The Imposter Syndrome Podcast: Daren Fulwell

In the latest episode of the Imposter Syndrome Podcast, hosted by Chris Grundemann, guest Darren Fulwell, Chief Evangelist at IP Fabric, shares his 25+ years of networking expertise. Darren discusses the evolution of networking technology, the importance of understanding fundamentals, and how certifications have served as a pathway for learning and career development. The conversation highlights Darren’s passion for mentoring, his insights into network automation, and the impact of community on professional growth.

The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast: Tom Hollingsworth

Our very own Tom Hollingsworth joined Field Day delegates Chris Grundemann and Zoe Rose on their new Imposter Syndrome Podcast. They discussed Tom’s role as an Event Lead for Tech Field Day and what his day-to-day operations looks like for tech events. Check out what he has to say!