Cloud Field Day 5

At Cloud Field Day, Jason Benedicic is joining us as a delegate. He’s had a taste of the Field Day experience Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight, but this will be his first time drinking from the informational firehose of the full event. It’s always a pleasure to bring in new voices from the community, and we can’t wait to hear about Jason’s experience at the event. Be sure to watch full video of all the Cloud Field Day presentations to get the same experience.

Mid-March – Where Did That Come From?

Ahh tempus fugit, the old passage of time. No matter how many times we hear about it, it somehow still sneaks up on all of us. Jason Benedicic certainly relates in this post, when after a hectic 2018, he finds himself almost through March in 2019. Luckily he’ll have a few days of technical deep dives at Cloud Field Day in April to slow things down a bit. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks about all the presentation at the event.

Jason Benedicic

Professional consultant for over 10 years with 20 years in the IT industry, based in Cambridge, UK. I work with customers to design IT solutions that meet a variety of needs, including backup, virtualization, cloud storage, and containerisation. An expert in building and managing cloud services and professional services infrastructure. Experience working in all areas […]