The Game-Changer in Cloud Networking: My Take on Broadcom’s Trident5-X12 Chip

Returning to her roots at Cloud Field Day 19, Shala Warner was intrigued by Broadcom’s Trident5-X12 chip, which appeals to her passion for networking with the expansive possibilities of the cloud. This powerhouse chip not only promises to push the boundaries for AI/ML data processing but hints at a security-first future, setting the stage for a new era where Cloud Operators and CDNs unite to fortify against DDoS threats. As a DevOps advocate, Shala envisions this kind of innovation driving a unified approach in both hardware and software realms, fostering collaborative and resilient cloud ecosystems. Read more in this DEV Community article!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Shala Denise

We’re excited to welcome Shala Denise for her first full Field Day event, Networking Field Day, coming up at the end of September. Shala runs an awesome community and blog, GiftedLane, and is helping support the community. She is especially focused on helping new people learn and build their skills, and we salute her for being a great role model!

Cisco Intent-Based Networking Roundtable

Join the delegates from Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience as they dive into the latest intent-based networking announcements from Cisco. Listen in as they discuss the importance of network policy, user-defined networks, location tracking, and SD-WAN. Tom Hollingsworth leads the expert panel of Phil Gervasi, Shala Denise, Jonathan Davis, John Herbert, and Jody Lemoine.

Shala Warner

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