Gigamon (and Splunk and Phantom) at NFD16

In this piece, Terry Slattery shares his thoughts on what he saw from Gigamon at Networking Field Day this past November. The company presented with partners Splunk and Phantom, and showcased how their traditional packet broker and visibility products can be used for overall network security. Terry thought their central premise of the impossibility of total intrusion prevention was reasonable. Instead the company’s Defender Lifecycle Model showcases how the company is working with partners to use big data and machine learning to make the most of the packet information collected.

Cloud Field Day 2 – A lesson learned

Last summer, Lino Telera attended his first Cloud Field Day. While the presenting companies showed off a vast array of products, platforms and solutions, for Lino the overall theme came down to being more dynamic with data across the cloud. He gives his impressions of all the presenters, from HPE’s Nimble Cloud Volumes to Nirmata’s SaaS solution to close the gap between developers and sysadmin.

Deep visibility of cloud by Gigamon

At Cloud Field Day this summer, Mariusz Kaczorek saw Gigamon’s latest solution for hybrid cloud visibility. He got a deep dive into the Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS, which uses agents on an EC2 instance to mirror traffic to gain insights into what’s going through the cloud.

Unmasking Bad Actors with Gigamon

After seeing their presentation from Networking Field Day earlier this year, Tom Hollingsworth reviews Gigamon’s solutions for giving visibility back to your network. They do this via SSL Decryption, which can detect anomalies from a variety of sources. Tom also addresses potential privacy concerns of this approach in the piece.

NFD16 – Gigamon and Splunk (with a Dash of Phantom)

At Gigamon’s Networking Field Day presentation last week, the emphasis was on how hard security is in the modern data center. The company showed how with their platform and partners like Splunk and Phantom, they can radically simplify this process and bring true visibility to your network traffic.

Looking Forward to Networking Field Day 16

Networking Field Day is coming up next week, and we’re happy to have Pete Welcher returning as a delegate. He’s getting to revisit a company he saw at a previous event, Apstra and their intent-driven networking solution. Overall, Pete is looking forward to the presentations and talking to his fellow delegates.

Gigamon Remakes Itself For Cloud

Justin Warren profiles what he saw from Gigamon at last month’s Cloud Field Day. He thinks the reason the company has returned to profitability is twofold. For one, more organizations have recognized the need for visibility and security, which Gigamon has consistently executed on with its solutions. Secondly, the company’s host-based agent approach to cloud monitoring gives organizations the visibility they can’t get simply from an API. As long as organizations don’t shift from packet monitoring to distributed application tracing, Justin sees Gigamon’s Visibility Layer as a compelling product.

Personal Transformation

Inspired by his time at Cloud Field Day, Ethan Banks compares the journey of companies like Gigamon re-tooling themselves and their products for the cloud to the transition that individuals will have to make as well as cloud becomes more pervasive. He says that people need to learn the public cloud environment and start to swap out their hardware revenue for revenue made with the cloud instead.

Cloud Field Day 2: Event Summary

Bryan Krausen recaps Cloud Field Day, giving a quick review of each company’s presentation and relaying his thoughts on the event as a whole. He enjoyed most of the presentations, but found that each of the three days of the event had a different theme, from startups to industry giants. Bryan is thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Cloud Field Day and looks forward to more Field Day events in the future.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Gigamon

Julian Wood is looking forward to hearing from Gigamon at Cloud Field Day. Here, he overviews Gigamon’s history and products, but is more interested in what Gigamon will do moving forward, especially as it relates to public cloud.

Cloud Field Day 2: Preparing to rock!

Preparing for Cloud Field Day, Lino Telera outlines what he’s looking forward to at the event. He focuses on HPE Nimble Storage’s multicloud storage, ServiceNow’s approach to providing tools for compliance during task execution without impacts, and Gigamon’s network monitoring tactics.

Do We Really Need SSL Decryption?

Brandon Carroll doesn’t mince words. He thinks passing SSL traffic through the firewall without decrypting is akin to walking into “a war with a gun thats half loaded”. To that end, he was impressed with what he saw from Gigamon at Networking Field Day earlier this month. Their GigaSECURE Network Visibility Platform serves as a trusted man-in-the-middle to handle decryption, and to flag traffic that can’t be verified as secure.

SSL Decryption for Increased Network Visibility

Kevin Blackburn wrote up his thoughts on Gigamon’s presentation at Networking Field Day this month. They focused their presentation on GigaSECURE, their security visibility platform that allows for inline SSL decryption. They do this with by operating a sanctioned man in the middle capture. This is vital for giving administrators the visibility into traffic needed to ensure secure practice. Kevin’s only concern was in how Gigamon’s trusted certificate were handled, which may lead to a manual process of adding these to devices they can’t be automatically pushed to. But with a predicated 80% of traffic being encrypted in the near future, the tradeoff may well be worth it to gain visibility.

Networking Field Day #15: Enhanced Visibility into SSL/TLS Traffic

Jai Balasubramaniyan, Director of Security Product Management at Gigamon, gives a written overview of what Gigamon presented at Networking Field Day earlier this month. He was really impressed by the number and type of questions, and the substantive discussion that evolved during the course of the presentation. They reviewed their GigaSECURE platform, which features industry leading security visibility, including inline SSL decryption. Check out their full video coverage from the event, and look for more presentation from them at Cloud Field Day, July 27-28, and Networking Field Day, September 13-15.

Networking Field Day 15 Preview

Networking Field Day started today, and John Welsh is in attendance. He wrote up a preview post looking at all the different presenting companies. Before you check out the live stream throughout the event, it’s well worth the read to get a better handle of what to expect from them.

Presenting Vendor Preview: Gigamon

Brandon Carroll gives us a preview of what to expect from Gigamon at Networking Field Day this week. He first saw a presentation from them at Networking Field Day all the way back in 2011. He’s really interested in learning more about their security delivery platform, GigaSECURE solution. Check out the live stream of all presentation right here to find out! Plus join the conversation on Twitter with #NFD15.

[Video] Gigamon Network Field Day 15 Preview

Keith Townsend gives a preview of one of the companies at this week’s Networking Field Day. Today, he gives a video review of what to expect from Gigamon at the event. He talks about the company’s established role in the networking visibility space, and expects to get into some deep technical discussions during the presentation.

Breach Presumption: The East-West Data Center Security Problem

Breach Presumption: The East-West Data Center Security Problem

From CLI to API at Networking Field Day

From CLI to API at Networking Field Day

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