Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – Jetstream Software

Matt Allford attended some of our Tech Field Day presentation from VMworld US 2018, including a launch presentation from JetStream Software. The company uses VMware IO filter APIs to get workload on the platform without using snapshots. The company offers JetStream Accelerate, JetStream Migrate and JetStream Data protection. Matt was really intrigued by the Migrate solution, and hopes to get a deeper dive from the company soon.

Tech Field Day Extra VMworld 2018 – JetStream Software

Joe Houghes got to hear from JetStream Software at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US this year. The company showed off their three solutions, Migrate, Accelerate, and Data Protection. In this post, Joe focuses on Migrate, which provides a robust bulk-migration utility to move virtual machines from one site to another.