Security Field Day 11 – Index Engines

In this video, published after Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman discuss Index Engines’ CyberSense, a tool designed to enhance data recovery with its robust ransomware detection capabilities. CyberSense stands out by not only retrieving data but also verifying its integrity, ensuring businesses can trust their post-attack data is uncompromised. This episode spotlights a next-gen approach to cybersecurity, combining high-performance indexing and AI analytics to offer a formidable defense against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

CyberSense: A Unique Approach to Ransomware Protection and Recovery

At Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro shed light on Index Engines’ innovative CyberSense solution, designed to combat the rampant rise of ransomware attacks by not just recovering data but also ensuring it is uncompromised. CyberSense differentiates itself with a high-performance indexing engine and AI-based analytics that can detect subtle signs of ransomware corruption with impressive accuracy. The platform represents a new generation of cyber resilience, highlighting the necessity for secure, immutable data vaults and careful scrutiny of data prior to restoration, thus positioning Index Engines at the forefront of ransomware defense technologies.

Taking Security Seriously at Security Field Day 11

Mark your calendars for Wednesday and Thursday, April 10 and 11, and join Tech Field Day for Security Field Day, featuring industry leaders Aryaka, Index Engines, Zerto, and Palo Alto Networks. The event kicks off with Aryaka’s presentation on their SASE-as-a-Service, followed by Zerto discussing ransomware prevention, and Palo Alto Networks on Data Security Posture Management. On Thursday we have Index Engines unveiling their newest CyberSense capabilities. Tune in for the live event on LinkedIn and check out the Tech Field Day YouTube channel for on-demand replays.

Ransomware Is a Real Threat but CyberSense From Index Engines Can Help

Ransomware continues to be a severe threat that organizations worldwide face, especially firms with older technologies with out-of-support software packages like Windows 2003 and Informix. This article by Denny Cherry discusses Index Engines’ CyberSense solution, which can protect organizations from ransomware by scanning, validating, and counting as safe both older and modern platforms. CyberSense distinguishes itself from other solutions in the same industry by detecting encrypted files by looking at file metadata and data themselves, detecting even slow encryption through delta comparison of entropy scores. This unique form of detection helps protect organizations from ransomware, especially with the more targeted approach observed in recent attacks.

SFO, by Way of Sacramento: Storage Field Day 25

Jim Czuprynski reflects on his recent experience as a delegate for Storage Field Day 25. The event included presentations from Index Engines, StorPool, AWS, and IBM focused on maximizing the availability, accessibility, and security of stored data and featured key insights on the rising threat of ransomware and storage system attacks. Jim provides a detailed overview of each vendor’s presentation and highlights how their offerings stood out during the event.

CyberSense by Index Engines Presentation at Storage Field 25 Was Excellent and Scared the Crap Out of Me

Denny Cherry shares his thoughts on the CyberSense presentation by Index Engines at Storage Field Day 25. He discusses the presentation and how it underscored the importance of data management and cybersecurity for modern businesses. With insights into the latest trends in cybersecurity and data backup technologies, this article is an essential read for IT professionals looking to improve their data protection strategies.

Takeaways From the Recent Storage Field Day

In a recent article on Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha shares the key takeaways from our recent Storage Field Day event. The discussion highlights the latest trends in storage technology, including the increasing importance of data management and the growing use of AI in storage solutions, with a special focus on CyberSense from Index Engines. With insights into the latest industry developments, this article is a valuable resource for IT professionals looking to stay up-to-date on emerging storage technologies.

Index Engines CyberSense – Detecting Data Corruption With Maximum Accuracy

Index Engines presented CyberSense at Tech Field Day, a data integrity software that can detect and prevent data corruption with high accuracy. CyberSense uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to continuously monitor and analyze data, identifying anomalies and alerting administrators to potential issues before they cause significant damage. Read more at the Gestalt IT website and watch their Tech Field Day presentation on YouTube!

What’s New in Storage at Storage Field Day 25

Our next Storage Field Day event is here, coming to you live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website March 22 and 23, 2023. Watch this video of what to look forward to on the Tech Field Day Youtube Channel.

Disaster Recovery and Cyber Attacks

Enrico Signoretti doesn’t just think about fire, floods, and tornadoes when he considers IT disasters. But Enrico puts Cyber-Attacks in the same category. Luckily he saw an interesting presentation from Dell EMC’s Data Protection team at Tech Field Day this October. They showed how they use Data Domain appliances in conjunction with software from Index Engines to proactively detect anomalies. Enrico was impressed how this is independent from backup software, giving you a better chance to recover operations quickly.

76: GreyBeards talk backup content, GDPR and cyber security with Jim McGann, VP Mkt & Bus. Dev., Index Engines

In this episode of the Greybeards on Storage podcast, Ray Lucchesi and Howard Marks talked with Jim McGann, VP Marketing and Business Development at Index Engines. Jim presented at Dell EMC’s session at Tech Field Day last month. They discussed the company’s CyberSense solution, along with GDPR and indexing backups.