JetStream Software Presents the Economic Advantages of Cloud DR for VM Environments at Cloud Field Day

In a recent article, David Marshall takes a look at JetStream Software’s recent presentation at Cloud Field Day. The session explored the economic advantages of using cloud disaster recovery (DR) for virtual machine (VM) environments. JetStream Software showcased how their solution can help organizations leverage the cloud to improve their disaster recovery strategies, reduce costs, and enhance overall resilience. Read more at VMblog!

DR as a Service With JetStream Software

Organizations seeking an economical and easy way for data protection and efficient disaster recovery (DR) could turn to disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). JetStream aims to provide organizations with extended data protection for both the private and public cloud to enable them to migrate to DRaaS solutions from legacy DR solutions and avoid costs that come with on-prem DR infrastructure. Thanks to its Continuous Data Protection (CDP) service, JetStream can offer minimal downtime, low recovery point objectives (RPO), and recovery time objectives (RTO). JetStream achieves this by leveraging cloud object storage that is economically viable and has both on-demand and reserved instances where compute/storage can be paid for as needed, instead of having to predict capacity. Read about the solution at Gestalt IT or catch the demo on the website.

Day Two Cloud 198: Modern Cloud Design Themes From CFD 17

Day Two Cloud’s Ned Bellavance, Ethan Banks, and Michael Levan highlight some key design themes at Cloud Field Day 17, hosted by Tech Field Day. These themes include platform engineering, data protection, disaster recovery, and the co-existence of old and new technologies in modern IT. Kubernetes’ growing status as the default platform choice was mentioned. Backup and disaster recovery solutions by HYCU, Zerto, and others bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud environments. Listen to this episode to learn more!

Cloud Field Day 17 Recap

Michael Levan gives an overview of Cloud Field Day 17, which included several innovative platforms useful for cloud computing and modernization. Platforms like HYCU, Morpheus Data, and RackN offer self-service and integration to aid in orchestration and provide better support. Zerto is a comprehensive VMware-based platform with backups based on detection and real-time alerting; Couchbase offers a vendor-agnostic NoSQL solution for cost optimization, and JetStream Software is an essential Disaster Recovery tool.

JetStream Software at Cloud Field Day 17

In this article, Eric Wright reacts to the JetStream Software presentation from Cloud Field Day 17. JetStream Software showcased its disaster recovery (DR) solution for VMware, delivering a DBaaS platform that ensures extremely low recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). The architecture of the platform depends on JetStream Management Server appliance, IO filters, DR Replication Virtual Appliance, and object storage. Continuous failover facilitates near-zero RTO, whereas runbooks initiate recovery sequences scheduled on a manual, automated, or timely basis while allowing control to switch recovery site protection to an alternate site to minimize operational costs.

Elevate Your Cloud Knowledge at Cloud Field Day 17

Cloud Field Day 17 takes place May 31 and June 1, 2023, providing an in-depth look at the future of cloud technology. With a focus on the modern enterprise cloud, the event will explore the latest developments in cyber security, platform operations, data protection, and true integration. Join HYCU, Morpheus Data, RackN, Zerto, JetStream, and Couchbase as they delve into their cutting-edge approaches, with all sessions broadcast live on LinkedIn and recordings available on YouTube, promoting engagement and ongoing educational opportunities for all.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – Jetstream Software

Matt Allford attended some of our Tech Field Day presentation from VMworld US 2018, including a launch presentation from JetStream Software. The company uses VMware IO filter APIs to get workload on the platform without using snapshots. The company offers JetStream Accelerate, JetStream Migrate and JetStream Data protection. Matt was really intrigued by the Migrate solution, and hopes to get a deeper dive from the company soon.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – JetStream Software

Joe Houghes got to hear from JetStream Software at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US this year. The company showed off their three solutions, Migrate, Accelerate, and Data Protection. In this post, Joe focuses on Migrate, which provides a robust bulk-migration utility to move virtual machines from one site to another.