Data Quality is More Important Than Ever in an AI World with Qlik

In our AI-dominated world, data quality is the key to building useful tools. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast features Drew Clarke from Qlik discussing best practiced for integrating data sources with AI models with Joey D’Antoni, Gina Rosenthal, and Stephen Foskett before Qlik Connect in Orlando.

Couchbase at Cloud Field Day 17

At Cloud Field Day in June, Joey D’Antoni had the opportunity to meet with Couchbase and learn about their NoSQL database solution, Couchbase Capella. Capella offers a variety of data models, including JSON document, key-value, wide column, and graph databases, giving developers flexibility in building their data stores. What sets Couchbase apart is its ability to run on mobile and edge devices with Couchbase Lite, offering a modern alternative to traditional SQLlite. With affordable costs and high availability, Couchbase Capella provides a compelling option for developers seeking flexibility and seamless integration across different platforms. Learn more in this post by Joey!

Tech Field Day 26: ZPE Systems

After attending Tech Field Day Joey D’Antoni gives his opinion on ZPE Systems and their latest showcase of their Network Automation Blueprint. Check out his thoughts here and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all the latest updates and videos from Tech Field Day!

Edge Computing – Through the Timeline

In her post for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha highlights a Tech Field Day Roundtable discussion from this past October. A few delegates stood out during the discussion on Edge Computing. They discussed how companies are continuing to explore the possibilities trapped inside edge and excited to see how this will evolve. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here or on the Gestalt IT website for more from the Tech Field Day Roundtable delegate discussion.

Understanding CXL for Servers

Joey D’Antoni, Field Day delegate, attended the OCP Summit and was introduced to the newest CXL Forum technology that was presented by Micron. This standard was originally developed by Intel but does include a large number of cloud providers and hardware manufacturers. Check out Joey’s thought on CXL and the OCP Summit here!

Storage Field Day 19 MinIO

One of the companies that really stood out to Joey D’Antoni at Storage Field Day was MinIO. If you’re still getting up to speed on the modern world of object storage, Joey does a good job of quickly summarizing what differentiates it from traditional block storage. Object storage is all about solving the problems of scale. For Joey, MinIO’s open source storage management software excels in that regard, offering extremely fast performance with full S3 compatibility. He lays out some potential use cases, and really wants to see where MinIO takes the solution from here.

Storage Field Day 19–Western Digital

At their recent Storage Field Day presentation, Western Digital led with a startling estimate. They project that by 2023, 103 zetabytes worth of IoT data will be produced. This is to say nothing of the ever increasing video and other data constantly being generated. Much of their presentation was how Western Digital was working to provide ever increasing storage densities across all mediums. It was not lost on Joey D’Antoni during the event that a lot of this work seemed to be driven by demand from hyperscalers, who will increasingly carry the growth of stored data. Developments with multi-actuator drives and zoned storage were shown to be key in how Western Digital will provide for the industries storage needs in the future.

Storage Field Day 19–Current State of the Storage Industry

Joey D’Antoni has attended his second Storage Field Day event, and combined with his extensive experience in IT, it gave him a chance to take stock of the current state of the storage industry. He sees the industry separating among those who need or create ultra fast storage like NVMe, and those that cater to higher density storage required by hyperscalers. What he heard from companies like Western Digital at Storage Field Day was that far from being an endangered species, the spinning hard drive is here to stay, with disk manufacturers working to provide ever increasing density and reliability. This is being done with innovative new writing technologies on disk, and by adding multiple actuators on a drive. Doing this provides the advances in density needed to continue to make spinning disks relevant across the industry.

Cloud Field Day–

Joey D’Antoni definitely got a lot out of Cloud Field Day, and we’ve loved seeing his write ups about the presentations. In this post, he turns his gaze to They provide a modern API gateway that securely bridges modern applications like Lamba or Azure functions to both monolithic applications as well as modern databases running in Kubernetes pods.

Cloud Field Day 6–HashiCorp Consul

At Cloud Field Day, HashiCorp showed that they had more to offer the delegates than their well known solutions like Terraform and Vault. In this post, Joey D’Antoni looks at Consul, a service based networking tool for dynamic infrastructure like containers and serverless.

Cloud Field Day 6–Morpheus Data

We were fortunate to have Joey D’Antoni attend Cloud Field Day as a delegate. In this post, he breaks down what he saw from Morpheus Data at the event. They provide a set of tools that integrate with CI/CD solutions to offer a service catalog, provisioning system, along with configuration management. In there own estimation, they allow big companies to act like startups.

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