Prosimo Solves Cloud Networking Problems

Gina Rosenthal attended the most recent Cloud Field Day and took an interest in Prosimo’s presentation! In her post, she talks about the problems Prosimo is solving and how they are trying to get people to think about cloud networking differently. Check out more from Gina here!

Kentik Addresses Network Observability in the Cloud

Gina Rosenthal gives her thoughts on Kentik and how they’re addressing network observability in the cloud after watching their presentation at Cloud Field Day. Check out what she has to say and make sure to check out all the videos from Cloud Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Was That the Last VMware Conference?

Check out what Gina Rosenthal has to say about this past Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US. You can read her thoughts on her website, Digital Sunshine, and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all the updates from this past event!

AI Bias Isn’t a Technical Discussion

At this past AI Field Day, Stephen Foskett hosted a soon to be published podcast about AI Bias. In this post, Gina Rosenthal discusses her thoughts on AI bias in the technical industry. Take a look here!

Developer Advocacy Isn’t Exactly What We Think It Will Be

Check out the latest Gestalt IT Roundtable podcast! Stephen Foskett, podcast moderator, was joined with a few Tech Field Day delegates, Andy Banta, Gina Rosenthal, and Josh Warcop, to discuss developer advocacy. Check out their thoughts here!

Storage Will Never Die! Long Live Intel Optane and CXL!

Gina Rosenthal is here to tell you that storage will never die! She attended this past Tech Field day where Intel presented on their Optane Memory and CXL strategies. Take a look at Gina’s thoughts here!

The Gap Between Marketing and Product Reality

The excellent Gina Rosenthal describes her experiences as a delegate for Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event. In this post, she tackles the age-old problem of overpromising and underdelivering that technology marketing can conflate compared to the actual product. Read on to learn why she broaches this issue.

What Does the Future Cloud Look Like?

Gina Rosenthal breaks down what the future of cloud looks like after her time as a delegate for Cisco’s special Tech Field Day event. The event honed in on the very topic, so Gina combines both the subject matter covered by Cisco with her own thoughts and opinions here. Read on for the full picture.

Architecting AI Infrastructure

As a delegate at the first ever AI Field Day earlier this year, Gina Rosenthal helped to pioneer Tech Field Day into a new topic area! On 24×7 IT Connection, she writes about several the presenters she saw including BrainChip, Red Hat, Intel, MemVerge, and VAST Data. Gina notes that with the pool of professionals building AI infrastructures growing, there is an increased need for education around architecting those infrastructures. Our thanks to Gina for being on the delegate panel at AI Field Day, we hope you check out her deep dive!

How to Evaluate AI-Enhanced Analytical Tools

Writing for 24×7 IT Connection, Gina Rosenthal analyzes some of the AI-enhacned analytical tools presented by vendors at AI Field Day where she was a delegate. In her post, Gina reviews some of these AI-powered networking tools and provides recommendations for how to evaluate them. Specifically, she writes about Juniper’s Marvis Virtual Network Assistant as well as the AIOps from Aruba, and suggests that it’s important to do your homework before moving forward with utilizing AI!

#AIFD1 Day 2 Thoughts

As a delegate, Gina Rosenthal often has the chance to talk technology with presenting companies, but at AI Field Day she got to talk about another one of her interests: product marketing! After some of the AI Field Day presentations, Gina had the opportunity to engage directly with the presenters in candid breakout sessions to focus on how they presented their product. On her YouTube channel, Gina talks through some product marketing tips including how to use your marketing slides to provide context and help to set the table for the more in depth technical conversations. We’re always glad to have Gina at our Tech Field Day events and are thankful for her sharing her expertise in technology and beyond!

Thoughts on AI Field Day 1

Gina Rosenthal of Digital Sunshine Solutions joined us at our very first AI Field Day last month! In this video, Gina analyzes some of the societal issues that arise around new AI products. She notes that although first to market is important, it is more important for companies to be clear with customers. Transparency is key. Thanks for joining us, Gina!

Getting the Gang Back Together for SC20

November is the month of artificial intelligence (AI), with the very first AI Field Day being launched by us, featuring companies including Aruba, Brainchip, Intel, Juniper Mist AI, and Red Hat, plus SC20 in mid-November. Gina Rosenthal, one of our AI Field day delegates is trying to fit it all in. We look forward to welcoming her to AI Field Day, the place to be for everything AI!

What’s the Buzz About SmartNICs?

Smart NICs are not new. However, they are just starting to emerge as a platform. Smart NICs are needed now more than ever with the increasing demand for improved network and compute performance. The buzz around the technology has also surged with the announcement of Project Monterey, an industry-wide collaboration to integrate SmartNICs into the VMware Cloud Foundation. So what are the benefits of using Smart NICs? Gina Rosenthal, a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020 reveals Smart NICs secrets through Smart NIC technology developers including Pensando.

Project Monterey: What We Know So Far

On her blog, Gina Rosenthal compiles everything we know about the big “Project Monterey” announcement that came out of VMworld 2020 this year. Gina was a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020 and got to be up front and center when Pensando, a partner on Project Monetary with VMware, presented a more in depth look on the new endeavor. For more information on Project Monterey, check out Gina’s blog which includes Pensando’s presentation!

What Is Cloud Infrastructure Automation?

Although the environment in which we can host infrastructure might vary, the basics stay relatively consistent. Gina Rosenthal saw HashiCorp present at Cloud Field Day on how they provide Cloud Infrastructure. In this recent post, Gina explains the basic concepts of hosting infrastructure in the Cloud and highlights how HashiCorp supports Cloud Infrastructure Automation. Be sure to check out Gina’s article which includes the Hashicorp Cloud Field Day presentations.

What Is the Future for Storage Admins?

Storage has changed rapidly over the past decade, and the role of the storage admin has changed along with it. Gina Rosenthal considers what the future of the storage admin looks like in this piece, based on what she saw at Storage Field Day. It says a lot about the state of storage that many companies traditionally thought of as storage providers are now presenting at the event. She looks at NetApp’s approach with the Cloud Volumes Service, on-premises scale-out systems from Dell Technologies’ PowerScale solution, Igneous’ data management platform built on a scale-out file system, and Qumulo’s file data platform. Even as storage changes and goes to the cloud, Gina thinks the skills that storage admins have built up are more needed than ever.

Monday Hot Take July 13, 2020

Gina Rosenthal’s Monday Hot Take video do a great job getting you up to speed on the IT news, as well as highlighting the upcoming events for the week. In this video, she previews what to expect from Cloud Field Day. Be sure to subscribe to her channel to get these in your feed every Monday, and then head on over to the Tech Field Day YouTube page and watch the presentations for yourself.

Review: TFDx PoweredUp Event

Gina Rosenthal virtually attended our Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio, and was impressed to see how Dell EMC used the event to achieve their marketing goals for their new product portfolio despite the current pandemic shutting down traditional events. Gina broke down her impressions of the events in two recent videos, so be sure to dig into them before watching Dell’s entire presentation. There were a lot of new products and solutions highlighted at the event, and Gina definitely enjoyed the experience.

Can Dell Technologies PowerUp?

At our recent Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio event, Dell showed off the latest with their refreshed Power portfolio, which now offers a unified product suite and vision for storage and data protection. Gina Rosenthal was a delegate at the event, and breaks down all the announcements and implications from the event in this post. Having worked at both Dell and EMC in the past, Gina definitely was familiar with some of the solutions on display. For her, the event showed that Dell had tackled the giant product problem of making sure they provide continuity to current customers while at the same time building the bridge that is going to help those customers from legacy products to what is needed in this new era.