Illumio Adds Microsegmentation of Microworkloads

Delegate Justin Warren saw Illumio present at Tech Field Day 22 in December and says that, since seeing them first in 2016, they have consistently improved their product with every passing year. Writing on his blog, Justin says that Illumio makes it easier to make what you already have secure. Instead of forcing users to adopt completely new systems, Illumio will work on the platform they already utilize and also helps users to adopt more secure practices. Check out Justin’s take on Illumio’s Tech Field Day presentations on his website!

Operationalizing Zero Trust Security With Illumio

Is zero-trust networking and security just marketing hype? Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says no. He writes that zero-trust is a tool that you can and should consider to make your network more secure and easier to manage. One specific version of zero-trust that Tom writes about is that from Illumio, who highlighted some specific use cases at Tech Field Day in December. Check out Tom’s thoughts on zero-trust security and Illumio’s offering on the Gestalt IT website!

What You Can Expect to Learn at Tech Field Day 22

We’re excited to be welcoming Illumio to Tech Field Day this week! Although they have presented before, this will be their first virtual presentation with us. In a post on the Illumio website, Neil Patel writes about micro-segmentation and previews the topics that he and the team will cover when they present. Be sure to tune in when Illumio streams live at Tech Field Day – you won’t want to miss it!

Cloud Field Day 7 – Who Will Be Presenting?

Alastair Cooke will be joining us virtually for Cloud Field Day later in April. Instead of the jetlag that comes from crossing an ocean to usually be at an event, he’ll instead be up early to join the other delegates for the presentations. Though a virtual event, he’s looking forward to the same in-depth technical presentations, the opportunity to ask direct questions to the presenters, and the great conversations with the other delegates. In this post, he runs down what he’s looking forward to from each of the presenters. This includes a mix of Field Day stalwarts like Aruba, VMware, and Solarwinds, with newer companies to the event series, like Stellus and Pensando. Be sure to mark your calendar to join the live stream to watch the event along with Alastair.

Malware Microsegmentation With Illumio

Are you worried that your patches are going to cause more problems than they solve? Wish you could just lock down the vulnerable systems until you know what’s going to happen? Tom Hollingsworth looks back at Illumio’s presentation during Security Field Day to see how microsegmentation can help you sleep soundly at night.

Shivering With Microsegmen……..tation

One of the things that struck Tricia Howard about Security Field Day was the preponderance of companies with solutions using microsegmentation. This isn’t a new solution in networking, but it is pretty new for security. The emphasis with these approaches was isolation as quickly as possible, quarantining endpoints to prevent further spread. These concepts were wrapped with an emphasis on speed and ease of deployment, otherwise they don’t get used. For Tricia, the next step is to get these solutions into your deployments to test them out.

Security Wasn’t Always My Day Job

Nathaniel Avery finds himself in a familiar position to a lot of people in IT. Originally his role as a Solutions Architect didn’t have to have security strictly in mind, rather focused on compliance and best practices. But the role has evolved where it is now of primary importance. At Security Field Day, these themes were reiterated, with looks at the latest in microsegmentation and zero-trust security approaches.

The Power of a Great Demo with Illumio

It’s one thing to have a great Tech Field Day presentation, filled with technical overviews, architectural deep dives, and a killer slide deck. But putting together a great demo is a different beast. Tom Hollingsworth got to see a demo from Illumio at Networking Field Day last year that definitely left an impression. They showed off their new PCE Supercluster, and simulated a truly impressive amount of real workloads to truly show off its capabilities.

Illumio Launches Supercluster Technology

In this press release, Illumio announced the availability of their PCE Supercluster for real time a dependency mapping and micro-segmenetation. Of course, if you watched their presentation from Networking Field Day late last year, you would have seen a truly impressive demo from Illumio showing off the full capabilities of this new solution. This is designed to provide real time visibility across the data center and the cloud, giving you centralized security controls, all at scale.

BiB 062: Globally Scalable Microsegmentation With Illumio

Ethan Banks posted a recent Briefings in Brief episode discussing what was presented by Illumio at Networking Field Day last month. This marked Illumio’s return to the event, and they used their presentation to highlight their Policy Compute Engine Supercluster. This provides a a cluster of Policy Compute Engines, which can be used for massive scale that would otherwise choke a single controller. Ethan was impressed the company did a live demo showing the Supercluster in action with 225K workloads across three AWS regions. Make sure you check out their demo yourself with our full video coverage.

Illumio PCE Supercluster Launch: Behind the Scenes

Illumio returned to Networking Field Day earlier this week, with the launch of PCE Supercluster, providing centralized policy management and global application visibility at scale. In this video, the team takes a look at what went into planning that announcement, including organizing a quarter million workloads demo.

Illumio: Micro-Segmentation via the Endpoint

Pete Welcher has seen a number of Networking Field Day presentations. That;s why it’s impressive when he says that Illumio’s recent presentation may have had one the best demos the event has ever seen! They showed how their newly announced PCE SuperCluster can provide automated leveraging of endpoints, rather than dedicated firewalls, to provide uniform micro-segmentation onsite or in the cloud. Make sure to watch the demo for yourself with our comprehensive event video coverage.

micro-segmentation at scale

Illumio made their return to Networking Field Day earlier this month, and Marina Ferreira was there to take in the presentation. The company took the event to launch their PCE Supercluster enhancement to their Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) solution, which will allow for a federated multi-region micro-segmentation architecture with centralized policy management and global visibility at scale. Marina was fascinated at some of the development potential their platform could enable for advanced analytics.

I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt

Al Rasheed was one of the delegates invited to attend Networking Field Day earlier this month. At the event, he heard a presentation from Illumio. The company was an early pioneer in micro-segmentation, something increasingly important to reduce surface area on the ever increasing incidents of data center exploits. Al was impressed how they can bring increased visibility, particularly for application dependencies. Overall, he found that Illumio “killed it” during their presentation.

Anticipating Network Field Day 19 (NFD19)

The inimitable Pete Welcher returns as a Networking Field Day delegate next month. In this post, he previews the presenting companies. The roster is stacked for the event, including networking stalwarts like Cisco and Riverbed, emerging startups like Barefoot Network, Apstra, and Illumio, and those that Pete wants to see more from like Silver Peak, Kentik, and Bluecat Networks. You can catch all their presentation on our live stream during the event.

Vault7 Lessons – Zero Trust

Whenever you begin a piece about network trust with a quote from a Nicholas Cage film, you’re doing something right. Justin Cohen uses a quote from Con-Air as a springboard to the benefits of a zero trust network policy. He looks at how increased use of encrypted traffic requires a new methodology to secure networks, as it effectively kills deep packet inspections. Justin looks at solutions from Cisco and Illumio, which can be used as solutions in this new zero trust world.

Rethinking Micro-segmentation

Matt Haedo runs down the change in network security from focusing on rigid perimeter boundaries to micro-segmentation, which eliminates implied trust on all devices. He then looks at current solutions for micro-segmentation, which mostly either enforce policy in the network device, or in the hypervisor kernel. Finally, he looks at what makes Illumio’s approach to micro-segmentation different, which pushes enforcement to the endpoint, relying on its native enforcement policy. Matt seemed impressed by what he saw from Illumio at Networking Field Day in August. Check out the rest of the piece for his full rundown!

Illumio Network Security For Applications Spread All Over

Illumio Network Security For Applications Spread All Over

Innovations in Micro Segmentation

Innovations in Micro Segmentation