Big Guns Attract Attention, but Not Always Interest

Jim Czuprynski attended Aprils’ Tech Field Day as a delegate. In his latest post he discusses presentations from VMware’s migrating apps to the clouds, Minio’s SDS in the cloud, and Intel’s Optane group. Check out his thoughts here!

Supporting Performance and Capacity Scaling of High-Level AI Use Cases With Intel Optane

In the latest Gestalt IT article, Sulagna Saha talks about the recent Intel presentation at April’s Tech Field Day. They presented on a new kind of memory hierarchy that argues that using an extra tier of Intel Optane powered CXL memory can match the capacity scaling required for AI workloads. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

Intel Has Optane Chip Hoard With No Plans to Develop Tech

Chris Mellor tuned into this past Tech Field Day for Intel’s presentation. We always appreciate the updates about Intel from Chris’ view. Check out his thoughts here!

Intel’s Not Updating XPoint Media for Gen 3 Optane Products

It’s exciting when Tech Field Day is mentioned by Chris Mellor! It was great to get more clarification on the future of Optane from Chris in his latest post. Take a look at his thoughts here!

D://xprs0017: Processors in Italy, a British Comeback and the Email Celebrates Its Birthday

Kerstin Steif and Wolfgang Steif, Field Day delegates, lay out some interesting information that was leaked by AMD about the next generation EPYC processors. They discuss facts leaked about Intel, Versa Networks, Juniper Networks, and Apstra and what Field Day events a few of these companies presented at. Check out what Kerstin and Wolfgang are up to!

Delegates Win the Day at Storage Field Day 21

Earlier this year, Storage Field Day welcomed a panel of our independent influencers and presenting companies. This Field Day event featured thought-provoking storage solutions from Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni. To see what some of the presenters at this Storage Field Day had to say about Field Day events, check out this post on!

Voices in Innovation – a Roundtable Discussion on Persistent Memory

Enrico Signoretti, Jason Collier, and Matt Leib join the Voices in Innovation podcast on Gigaom to talk about Tech Field Day Extra at Intel Memory and Storage 2020. On the podcast, they dig into Intel’s presentations and discuss Intel Persistent Memory. Head over to the Gigaom website to check out the podcast, and head to our website to look at Intel’s presentations from the event!

Intel Bridges the Gap Between Memory and Storage

Over the past several years, flash storage has been rapidly taking over the storage world. After seeing Intel present at Storage Field Day last year, the team at writes that they “presented a unified vision of the future of flash storage and how they set world record performance with the DAOS software ecosystem combined with the Optane line of storage devices.” Be sure to check out all of Intel’s presentations from Storage Field Day and other events on the Tech Field Day website!

Intel Memory Summit 2020 – Intel Optane and Storage Archictectures

We had a blast working with Intel on Tech Field Day Extra at Intel Memory and Storage 2020! One of the delegates from the event, Max Mortillaro, posted a YouTube video with his thoughts after seeing the keynotes and interactive sessions. Max talks through his thoughts on the event and the Intel Optane and Storage Architectures. We even get a guest appearance from his cat! Be sure to check out Max’s video analysis of the event on the TECHunplugged YouTube channel!

Intel Memory Summit 2020 – Intel Optane Persistent Memory Future

Delegate Max Mortillaro attended Intel’s Memory and Storage Moment 2020 event in December. In this video for TECHunplugged, Max analyzes Intel Optane persistent memory and raises the question, “Is PMem the future of storage?” Check out TECHunplugged’s YouTube channel and blog for Max’s thoughts on Intel and more!

Intel Memory and Storage Moment 2020 – Intel Optane Announcements

Max Mortillaro was a delegate at Intel Memory and Storage Moment 2020 in December and follows the event with an exploration of Intel’s Optane announcements. Max recognizes that 2020 has been a pivotal year for Intel and is excited about Optane/Persistent Memory, as he notes that this technology promises a brave new world 5-10 years from now. To find out what else Max had to say about Intel’s latest announcements at this Tech Field Day Exclusive with Intel Memory and Storage, visit TECHunplugged!

Intel Memory Storage 2020 Briefing

Barry Coombs had the opportunity to attend the Tech Field Day Exclusive with Intel Memory and Storage as a delegate in December and interact directly with the Intel team as they recapped their keynote sessions. In his latest edition of Tech Doodles, Barry highlights the presentations including Intel’s six pillars, utilizing Optane in conjunction with DRAM, and Intel’s DAOS software. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our website to watch all the videos from the Tech Field Day Exclusive with Intel Memory and Storage!

Faster, Bigger, Better – Intel Launches New Optane and 3D NAND SSDs

Bart Heungens attended Intel Memory and Storage Moment 2020 and recapped the big announcements made during this event. Bart notes that the most impressive announcement was the Intel Optane SSD P5800X! For more of Bart’s thoughts on Intel’s news and why he is so impressed with P5800X, visit his blog!

Gestalt IT Rundown: December 16, 2020

It’s Rundown time! In the latest edition of the Gestalt IT Rundown, Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth break down the latest stories in the tech world. On the docket for this episode, they talk about the SolarWinds Orion platform being hacked, Oracle moving to Texas, Intel’s Memory and Storage Moment, and more! To hear their takes on all of these hot button issues and more, head over to or the Tech Field Day YouTube channel.

Intel Memory & Storage Moment 2020

It was a pleasure to team up with Intel on the Intel Memory & Storage Moment 2020! At the event, delegate Barry Coombs saw keynotes from the Intel team on a variety of topics including several key product announcements. In his latest version of TechDoodles, Barry artistically recaps day one of IMS20. Check out his doodle and then head over to the Intel website to see the Day 1 keynotes!

Intel Regains IO500 HPC Bragging Rights From WekaIO

Chris Mellor saw Intel’s presentations at Storage Field Day and was intrigued by their use of their open source file system DAOS. In Blocks and Files, Chris writes about Intel taking the first and third place slots in the IO500 benchmarks, in part because of their DAOS system. Be sure to check out Chris’s post and Intel’s presentations at Storage Field Day on our website!

At Storage Field Day, Industry Analysts Applaud Innovation Set in Motion by Intel® Optane™ Technology

It was great to have Intel as one of our presenters for Storage Field Day in early August! Kristie Mann was a presenter and writes that Intel utilized their time to share a vision of the evolving memory and storage landscape. She writes a recap of their appearance at Storage Field Day and shows how Intel is opening the door to innovation through their new services. Their presentations on the many uses of Intel Optane Technology are also available in Kristie’s post. Check them out!