Faster Reaction Time With Hazelcast

Alastair Cooke writes about his time watching Hazelcast’s Cloud Field Day presentation as a delegate in this post. Specifically, he talks about how their products showcased help IT organizations speed up their operations. Read the whole piece for context.

Pegasus Flies to Exploit Journalist Phones | Gestalt IT Rundown: July 21, 2021

This episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown covers the enterprise IT news for the week of July 21st, 2021. Top stories include the Pegasus mobile malware, the end of REvil, and more. Watch the video for all of the news.

Bring Real-Time Intelligence to Your Apps With Hazelcast

This piece covers Hazelcast, who appeared at June’s Cloud Field Day event. Specifically, it showcases their In-Memory Compute Platform, which creates a unified data layer for creating intelligent context for applications in real-time. Read on for more information, and be sure to watch their presentation for even more technical goodness.

Hazelcast Announces Integrated Real-Time Applications Platform

This article from Forbes by long-time Tech Field Day delegate Justin Warren details the recent announcement by Hazelcast regarding their integrated real-time applications platform. Named the Hazelcast Platform, the tool integrates Hazelcast’s Jet distributed processing system with their core in-memory data grid technology and includes ANSI SQL support along with a disk-based persistence capability. Read the piece for the full picture of the announcement, including a statement from Hazelcast’s CEO.

Hazelcast Platform Delivers Cloud First In-Memory and Streaming Application Platform

This post covers Hazelcast’s appearance at April’s Tech Field Day event, where they displayed their Platform for data-intensive workloads. Working between both cloud and on-premises mainframe systems, Hazelcast Platform keeps data flowing across application code and stored in on-memory stores. Read on to learn more, and watch Hazelcast at the Tech Field Day event to learn more.

Cloud Field Day 11 – Day 1 Highlights

We were excited to have Lino Telera back at Cloud Field Day! Following the first day of the event, Lino took to his blog to give his thoughts on the presenters he saw so far. Specifically, Lino gives his take on Hazelcast, Morpheus Data, and MinIO. Head over to the Lino Project blog to hear what he has to say!

Tech Field Day 23 Recap

First-time delegate alert! We were excited to have David Klee at his first event at Tech Field Day last month! On his blog,, he writes about his first event and focuses in on four presenters: Hazelcast, Vcinity, BlueCat Networks, and Pure Storage. Head over to his blog to hear his thoughts on his first event, and here’s to many more!