Networking Field Day 25 (#NFD25): IP Infusion

Terry Slattery writes about the IP Infusion presentations from the recent Networking Field Day event in this LinkedIn post. The piece expresses his opinions on the company as developed while watching their presentation as a Field Day delegate. Read the post for the full picture.

Presenters React to Networking Field Day

A lot of great content was presented during Networking Field Day last month! The delegates were very happy to hear about the state of the networking industry from leaders in the technology that is driving the way we will do work in the future. From network analytics and provisioning to new solutions like 5G, every presenter brought something unique to the table. Check out this video to find out what the presenters thought of the experience!

Networking Field Day 25, Part 2

Bryton Herdes gives his breakdown of the presentations he watched as a delegate during May’s Networking Field Day event in this post on his personal blog, This post in particular covers the appearances of Nokia, Aruba Networks, IP Infusion, and Juniper Networks. Check out the piece to hear Herdes’ opinions, and watch each companies presentation for more information.

Data://express 0006 – YANG Ohne YIN, Lambda Vor Kappa Und Wenig IPv6 Auf Dem Network Field Day 25 – Pt. I

This episode of the German podcast, data://disrupted, contains the story of editor-in-chief and show host, Kerstin Stief, and her time as a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day. The show dives into what all she learned, including the two main themes that the presenting companies seemed to hone in on. Listen to the full show to hear what all was covered, and be sure to watch the presentations from the Networking Field Day event to hear for yourself!

NFD 18 – Day 1 Highlights – IP Infusion and Broadcom

Nicola Arnoldi highlights one of his favorite presentations from Network Field Day, the joint presentation from IP Infusion, Edgecore, and Broadcom. He says that these three have put together the knowledge and product to make everyone feel safe with disaggregation.

ISP Design – Building production MPLS networks with IP Infusion’s OcNOS

In preparation for their presentation at Networking Field Day 18, Kevin Myers discusses IP Infusion’s OcNOS tool in implementing whitebox. He expects whitebox to be a hot topic at the event and is excited to hear IPI present. Kevin finishes with a demonstration on how to build production MPLS networks using OcNOS

Network Field Day 18 – Some Preparation and Review

Greg Ferro does his homework for Networking Field Day 18, giving a brief explanation of his thoughts and the facts about each presenting sponsor. He also goes over what themes he think will be consistent talking points throughout the event, such as Multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and SDN.

Getting to Know IP Infusion

Rich Stroffolino takes a look at IP Infusion. The company has been around since 1999, commercializing the founders’ previous work on GNU Zebra in the form of ZebOS. Rich reviews how the company has pivoted to now provide a network operating systems for white box vendors and virtualized environments.

IP Infusion powering the world from behind the scenes

After Networking Field Day, Tony Mattke says that IP Infusion powers the world from behind the scenes. Their ZebOS powers everything from F5 LTM’s and Citrix Netscaler’s to Plexxi, SK Telecom, and Huawei networking products. Today IP Infusion is selling two variants of ZebOS to OEMs, OcNOS and VirNOS, both for unique purposes. Tony was interested to learn more about IP Infusion and what they have been doing behind the scenes.

WISP/FISP Design – Building your future MPLS network with whitebox switching

IP Infusion presented at Networking Field Day in April. Here, Kevin Myers discusses the role of whitebox in a WISP/FISP MPLS core and compares whitebox to the traditional vendor. He also says, “whitebox is poised for rapid growth in the network world, as the climate is finally becoming favorable – even in larger companies – to use commodity hardware and not be entirely dependent on incumbent network vendors.”

Who is IP Infusion and Why Have You Never Heard of Them?

Brandon Carroll takes a look at IP Infusion, who presented at Networking Field Day earlier this month. The company has been around since 1999, and you may already be more familiar with their networking OS, ZebOS, than the company itself. That may largely be because of their OEM focus, but Brandon found their excited presentation quite interesting. They’ve recently thrown their hat in the disaggregation ring by offering OcNOS, a white box switch OS, and VirNOS, a virtual network OS. You may not have heard of them before, but they are definitely a company worth your interest.

Software Defined Networking and Its Effects on the Wireless Industry

Drew Lentz wrote about his experience at Networking Field Day last week. AS primarily someone focused on the wireless side (he is @WirelessNerd after all), he was a little intimidated at the prospect. In the end, he found it a fascinating experience. He particularly enjoyed seeing developments with software-defined networking, as he saw from UP Infusion, the Open Networking Summit, and from VMware’s NSX solution. In the end, he reflects on what he saw will inevitably impact the wireless side.

IP Infusion: The Enterprise Whitebox Solution

Kevin Blackburn heard from IP Infusion last week at Networking Field Day, and got a good look at their white box networking OS and their virtualized platform. Their OS covers enough of the white box world to cover the entire range of interfaces and speeds. One interesting feature Kevin noted was that you can program your own application directly into the OS for added customization. Overall, Kevin enjoyed the configurability and documentation available from IP Infusion. He may have not heard of IP Infusion before the event, but he found them to offer a stable platform for network engineers to move into the white box networking world.

Networking Field Day 15 Preview

Networking Field Day started today, and John Welsh is in attendance. He wrote up a preview post looking at all the different presenting companies. Before you check out the live stream throughout the event, it’s well worth the read to get a better handle of what to expect from them.

Presenting Vendor Preview: IP Infusion

Brandon Carroll reviews what to expect from IP Infusion. It’s their first presentation at a Networking Field Day event, and we’re excited to see what they’ll have on tap. Brandon is interested to see how they differentiate themselves in the network operating system space.

IP Infusion: Network Field Day 15 Preview

Keith Townsend looks ahead to Networking Field Day next month, giving a look at IP Infusion. He’s excited to hear more from the company, mainly because he couldn’t find out a lot about them from his research. They offer a networking operating system solution, and Keith wants to know how they’ll differentiate themselves in the market. He can’t wait to hear more and get a technical deep dive.