Smart Migration With VMware HCX+

Gestalt IT takes a look at VMware’s HCX+ following their Tech Field Day Extra presentation at VMware Explore. HCX+ is designed to streamline workload migration in the multi-cloud environment. The tool seeks to eliminate uncertainty and chaos from the migration process, allowing companies a swift transition to their first migration. HCX+ offers a “bird’s eye view” on multi-cloud estates for consolidated management and higher operational clarity, transforming the normally cumbersome process of migration into a simplified and efficient endeavor.

VMware SaaS-ifies HCX With HCX+

In this article, W. Curtis Preston examines VMware’s presentation at Tech Field Day Extra, specifically their novel HCX+ product. This cloud-based version of their HCX product aims to simplify operations and help customers navigate through their mobility and migration needs. The focus of HCX+ is to modernize enterprises by assisting a seamless, disruption-free migration—from on-prem vSphere to cloud services like VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure—and provide a cohesive view of a large VMware deployment.