Nebulon Shadow Storage

In his blog, The Data Centre Brit, Storage Field Day delegate Jason Benedicic says his initial impression of Nebulon was way off. After listening to their presentations at Storage Field Day and having some follow up conversations with them, Jason writes that Nebulon has changed his initial impression and that they have a great chance of making a splash in the market. Because of their unique placement in the storage industry, Jason thinks of Nebulon as a “Shadow Storage Vendor.” Read more about Jason’s take on Nebulon on his blog and check out videos from their first ever Storage Field Day presentations on our website!

VMC on AWS: 5 Reasons You Should Give a Damn!

Jason Benedicic was one of the delegates at our Security Field Day event last week and got to hear from VMware, and came away with a new appreciation for VMware Cloud on AWS. Much of the appeal comes from his experience refactoring applications, moving big monolithic apps to the cloud can be quite challenging. These are often tightly coupled with other infrastructure components, meaning moving to the cloud can be a very gradual process as you disentangle everything. VMware Cloud on AWS allows organizations to move the existing application and all its dependencies as-is to a familiar operating environment, as close the cloud as possible. Jason breaks down a lot of the concerns admins have with this approach, and thinks this is a viable solution for many organizations with legacy applications.

Top 5 Takeaways From #SFD19 Day 1

One of the great things about Field Day events is that they are live streamed on the internet, expanding our pool of delegates from the dozen individuals in the room to a much wider audience. We always love to hear people’s impression from the live stream, and Jason Benedicic has a great write up with his takeaways from our recent Storage Field Day event. For Jason, the event showed the breadth of quality engineering talent from across the world, showed NetApp’s exciting solutions with Active IQ and StorageGRID, and demonstrated that spinning disks aren’t dead yet. Be sure to check out all his thoughts in this post, and if you’ve watched the Storage Field Day presentations, why not share your big takeaways as well!

Cloud Field Day 5

At Cloud Field Day, Jason Benedicic is joining us as a delegate. He’s had a taste of the Field Day experience Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight, but this will be his first time drinking from the informational firehose of the full event. It’s always a pleasure to bring in new voices from the community, and we can’t wait to hear about Jason’s experience at the event. Be sure to watch full video of all the Cloud Field Day presentations to get the same experience.

Mid-March – Where Did That Come From?

Ahh tempus fugit, the old passage of time. No matter how many times we hear about it, it somehow still sneaks up on all of us. Jason Benedicic certainly relates in this post, when after a hectic 2018, he finds himself almost through March in 2019. Luckily he’ll have a few days of technical deep dives at Cloud Field Day in April to slow things down a bit. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks about all the presentation at the event.

Jason Benedicic

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