Forward Networks Twins Your Network, Offering Insights, Direction and Modeling for Changes

Philip Sellers wrote a great article calling Forward Networks’ Digital Twin a “game changer.” Read his thoughts on

Understanding the Building Blocks of Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Philip Sellers attended our recent Cloud Field Day event and considers some of the questions about cloud-native technology adoption. Thinking about the, Forward Networks, and Fortinet presentations, Philip ponders what they mean for enterprise cloud-native solutions. Read all of his coverage on his blog, vBrainstorm!

Learning’s Gloo That Holds Cloud-Native Together

Philip Sellers recently attended Cloud Field Day and was impressed by’s implementation of Istio. This open source project creates a programable, application-aware network of services, and’s Gloo Ambinet Mesh is a key differentiator. Read Philip’s whole review of Gloo, and check out the rest of his articles from Cloud Field Day 16!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Phillip Sellers

Welcoming in new delegates is one of our favorite things to do at Tech Field Day. At our event this week, we have two new delegates joining our community. The first is Phillip Sellers! From his enjoyment of plane watching to his hand-me-down Commodore 64, Phillip shares a little bit about himself and his experiences in the world of technology in our latest version of Meet the Delegate. To see Phillip in action as a delegate, tune in to Tech Field Day 22 this week!

Philip Sellers

IT Strategist and Solver / Solutions Architect for XenTegra