Managing VMware Proactively with Runecast

Gabe Maentz was a delegate at our recent Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US, and got to see the latest from Runecast. In this post, Gabe looks at Runecast Analyzer, which is designed to help VMware admins keep their environments secure and up to best practices. On a technical level, Runecast Analyzer is a single VM that aggregates various sources to synthesize a single repository of information. From this Analyzer can look at your specific configuration and proactively alert you when if finds something applicable.

VMworld 2018 – Where’s Gabe?

Gabe Maentz has had experience with Tech Field Day Extra events both as a presenter and a delegate. At VMworld US 2018, he’ll be on the delegate side again, hearing from a variety of presenters from the show. In this post, he outlines what he’s looking forward to seeing from JetStream Software, Quali and Runecast. Make sure to watch along with Gabe on our live stream from the event.

Managing Servers in a Serverless World

In this piece, Gabe Maentz uses the popularity of serverless models to introduce Dell EMC’s OpenManage, which he saw at Tech Field Day last month. Serverless essentially lets you focus on functions and not worry about the underlying servers. As a high volume seller of servers, Dell EMC is using OpenManage Essentials and Enterprise to simplify, automate and unify their server life cycle management functions. Gabe found the solution impressive, with a focus on practicality and ease of use for admins.

Security has Failed, Analytics to the Rescue

Gabe Maentz was impressed at Forcepoint’s admission that traditional security has failed. At Tech Field Day last month, the company presented why drawing the line between good and bad behavior with legacy static tools isn’t adequate. Instead, they opt for a “human-centric” approach to security. Using their User and Entity Behavior Analytics, the company is able to provide dynamic intelligence into both system context and user behavior to allow organizations to see risks and threats in real-time.

Storage Field Day – Live Stream & Ways to Engage

Storage Field Day – Live Stream & Ways to Engage

Heading to Tech Field Day

Heading to Tech Field Day

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