Introduction to Terraform

Snehal Patel attended Networking Field Day in April 2023 and was able to refresh his knowledge on Infrastructure-as-Code, specifically through a detailed demo of Terraform by HashiCorp. This first part of his 3-part blog series delves into Terraform basics, a tool that allows for the definition of infrastructure in code, its use with various platform providers, and how it approaches Create, Update, and Delete operations utilizing a declarative programming style. He also explores the transactional Terraform Workflow process consisting of Write, Plan, and Apply stages, and will continue with practical examples of creating Azure Network resources using Terraform in the next article.

2023 SASE, SDWAN, Enterprise Edge and Cloud Networks

The 2023 SASE-SDWAN Enterprise Edge and Cloud Networking report provides valuable insights into the world of enterprise connectivity, unraveling the complexity of SD-WAN, SASE, SSE, ZTNA, MCN, and NaaS. The report includes discussion related to the HashiCorp presentation at Security Field Day and the Mako Networks presentation at Edge Field Day along with a wealth of information about the evolving landscape of enterprise edge and cloud networking, helping professionals navigate the alphabet soup of networking solutions.

Executing Zero-Trust Security and Building a Protective Perimeter With HashiCorp Boundary Enterprise

Identity-driven security is critical to countering attempts of credential harvesting. HashiCorp Boundary Enterprise brings the capability to secure on-demand access with granular identity controls to organizations in regulated industries. As organizations transition to cloud-based infrastructures, traditional network perimeters become less relevant, and identity becomes the primary focus of security. By standardizing remote user access and utilizing the principle of least privilege, HashiCorp Boundary enables organizations to secure their infrastructure while granting granular authorizations and creating a centralized access workflow. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the website.


In this LinkedIn post, Alex Neihaus discusses the challenges faced by cloud infrastructure architects, engineers, and developers when it comes to managing access to hosts and databases. He highlights the convenience of storing credentials in insecure locations and the need for a more secure solution. Alex introduces HashiCorp Boundary, a cloud-native infrastructure access management tool presented at Security Field Day that combines scalable proxying and cloud-native network constructs to solve these challenges. He emphasizes its secure and auditable nature, as well as its open-source architecture, which allows for internal examination and trust in enterprise environments.

Secrets Are Difficult to Keep

HashiCorp is revolutionizing secrets management with their new offering, HCP Vault Secrets, as highlighted in Karen Lopez’s LinkedIn article. This solution provides organizations with a secure and flexible platform for storing, generating, and accessing sensitive information like API keys and passwords. With features such as tokenization, dynamic secrets, role-based access, and centralized management, Vault Secrets ensures the confidentiality and integrity of secrets across clouds and environments, while also offering auditing and compliance monitoring capabilities.

Safe and Sound at Security Field Day 9

Security Field Day 9 promises to showcase how security companies and teams are addressing ever-evolving cybersecurity threats to keep users safe. A lineup of prominent security companies will present their innovative solutions to reduce security risks, ensuring a better and secure user experience. Broadcasting live on June 28 and 29, we will see presentations from Commvault, HashiCorp, NetAlly, Cisco, Cribl, and Noname Security, highlighting their approach to enhancing data security and protection focused on critical areas such as backups and disaster recovery, multi-cloud defense, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Learn more about Security Field Day in this video featuring Tom Hollingsworth!

Automated Provisioning and More With HashiCorp’s Terraform

Provisioning infrastructure in hybrid multi-cloud need not be exceedingly complex, nor time-consuming. Terraform offers the best way to automate provisioning and management tasks utilizing infrastructure as code. Teams can provision and de-provision at scale, while managing infrastructure lifecycle at minimum effort. Read more about it at Gestalt IT or watch the HashiCorp presentations from the recent Networking Field Day event right here!

Networking Field Day Returns This April!

Tom Hollingsworth, writing for Gestalt IT, announces the return of Networking Field Day this month with a lineup of stellar presenters, including BackBox, Itential, HashiCorp, and Kentik. Tom notes that with the rise of remote work, this Networking Field Day event will focus on technologies that can support distributed teams. From software-defined networking to open-source networking, attendees will get a chance to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

Preventing a Secret Sprawl With HashiCorp’s Vault

Sulagna Saha reviews HashiCorp’s Vault, a secrets management solution designed with a zero-trust architecture. Vault secures sensitive credentials aka secrets in the environment, making sure all accesses are secure and authorized. Read her review on the Gestalt IT website, or check out in-depth presentations on Vault by HashiCorp on the Tech Field Day website.

Safe, Sound, and Secure With Security Field Day 8!

Tom Hollingsworth gives the rundown on the upcoming Security Field Day event. The Security Field Day event will see presentations from Fortinet, Micron, HashiCorp, Swimlane and Cribl. Follow along on the Tech Field Day website as well as the Security Field Day event page.

Streamlining Zero Trust Security With Hashicorp

This piece addresses Hashicorp and their Security Field Day appearance in March. At the event, Hashicorp detailed three tools, Vault, Consul, and Boundary, which, when used together with an identity solution like SSO, build a solid basis for a zero-trust approach to security for enterprises. Learn what each of the three tools can do here, and be sure to watch them all in action in Hashicorp’s Security Field Day presentation.

Three Wow Moments at Security Field Day #5

After attending Security Field Day 5 as a delegate, Dr. Avril Salter found herself particularly impressed with three of the presenters from the event. On her LinkedIn, Dr. Salter writes about her “wow moments” from the event including HashiCorp’s Consul product facilitating the automation of service discovery, Juniper’s use of ATP and Mist AI to identify and handle security threats, and how Kemp’s users of Flowman can look back over stored data to determine if they’ve been compromised. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Dr. Salter’s thoughts as well as the presentations that she wrote about on the Tech Field Day website!

Presenters React to Security Field Day

With another successful Security Field Day event in the books, it’s always important to look back at what was top of mind for the presenters during the event. We focus on the slides and the questions and the way that everything looks on the published videos. However, there is more to Tech Field Day than just Powerpoint and presentation skills. Check out this video to see what the presenters think about the other parts of the Field Day experience that matter.

Security Field Day Is Back March 23-25, 2021

Security Field Day is coming back! Join us March 23-25, 2021 to see the exciting lineup of presentations and experts from the security community. You can also use #XFD5 on Twitter to join the conversation, and for more about the upcoming Security Field Day, check out this video and post from Tom Hollingsworth on

Automating Network Infrastructure With HashiCorp’s Consul

At Cloud Field Day last year, HashiCorp took a deep dive into Consul, their platform that discovers, automates, and secures services across any cloud or runtime. The Gestalt IT staff writes about their presentation and says that “Consul can add network automation and meet organizations where they are on their DevOps journey by unifying disparate workloads into a single service mesh or federating multiple service meshes.” Check out the full write-up on!

What Is Cloud Infrastructure Automation?

Although the environment in which we can host infrastructure might vary, the basics stay relatively consistent. Gina Rosenthal saw HashiCorp present at Cloud Field Day on how they provide Cloud Infrastructure. In this recent post, Gina explains the basic concepts of hosting infrastructure in the Cloud and highlights how HashiCorp supports Cloud Infrastructure Automation. Be sure to check out Gina’s article which includes the Hashicorp Cloud Field Day presentations.

Preparing for Cloud Field Day 8

Lino Telera attended his fourth Field Day event during the virtual Cloud Field Day. In this post, he gives a preview of what he expected to see from each of the presenters. He was particularly interested to learn about Terraform Cloud from HashiCorp, and the application abstraction layer Spektra from Diamanti. Be sure to check out all his thoughts on the presenters before diving into the videos for yourself. We have an extensive archive of Field Day videos, stretching back years across all our events. It’s an invaluable resource for keeping up to date with the latest in IT.

HashiCorp Consul Meshes Well With Modern Applications

At Cloud Field Day 6, HashiCorp presented that they are on a mission to help customers unlock the cloud operating model by addressing several key problem areas, including development, security, provisioning and networking. With its comprehensive vision for helping customers transition to a cloud operating model, and its emphasis on service-specific network security with Consul, HashiCorp is doing its part to make this vision a reality.

Kubernetes and Traffic Lights

It’s no secret that Keith Townsend is skeptical of the IT hype machine that is Kubernetes. In this post, he compares it to upgrading traffic light orchestration systems to help ease congestion. The drivers only care that it helps congestion, not what system is running. That’s why he’s impressed with what he saw from Solo IO at Cloud Field Day. They embrace namespaces in their solution, allowing you to consume infrastructure without worrying about the orchestrator. Read the full piece for all the details.

CFD6 – Hashicorp

Larry Smith was very excited to hear from HashiCorp at Cloud Field Day. As a stalwart in the open-source world, Larry had a lot of interest in what they would talk about. They spent their time doing a deep dive into Consul, a set of tools around service mesh. There was a lot to go over so be sure to read the whole piece, then check out the videos from the presentation.