SFO, by Way of Sacramento: Storage Field Day 25

Jim Czuprynski reflects on his recent experience as a delegate for Storage Field Day 25. The event included presentations from Index Engines, StorPool, AWS, and IBM focused on maximizing the availability, accessibility, and security of stored data and featured key insights on the rising threat of ransomware and storage system attacks. Jim provides a detailed overview of each vendor’s presentation and highlights how their offerings stood out during the event.

Consolidating Distributed Data With IBM’s Global Data Platform for AI

A solid storage architecture is the bedrock of AI/ML adoption. In this article, Sulagna Saha explores the capabilities of IBM’s Global Data Platform, a storage architecture designed for AI/ML workloads that provides a common data plane for global data access and sharing between public cloud, on-prem, and the edge sites. Read the full article on the Gestalt IT website.

What’s New in Storage at Storage Field Day 25

Our next Storage Field Day event is here, coming to you live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website March 22 and 23, 2023. Watch this video of what to look forward to on the Tech Field Day Youtube Channel.

IBM’s New Class of Data Protection: Upcycling of the IT World?

As discussed at Storage Field Day in February, the idea of reusing and repurposing stored data makes sense from both a business intelligence perspective and from a cyber-resiliency standpoint. IBM’s solution is based on a solid foundation with years of enterprise use, and enhances the snapshot capabilities already found in most enterprise storage systems. Stephen Foskett looks at how Spectrum Protect Plus really moves IBM’s data protection offering forward, “upcycling” data for the enterprise.

Modernizing Data Protection for a Digitally Driven World

IBM has now presented at a couple of Storage Field Day events. The company has a long legacy in IT, but a lot of delegates and viewers were wondering how they would position themselves in the modern data center. Alicia Blessing looks at what they presented with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. This is built from the ground up to provide modern data protection.

Developing Data Protection Solutions in the Era of Data Management

IBM returned to Storage Field Day this year, providing an update to the delegates on IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. In this context, Max Mortillaro provides some historical perspective on data protection and management, emphasizing that every organization is on a different path on the journey toward better data management. In this, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a laudable effort build from scratch to address modern data protection needs. While it may not be as feature rich as competing solutions, for those organizations with a strong history with IBM, it should serve them well as they navigate their own data management journey.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus – More Than Meets the Eye

Dan Frith attended Storage Field Day in February and got an update on IBM’s Spectrum Protect Plus software. After learning about it at Storage Field Day 15, Dan recognized the importance of their approach to data protection. With this update, he sees that the company is working to enable their customers to modernize data protection with new use cases and analytics.

#91 – Storage Field Day 18 in Review

In this episode of the Storage Unpacked podcast, Chris Evans and Martin Glassborow discuss what happened at Storage Field Day last month. The companies pretty cleanly divided between scale-out primary storage and data protection solutions. They touch on all the presenters, and where listeners can learn more about the event. Be sure to give it a listen as a preview before watching all of the event presentation video on our site.

How IBM Is Rethinking Its Data Protection Line-Up

IBM made a return to Storage Field Day last month, updating the delegates on their data protection portfolio. Enrico Signoretti wrote up his thoughts. While IBM has rebranded some existing data protection solutions, their IBM Data Protection Plus is built from the ground up for modern solutions. A lack of feature parity with competitors is somewhat made up for by an aggressive development team and roadmap. For existing IBM customers, it should be a great way to modernize data protection using an existing vendor relationship.

Catch Up (Fast) – IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

It’s been almost a full calendar year since Chin-Fah Heoh last heard from IBM at Storage Field Day. They returned again last month to give an update on IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. While still a relatively nascent offering, SPP is starting to gain industry recognition, and adding must-have features for the backup and recovery market. For Chin-Fah, the pricing is there to appeal to the SMB/SME market, and he sees potential in it with regional cloud service providers as well.

Podcast #3 – Chris & Matt Review the SFD18 Presenters

In this podcast episode, Chris Evan and Matt Leib did an off the cuff rundown of the Storage Field Day presenters. The event was jam packed with interesting IT companies, and the two do a great job of running through what stood out from Cohesity, Datera, IBM, NetApp, StorPool, VAST Data WekaIO and Western Digital.

IBM Spectrum Protect and Modern Data Protection

IBM is no stranger to data protection, but many don’t consider them a viable company in the space. Paul Stringfellow looks at what the company showed at Storage Field Day in March and looks at how it stacks up against insurgent competitors.

The Risk of Shared Service Level Agreements

While watching Storage Field Day, Chris Evans heard IBM present about their SLA policy within their backup software. In this post, he clarifies how a service-level agreement differs from service-level objective, and why the distinction matters in the enterprise.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Has A Nice Focus On Modern Data Protection

At Storage Field Day, IBM presented on their SpectrumProtect Plus, their “SLA-based data protection”. Dan Frith breaks down what this means, essentially it’s software that supports the ability to meet SLAs through configuration-level service level objectives. While Dan may take issue that this isn’t really “SLA-based”, he thinks it shows that IBM is working to provide modern data protection solutions for their customers.

NetApp and IBM gotta take risks

At Storage Field Day, Chin-Fah Heoh heard from two companies with a considerable legacy in IT: NetApp and IBM. The former presented on their Data Pipeline, ONTAP 9.3 updates, and ONTAP Select. IBM meanwhile highlighted their data protection offerings with SpectrumProtect Plus.