity planning, and advanced troubleshooting through an intelligent, vendor-neutral platform that simplifies and accelerates network management. Learn more in this article from Gestalt IT.

Nature Fresh Farms – Optimizing Indoor Farming Practices With AI and Intel

At AI Field Day, Nature Fresh Farms, a leader in greenhouse farming in North America, revealed how the strategic use of Intel AI solutions revolutionized their farming practices towards precision agriculture. Keith Bradley highlighted the transition from traditional to high-tech farming, with on-premises Intel-based infrastructure enabling real-time data analytics for improved yield, resource efficiency, and operational control. Emphasizing sustainability and the growing importance of AI in agriculture, Bradley shared how Nature Fresh Farms harnesses predictive AI models on the farm, leveraging technology to optimize every aspect from irrigation to packaging and contributing to a marked increase in yield per square meter annually. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Sulagna Saha.

Quantum Myriad – a Transactionally-Consistent Scale-Out All-Flash File Storage

Quantum has taken a bold step towards solving the scalability dilemma faced by enterprise storage solutions with the introduction of Myriad, a cloud-native all-flash storage platform uniquely designed for transactionally consistent operations. Myriad’s open architecture, built with industry-standard components, promises unprecedented flexibility and scalability across environments, both on-premises and in the cloud, catering to the demanding requirements of modern workloads. Setting a new standard in high-performance storage solutions, Quantum Myriad is poised to address the needs of businesses grappling with exponential data growth, ensuring predictability and innovation at the core of its scale-out storage offering. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by David Klee, sponsored by Quantum.