Open Source Helps Small Businesses Modernize Applications

Open-source platforms and managed services are a huge help when it comes to modernizing applications, especially for smaller businesses. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast, recorded at AppDev Field Day, includes Stephen Foskett and Paul Nashawaty discussing the challenges and solutions for small businesses in modernizing applications.

Morpheus Data Platform – Extensible to the Specific Demands of Every Multi-Cloud Enterprise

Sulagna Saha explores the versatility of the Morpheus Data Platform, emphasizing its adaptability in meeting the unique multi-cloud needs of diverse enterprises. The platform’s extensibility is showcased as a key strength, facilitating tailored integrations and workflows to streamline multi-cloud management and operations. With a focus on delivering specific solutions for complex cloud environments, Morpheus Data stands out as an innovative driver for enterprise IT efficiency and agility. Read more coverage of Cloud Field Day 20 on the Gestalt IT website!

Google Cloud Re-Architects Infrastructure for AI Era

Allyson Klein provides insights into how Google Cloud is reshaping its infrastructure to support the surge in AI applications, catering to the needs of the next generation of computing. The article focuses on Google’s collaboration with Intel to optimize hardware and software stacks, ensuring they meet the performance and scalability requirements that AI-driven workloads demand. This re-architecting effort signifies a strategic pivot towards AI-readiness, reflecting Google Cloud’s commitment to empowering developers and enterprises with cutting-edge AI capabilities. Read more about Intel’s AI capabilities in this series of sponsored posts on Gestalt IT following AI Field Day 4.

Unveiling the Role of CPUs in AI Inference and a Growing Trend of Accelerator Alternatives With Intel

In this Gestalt IT article, Colleen Coll considers Intel’s approach to AI inference, examining the evolving role of CPUs and the rising inclination towards specialized accelerator alternatives. Her write-up unveils how Intel is navigating this shift, focusing on optimizing CPUs for AI tasks while also embracing the potential of dedicated accelerators for more demanding workloads. The article highlights Intel’s strategic efforts to meet diverse AI computational needs, ensuring they remain at the forefront of high-performance AI innovation. This sponsored article follows Intel’s presentation at AI Field Day 4 earlier this year.

Owning a Cloud Infrastructure on Premises, With Oxide

Sulagna Saha takes a look at how Oxide Computer Company is redefining the concept of on-premises cloud infrastructure by offering solutions that mirror the flexibility and efficiency of the public cloud. She explains Oxide’s vision to empower businesses with full ownership and control over their cloud environment without sacrificing the benefits of cloud-native services. The article highlights the potential shift in the industry as companies look towards on-premises clouds as a means to gain the advantages of cloud computing coupled with heightened security and autonomy. Read more Cloud Field Day 20 coverage at Gestalt IT!

Running Private AI Data Centers Gets Easy Like the Public Cloud With Juniper Networks

Sulagna Saha looks into how Juniper Networks is simplifying the operation of private AI data centers to parallel the ease of the public cloud. She discusses the advancements made by Juniper Networks in developing an accessible, streamlined environment for AI workloads that can seamlessly scale within private infrastructures. Her article underscores Juniper’s commitment to bridging the gap between private data center complexities and the user-friendly experience offered by the public cloud, paving the way for more efficient AI operations. Read more Cloud Field Day 20 coverage at Gestalt IT!

AI-Powered Insights at the Fingertips With Gemini Cloud Assist

Sulagna Saha introduces Gemini Cloud Assist from Google Cloud, illuminating its role in empowering users with AI-powered insights accessible directly at their fingertips. The article breaks down how Gemini’s innovative platform streamlines complex data analysis, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making across various industries. Emphasizing user-friendliness, Sulagna highlights Gemini Cloud Assist’s transformative potential in simplifying the user experience and driving productive outcomes through intelligent technology. Read more about the Google Cloud presentation at Cloud Field Day 20 on Gestalt IT!

Summertime Fun With Networking Field Day 35

Tom Hollingsworth looks forward to Networking Field Day 35, next week’s must-watch event. Tune in Wednesday as Hedgehog debuts their exciting cloud networking solution, promising scalability and robust security features. Following them, Intel’s IPU team will showcase the transformative power of accelerators with compelling use cases. Thursday features cPacket unveiling their analytics solution, aiming for real-time feedback from our live audience. Arrcus then updates us on their latest developments in data center networking. Closing the event, Selector AI returns to showcase their latest AI features. Join us for two days of cutting-edge insights and innovation at Networking Field Day!

Qlik Rolls Out Trust Score for AI Aimed at Elevating Low Model Trust

Sulagna Saha sheds light on Qlik’s proactive solution to the pervasive issue of low model trust in AI with their newly unveiled Trust Score. This feature is designed to increase transparency and foster confidence in AI-driven analytics by scoring the trustworthiness of data models. The article heralds Qlik’s Trust Score as a pivotal tool for organizations to ensure that their AI and machine learning initiatives are backed by reliable and credible insights. Read more Qlik Connect coverage at Gestalt IT!

An Ethernet Network Fabric for AI, With Juniper Networks

Sulagna Saha, covering the Juniper Networks presentation at Cloud Field Day 20 for Gestalt IT, discusses their venture into creating an Ethernet network fabric that’s highly optimized for AI applications. She highlights this development as a testament to Juniper’s commitment to addressing the network challenges posed by AI’s demanding data and compute requirements. The article underscores the significance of Juniper’s tailored network solutions in enabling organizations to harness the full potential of AI technology effectively.

Google Cloud Optimizes Compute Infrastructure for General-Purpose and Specialized Workloads With Titanium, and New VM Families

Sulagna Saha examines how Google Cloud is optimizing its compute infrastructure to cater to both general-purpose and specialized workloads by introducing Titanium and new VM families. This development aims to provide customers with flexible and efficient options for their varied computing needs, encompassing both scalable day-to-day operations and niche, resource-intensive tasks. Her summary outlines advancements that promise to enhance performance, manageability, and cost-effectiveness in Google Cloud’s service offerings. This was written for Gestalt IT following Google Cloud’s presentation at Cloud Field Day 20.

Qlik Answers: Swapping Out Generic Results With Smart, Curated Responses

Sulagna Saha from Gestalt IT introduces Qlik Answers, a feature designed to transform the way users receive data insights by providing smart, curated responses instead of generic results. She explains how Qlik Answers enhances the decision-making process by leveraging contextual understanding and delivering precision-driven information tailored to specific queries. Through this intuitive interface, Qlik is revolutionizing data analytics, offering users a more meaningful and actionable understanding of their data. Read more in this article, inspired by the Qlik presentation to the Tech Field Day delegates attending Qlik Connect 2024!

Cisco Revamps Meraki MX Platform With New Features, and Enables SNOC With XDR Integration

Sulagna Saha from Gestalt IT discusses the latest updates to Cisco’s Meraki MX platform, highlighting new features that enhance its capability as a secure networking solution. The platform’s integration with Secure Network Operations Center (SNOC) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) positions it as a robust tool for tackling complex security challenges. These advancements are set to offer businesses an improved, unified approach to managing and securing their networks. Read more in this article, inspired by Cisco’s presentation at Cisco Live!

Google Shares the Scope of Enterprise Cloud at Cloud Field Day

Last week on the Gestalt IT Rundown, Stephen Foskett discussed the Google Cloud presentation at Cloud Field Day, where the company gave an excellent overview of their enterprise cloud offerings. The presentation showcased Google Cloud’s dedication to providing scalable, secure, and smart solutions to meet the complex needs of modern businesses. Watch the entire Google Cloud presentation on YouTube for a deep dive into the many ways enterprise workloads can be run there!

Opengear Issues Critical Updates for Its Out-Of-Band Management Solution

Sulagna Saha reports on the updates released by Opengear for its out-of-band management solutions, emphasizing the importance of keeping such infrastructure secure and up-to-date. These updates address key security vulnerabilities and enhance the overall robustness of Opengear’s system, which is essential for maintaining remote network resilience. The article serves as a timely reminder for IT professionals to ensure their out-of-band management platforms are fortified against potential threats. Read more in this Gestalt IT article following Opengear’s presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2024.

Aruba Atmosphere 2024 Live Blog From HPE Discover

The Gestalt IT team shares real-time insights and updates in their live blog from Aruba Atmosphere 2024, held in conjunction with HPE Discover. This compendium offers a detailed chronicle of the most significant announcements and expert sessions, focusing on the latest in networking, security, and edge computing. The live blog captures the essence of Aruba’s vision and innovations, providing a valuable resource for those interested in the future of enterprise networking technologies.

App Modernization, a Measured Exercise or a No-Brainer?

Sulagna Saha reports on the delegate roundtable on the topic of app modernization lead by Paul Nashawaty at AppDev Field Day ADFD1 last month. Is modernization a judicious strategic move or an obvious necessity? Her article unpacks the complexities and risks associated with updating legacy applications, alongside the potential benefits of agility, scalability, and improved user experiences. Through this discourse, Sulagna aims to enlighten IT decision-makers on the careful deliberation required when contemplating the modernization of their application landscape.

It’s Time for Private 5G in the Enterprise

Wi-Fi has changed the way we work in the office but it’s not the only wireless technology. Challenging environments require new solutions like private 5G. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Mark Houtz and Shaun Neal as they discuss the rise of private LTE/5G technologies outside of the carrier space.

Discovering New Things at Networking Field Day Exclusive

Tom Hollingsworth gives an overview of what to expect at Networking Field Day Exclusive at HPE Discover and Aruba Atmosphere this week. The Tech Field Day delegates are attending the HPE Aruba Networking presentations and will be attending exclusive Tech Field Day presentations and demos, which stream live on Tuesday afternoon. Watch for coverage, content, and fun all week long!

Interviewing Brandon Heller of Forward Networks About Digital Twin

Tom Hollingsworth delivers key insights from his interview with Brandon Heller of Forward Networks regarding the concept and applications of Digital Twin technology. Highlighting its utility in network management, Hollingsworth discusses how Digital Twins can simulate and analyze complex networking environments, providing a valuable tool for optimization and problem-solving. The conversation delves into the ways Forward Networks is leveraging Digital Twin to revolutionize the planning and operational capabilities for IT professionals. Watch the Gestalt IT interview recorded on-site at Cisco Live!