IBM Spectrum Protect and Modern Data Protection

IBM is no stranger to data protection, but many don’t consider them a viable company in the space. Paul Stringfellow looks at what the company showed at Storage Field Day in March and looks at how it stacks up against insurgent competitors.

The Risk of Shared Service Level Agreements

While watching Storage Field Day, Chris Evans heard IBM present about their SLA policy within their backup software. In this post, he clarifies how a service-level agreement differs from service-level objective, and why the distinction matters in the enterprise.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Has A Nice Focus On Modern Data Protection

At Storage Field Day, IBM presented on their SpectrumProtect Plus, their “SLA-based data protection”. Dan Frith breaks down what this means, essentially it’s software that supports the ability to meet SLAs through configuration-level service level objectives. While Dan may take issue that this isn’t really “SLA-based”, he thinks it shows that IBM is working to provide modern data protection solutions for their customers.

NetApp and IBM gotta take risks

At Storage Field Day, Chin-Fah Heoh heard from two companies with a considerable legacy in IT: NetApp and IBM. The former presented on their Data Pipeline, ONTAP 9.3 updates, and ONTAP Select. IBM meanwhile highlighted their data protection offerings with SpectrumProtect Plus.