3 things infrastructure pros need to know about nested virtualization on Google Cloud

Keith Townsend reviews Google’s announce support for nested virtualization, which lets you run a hypervisor within a hypervisor. Keith outlines why this would be needed, and uses an example from Scale Computing running HC3 for disaster recovery inside Google Cloud as a use case. Keith saw this from Scale at Tech Field Day last week, be sure to check out the video of the announcement for more details.

How Are Yahoo! and Google Using OpenFlow Technology?

Yesterday’s OpenFlow Symposium was packed with headliners, but the presentations by Igor Gashinsky of Yahoo! and Ed Crabbe of Google were a highlight for many. Igor and Ed talked about their use of this nascent technology and gave honest feedback to the audience and vendors alike.

Openflow Symposium – San Jose, CA

The OpenFlow Symposium included presentations from Yahoo!, Google, Big Switch Networks, Brocade, Cisco, NEC, and Juniper and was a coproduction of GestaltIT and Packet Pushers.