Enterprise Secrets + Privileged Account Management

It was great to have Jeff Wilson along as a delegate for our inaugural Security Field Day event this past December. He’s knows the pains associated with managing enterprise privileged accounts. Given the number of hacks in 2018, it’s definitely top of mind for any security professional. That’s why Jeff found CyberArk’s presentation so interesting. He found their Privileged Access Security Suite remarkably mature and refined, which is no surprise given their 20 year history in the space. They provide a solution for a key problem most IT teams don’t know they have: Security and technical debt from years of tactical, rather than strategic, IT investments.

Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Jeff Wilson

Aruba has been getting ready for Security Field Day by introducing the delegates in a series of interviews. In this post, Jamie Easley spoke with delegate Jeff Wilson. They discussed how the iMac G3 got him into IT, the importance of code integrity, and overlooked security risk. Be sure to look out for Jeff during Security Field Day’s live stream this week.

Cloud Field Day 3 | Morpheus Data

Jeff Wilson came to Cloud Field Day last month, his first Field Day event since 2015. In this piece, he shares his thoughts on Morpheus Data. Overall he came away impressed, especially with their focus on operations. They offer what Jeff calls “well-articulated & rational glue” to take the pain out or managing a stack of heterogenous infrastructure whether it’s on-premises, in one cloud, or several clouds.

Jeff Wilson

GSEC-certified IT Professional focused on security in small to medium enterprises. Loves writing time-saving Powershell scripts and blogging.