Discovering New Things at Networking Field Day Exclusive

Tom Hollingsworth gives an overview of what to expect at Networking Field Day Exclusive at HPE Discover and Aruba Atmosphere this week. The Tech Field Day delegates are attending the HPE Aruba Networking presentations and will be attending exclusive Tech Field Day presentations and demos, which stream live on Tuesday afternoon. Watch for coverage, content, and fun all week long!

HPE Aruba Networking Ready to Turbocharge Private 5G

Ron Westfall considers HPE Aruba’s positioning itself to enhance private 5G network solutions, promising to bring high-speed, reliable connectivity to enterprise environments. Aruba’s networking expertise is set to empower businesses with improved performance, better control, and tailored implementations of 5G technology. The insights presented highlight Aruba’s readiness to meet the burgeoning demand for private 5G networks, cementing its role as a catalyst in the enterprise networking transformation. This analyst note from The Futurum Group looks forward to the announcements at HPE Discover.

It’s Been a Year, Where Is Open Locate Now?

HPE Aruba Networking’s Open Locate offers a significant opportunity to leverage the potential of location services across industries and establish business insights. The tech uses remote GPS anchor points to improve the accuracy of location data, which will enable its use in critical areas such as worker safety, inventory management and asset tracking. However, the use and sharing of the data need to take into account privacy matters and consider carefully how to extract and transform the data to provide meaningful business value. Troy Martin, who attended Aruba Atmosphere in 2022 and 2023, considers the impact of Open Locate after a year.

Aruba Isn’t a Wireless Company (Any More)

Although widely known as a wireless company, HPE Aruba Networking has grown into a full enterprise networking company today, emphasizing the importance of user-focused and holistic product lineups. As highlighted at the recent Aruba Atmopshere event, the company’s offerings have expanded beyond just wireless access points and devices that power them, to include campus and data center switches, SASE/SSE, IoT, and cloud-enabled management, to name a few. The shift in perception towards a more comprehensive networking company from being just a wireless company signifies rising maturity and effectiveness in catering to the complex needs of a modern user.

Zero-Downtime Software Upgrades With Aruba CX 6400

Sulagna Saha highlights the new technology pioneered by HPE Aruba Networking that promotes business resiliency through software redundancy with Aruba CX 6400 series that minimizes, even eliminates downtimes during software upgrades and provides always-on networking. Businesses across the globe face costly interruptions from cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and other failures that accumulate to downtimes resulting in huge losses. Hence, technologies such as software redundancy and resilience play a crucial role enabling business continuity through software upgrades during which firmware is downloaded, codes are refreshed, and switches are rebooted while ensuring continuity of performance.

Deploying the Next Generation Datacenter Fabric With Aruba CX 10000 Series

As IT enters a new era of hybrid infrastructures, the network topology has started to shift demanding a new datacenter fabric that satisfies the emerging needs. The Aruba CX 10000 enables a new generation of network fabric that helps overcome the cost and performance limitations of the previous fabrics and unlocks new levels of efficiency that is vital to support new applications. Read more in this article at Gestalt IT which highlights the switch’s evolution in the networking landscape and introduces the new Aruba CX 10000 series jointly designed by HPE Aruba and AMD Pensando.

Improved Visualization and AI Efficiency With New Aruba Central

HPE Aruba Networking expanded the AI capabilities of Central, giving users easier and wider access to data, and enabling quicker RCA and remediation. A more feature-rich, AI-powered interface builds upon earlier versions to offer a more accessible UI and simplified, efficient task automation. A global data lake with multimodal processing and an AI model lifecycle management system support Aruba’s initiative for a more efficient, customer-focused, automated network operation that enables faster issue detection and remediation through near-real-time AI insights. This article explores the capabilities of the new Aruba Central, revealed at Aruba Atmosphere 2023.

Aruba Atmosphere ’23 Sessions Hit List

Aruba Atmosphere 2023 is here and Troy Martin shares a hit list of the sessions he is most interested in attending, or plans to watch the recording of post-conference. This includes presentations on networking, mobility, and security that cover topics such as cell phone offloading to Wifi, WLAN security, and SD-WAN infrastructure. Troy also talks about participating as a Tech Field Day delegate for the Networking Field Day Experience on Tuesday.

Excitement in the Air at Aruba Atmosphere 2023!

Gestalt IT is bringing the Networking Field Day Experience to Aruba Atmosphere on April 25th and 26th. The event will feature keynote sessions from Antonio Neri and David Hughes, and technical presentations from the data center networking team, wireless group, and security discussions as well. With valuable insights into new technologies in the networking, mobility, and security spaces, this event is an exciting opportunity for IT professionals looking to stay updated on industry trends. Learn all about the Networking Field Day Experience at Atmosphere from Tom Hollingsworth in this post and video!

Creating a Consistent User Experience Across the Network

Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth details why consistency is a crucial component within security policies. Users desire the best possible connectivity experience without sacrificing security performance. In today’s hybrid work settings, how do we secure out-of-office devices that are beyond the corporate firewall? How can corporate networks remain secure on open Wi-Fi or cellular hotspots while still providing a high-quality user experience? Hollingsworth dives into Aruba EdgeConnect – the software-defined connectivity solution that will keep networks secure and work environments flexible. Check out the rest of his thoughts on the Network World website.

Edge-To-Cloud Networking With Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN

Shaun Neal attended the most recent Tech Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere, where Aruba announced their EdgeConnect SD-WAN! In this post, Shaun talks about how this solution provides the last mile of connectivity from application to user, and if it can be done such that it enables the users to consume that data on their own terms from location to device media type. Take a look at his thoughts here!

Consistency Across the Board With Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN

According to Tom Hollingsworth, event lead for the most recent Tech Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere, Aruba has been doing an amazing job unifying their various SD-WAN solutions together to create an experience that is seamless for users. Check out Tom’s thoughts here on Aruba’s EdgeConnect SD-WAN!

Feeling Connections, Anywhere

In this latest post, Troy Martin talks about the presentation from Aruba at this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere. Aruba presented their EdgeConnect that will allow administrators to easily connect users and endpoints with their applications from anywhere that has internet connection. Check out his thoughts here on how this SD-WAN Fabric will assure users remembers the feeling of making a connection, anywhere and from any device.

What You Should Know Before Deploying Aruba’s Self-Locating Feature

Dr. Avril Salter attended this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere! In this post she talks about the announcement of Aruba’s self-locating Access Points (Aps). She expects that the Aps will work well in open environments due to lack of obstacles in the path between anchors. Check out her thoughts here!

A Return to In-Person Atmosphere and the First Ever Self-Locating AP

In his latest post, Samuel Clements talks about his experience at this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere. This the first in-person event since the shut-down, therefore Sam goes into detail on how struck he is at just how valuable the in-person experience is. Check out his thoughts now!

Self-Locating APs – More Than Just Placing APs on Maps

Aruba presented on their Aruba’s Self-Locating AP Technology at this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere. In this post, Dave Benham talks about how excited he is to see what this technology will bring for the future. Check out Dave’s thoughts here!

Multi-Network Management With a Single Dashboard With Aruba Central

At the most recent Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere, Aruba showcased their one-dashboard networking solution. Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about how this will manage everything in the network from campus to cloud using a common console. Take a look at her thoughts here!

Getting the Network Ready for a Remote Workforce With Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN Fabric

At this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere, Aruba presented on their EdgeConnect SD-WAN fabric. Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about how this will help organizations provide a secure and stable connection for their remote users. Check out her thoughts here!

A Paradigm Shift in Wireless LAN-based Location Tracking

Keith Parsons attended this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere where Aruba presented on a new solution! This new paradigm shift means Aruba’s AP-6xx series Wi-Fi 6E access points will have the ability to know where they are in the world, even indoors. Keith is very familiar with paradigm shifts is wireless LAN-based location tracking, check out his thoughts from Aruba here!

Three Takeaways From “The World’s First Self-Locating Network” Announcement at Aruba Atmosphere ’22

Mike Wade attended the latest Networking Field Day experience at Aruba Atmosphere on-site in Las Vegas. In this post, Mike talks about his three take-aways from the announcement of the first self-locating network. Take a look here at what he has to say!