Moving Beyond Platform Engineering and IT Operations at AppDev Field Day

AppDev Field Day offers a look beyond traditional platform engineering and IT operations. In this Gestalt IT article, Stephen Foskett gives an overview of the event and the schedule. This event brings together innovative developers and industry experts to discuss the evolution of application development and the integration of emerging technologies. Attendees can expect to engage in thought-provoking dialogues on how to navigate the expanding landscape of app development in increasingly complex IT environments.

Google Cloud, the Preferred Platform for Building Competitive AI Models

At AI Field Day, Google Cloud’s Brandon Royal showcased the giant’s comprehensive strategy for meeting today’s burgeoning AI demands, leveraging one of the industry’s most extensive digital infrastructures. Emphasizing the significance of AI infrastructure in conjunction with generative AI (GenAI), Google Cloud highlighted their commitment to innovation, asserting their platform as the superhighway for AI-forward companies. With Google Cloud providing robust compute power off its own infrastructure, businesses can harness AI’s opportunities without the traditionally high entry barriers of infrastructure costs and expertise. Read more in this article by Sulagna Saha for Gestalt IT.

Gemma and Building Your Own LLM AI

At AI Field Day 4, Intel invited the Google Cloud AI team to showcase their Gemma large language model (LLM), revealing insights into the advanced infrastructure used for building such models on Google Cloud. The presentation underlined Gemma’s efficiency with fewer parameters for inference, highlighting Google Cloud’s strength in analytics and AI, particularly in managing differing resource needs between model training and application inference phases. Google Cloud’s integration of AI in products was illustrated with Google Duet, an AI-based assistant that aids in software development, exemplifying the potential future where AI handles more coding tasks, freeing up developers for high-level problem-solving and design. Read more in this analyst note for The Futurum Group by Alastair Cooke.

Insights From the AI Field Day: A Futurum Group Overview

In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Paul Nashawaty of The Futurum Group summarizes all of the AI Field Day presentations, highlighting VMware’s deep dive into Private AI in collaboration with industry giants like NVIDIA and IBM, and Intel’s focus on deploying AI inference models with Xeon CPUs across diverse environments. Next-generation AI-infused storage solutions from Solidigm and SuperMicro underscored the critical role of optimized storage in AI, while Vast Data focused on addressing the growing data demands of AI and HPC workloads. Google Cloud’s session on AI platforms and infrastructures showcased innovative approaches with Kubernetes at the core, paving the way for accessible and powerful AI development and deployment.

Google Cloud Talks AI Trends at AIFD4

During AI Field Day 4, Google Cloud positioned AI as the next major platform shift, emphasizing its role following the internet and mobile, and highlighted their impressive data store capabilities including every search query since the inception of their browser. Google Cloud’s adoption of generative AI and the introduction of Google Gemini and DeepMind’s open model Gemma signal a strong continuation of their open-source ethos, enhancing AI scalability and accessibility. As noted by Allyson Klein in this article, the presentation also underscored Google’s commitment to supporting a diverse AI ecosystem, showcasing extensive compatibility across major silicon platforms, even as the event focused on Intel’s technology.

Google Cloud at Intel Day @ #AIFD4

At AI Field Day, Google Cloud’s Brandon Royal presented insights into AI platforms and infrastructure, emphasizing the shift from the internet to mobile and AI. He introduced Gemini, Google’s multi-modal model, and unveiled Gemma, a family of lightweight models. Royal discussed safety measures and highlighted GKE’s role in AI, covering CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs. A demo showcased Gemma on GKE supporting 8K tokens. Ameer Abbas, Senior Product Manager at Google Cloud, focused on Developer and Operational Productivity with Duet AI, demonstrating code development and transformation capabilities for enterprise builders and developers. Read more in this LinkedIn Pulse article by Gina Rosenthal.

Entering Google Cloud With NetApp

This past September, we brought in delegates to participate in the Tech Field Day Exclusive with NetApp and guest speakers from Google Cloud! In her post, Sulagna Saha talks about the key topics that were focused on during this discussion, such as multi-cloud use cases and how customers are leveraging NetApp’s GC integrated file service to run their workloads on Google Cloud. Check out the Gestalt IT website for more from Sulagna!

Everything New With Storage This Quarter on Google Cloud

Sulagna Saha, writing for Gestalt IT, dives into Google Cloud and their latest presentation at Cloud Field Day. Check out her thoughts on the Google Cloud Platform on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out all of the presentations from Cloud Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Cloud Field Day 15 – Day Three

While back on-site for our hybrid Cloud Field Day, some delegates got together and discussed what they saw from RackN on Day Three. Nathan Bennett, Jim Jones, Lino Telera, Ray Lucchesi, Eric Wright, and Calvin Hendryx-Parker all sat down to give their in-depth thoughts from the day along with a brief recap from other presentations throughout the week. Take a look here or visit Nathan’s YouTube channel for more!

Cloud Field Day 15 – Day One

Field Day delegate, Nathan Bennett, is joined by delegate, Eric Wright to discuss the first day of September’s Cloud Field Day. In this video, they both go into detail on presentations from Prosimo, Google Cloud, and Kentik. If you want to learn more, watch the video here, or visit Nathan’s YouTube channel.

Tech Field Day 21: Google’s VMware Managed Service

The LinkedIn explores Google Cloud’s new VMware Engine, as presented at Tech Field Day 21. The VMware Engine runs on high-performance hardware with 100 Gbps networking, and offers benefits like seamless migration, easy scaling, Rapid innovation, and self-service experiences. The author praises the offering’s ease of provisioning, its lift-and-shift capabilities, and its integration with other Google Cloud services, while noting that operational responsibilities like backup & DR, and monitoring would still be customer-responsibilities.

California’s Latest Gold Rush – Google and Intel Dig in to Tap the AI Business Market Seam

Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day had no dearth of prominent announcements. So much so that some with the biggest impact might have gotten lost in the media narrative. Kurt Marko thinks one of the major announcements was Intel integrating AI-optimizations into their new Scalable Xeons with DL Boost. This allows Intel to use their x86 data center dominance into AI inferencing engines. For a deeper dive into this, be sure to check out the full video from our Tech Field Day Exclusive at the event.

Cisco’s Container Journey to the Cloud

In this piece, Tom Hollingsworth looks at the announcements from Cisco Live US 2018. What stood out to him was the prominence of a non-networking specific topic, the cloud. He specifically examines how Cisco took pains to show how they are aligned with Google’s vision of the cloud, and integrate that across their product lines.

3 things infrastructure pros need to know about nested virtualization on Google Cloud

Keith Townsend reviews Google’s announce support for nested virtualization, which lets you run a hypervisor within a hypervisor. Keith outlines why this would be needed, and uses an example from Scale Computing running HC3 for disaster recovery inside Google Cloud as a use case. Keith saw this from Scale at Tech Field Day last week, be sure to check out the video of the announcement for more details.